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Aayega aayega aane waala aayega

Posted on: November 11, 2008

Though Lata Mangeshkar made her debut as a playback singer in 1947, it was not like she became a singing legend almost overnight. For three years she was just another struggler in Bollywood. But the song that catapulted her to nationwide name and fame was the 1949 song “Aayega aanewaala aayega” from “Mahal”.

It was from this song that people began to sit up and take notice of her. And she never looked back since.

This career defining song of Lata was picturised in a suspense movie. It was picturise on Ashok Kumar. Ashok Kumar is shown alone in a haunted palace with this song being sung by some mysterios voice. The alarmed Ashok Kumar look all around and notices a mysterious female swinging in a jhoola in a distance. After a moment he finds that jhoola unoccupied and he finds no trace of that female. A few moments later, he notices a female in a boat in the river visible from the palace. Then he notices that the boat as well as the female vanish from view.

I must say I hve not seen such a masterful picturisation of a suspense scene in a Bollywood movie. Kudos to the people involved behind the picturisation of the song. And as I already mentioned, this song made the career of Lata, and quite deservingly too.



Song-Aayega aayega aayega aanewaala aayega (Mahal) (1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Nakshab, MD-Khemchand Prakash

khaamosh hai zamaanaa, chup-chaap hain sitaare
aaraam se hai duniyaa, bekal hain dil ke maare
aise mein koyi aahat, is tarah aa rahi hai
jaise ki chal rahaa hai, man mein koyi hamaare
yaa dil dhadak rahaa hai, ik aas ke sahaare

aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa aayegaa aanewaalaa
aayegaa, aayegaa, aanewaalaa,

aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa aanewaalaa
aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa

deepak bagair kaise, parwaane jal rahe hain
deepak bagair kaise, parwaane jal rahe hain
koyi nahin chalaataa, aur teer chal rahe hain
koyi nahin chalaataa, aur teer chal rahe hain
tadpegaa koyi kab tak, be-aas be-sahaare
tadpegaa koyi kab tak, be-aas be-sahaare
lekin ye kah rahe hain, dil ke mere ishaare
aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa aanewaalaa,
aayegaa aayegaa, aayegaa

bhatki huyi jawaani, manzil ko dhoondhti hai
bhatki huyi jawaani, manzil ko dhoondhti hai
maajhi bagair nayyaa, saahil ko dhoondhti hai
maajhi bagair nayyaa, saahil ko dhoondhti hai
kyaa jaane dil ki kashti, kab tak lage kinaare
kyaa jaane dil ki kashti, kab tak lage kinaare
lekin ye kah rahe hain, dil ke mere ishaare

aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa aanewaalaa,
aayegaa aayegaa, aayegaa, aayegaa

14 Responses to "Aayega aayega aane waala aayega"

What a beautiful song…it lingers on and on.
I had seen this movie many many years ago…and did remember the scenes vaguely…the swing scene in particular.
But did not pay too much attention to it.

Now when I saw the whole video again, I am so much impressed by it. Like you say, Atul, fantastic picturisation. With attention to detail. And the song goes very well with the picturisation.

Classic. Absolute classic.


[…] career as a playback singer. Her songs in this movie became very popular and one of the songs, viz Aayega aanewaala aayega became a timeless […]


Lata’s voice, song’s picturisation as well as Khemchand Prakash MD’s music also are superb in this song.


Simply fantastic-Haunting Music !!!!!!


A very super song sung from the heart to match the situation; The music is heart touching and pleasant to ears and heart. One likes to listen to this song again and again. We miss such songs now-a-days.
Chanderlal N Thakur, Thane.


Was listening to this song yesterday and it struck me that while Khemchand Prakash was a big name in his time, I’m not so sure about the lyricist Nakshab.

Any news about him, his background etc? For somebody who’s written such an iconic song, he seems quite an unknown.


Raja ji,
NAKSHAB JARACHAVI was not an unknown name.He was a very famous and popular Lyricist of 40s and 50s.
Nakshab was born in 1925 at village Jarcha near Buland Shahr in UP.
(that is why his name was Jarchavi). He first wrote songs in film
Zeenat-45 and his first song became an iconic song for ever-” Aahen na
bhari,shikwe na kiye” the First filmi qawali of females in Hindi films. He wrote songs for over 30 films,including Mahal,Namoona,Anhonee,Nateeja,Paro,Aaiye,sona,Khiladi,nishana,Raftar,Sajni,Room no.9,Shikayat etc.
In 1952 he entered production setting up FILMCO PRODNS.Bombay.His first film was NAGHMA-52 for which he wrote the story and songs,During this film only MD Naushad insulted him and refused to give music to his film made by “aira-gaira”. To avenge him he supporetd a smalltime composer SHAUKAT HAIDER DEHLAVI and changed his name to
NASHAAD as a Music Director. Naghma’s songs were very famous. He produced some more films and in 1958 migrated to Pakistan,where he produced 2 films-Fanoos and Maikhana. Maikhana was the first Pak film to be promoted thru Radio Ceylon in 1964. Nakshab Jarachavi died in Karachi in 1967,but he will be remembered by the Indian connoisseurs for his excellent songs, like in mahal and Zeenat,for ever.


Arunji, thank you very much for this detailed profile of Nakshab. I should have clarified “he seems to be an unknown to me”. 🙂 Am glad to know so much more about him now. I didn’t realise that songs of Zeenat also were by him. I also like the songs of Anhonee.

I think he deserves to be better-known. Unfortunately, lyricists are always the least-known of the group. People talk about singers and composers all the time. I, for one, am extremely keen to know the lyricist of a song because I’m very fond of lyrics.


I might get shouted at for saying this.. but I feel Lata sounded so much better in her early days lasting a few decades than later. For some reason her voice got pretty shril as time passed.


Is Shaukat Haider Dehalvi or Nashad the same person who composed the music of the songs of ” Baaradari ” 1955 ? It contains a memorable song ” Tasveer Banaata Hun ” , sung by Talat Mehmood Sahib picturized on Chandrashekhar .





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