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Gaana na aayaa bajaana naa aaya

Posted on: November 17, 2008

The movie ” Miss Mary” is a valuable gem that has been forgotten with the passage of time. I cannot believe that this movie is now 51 years old ! It means that almost everyone associated with this movie is no longer with us.

People, who have pre conceived notions about many film personalities may be surprised with this movie. For instance, this was an out an out comedy movie in an era where such movies had little market. Also, this movie has Meena Kumari playing a bubbly character ( can you believe it today that Meena Kumari actually played comedy roles too in her early days ?). And the hero of this movie was Gemini Ganeshan ( father of Rekha). And this movie has Om Prakash playing a con artist.

Last but not the least, this movie has Kishore Kumar at his madcap best. In this movie, he is ” India’s number 1 private detective” and his assignment is to find out the lost in childhood daughter of RaiSahab. Playing Dr Watson to Kishore Kumar’s Sherlock Holmes is Maruti.

And I bet the original Sherlock Holmes was nowhere nearly as entertaining as our desi version. Just watch this song where the detective and assistant break their heads on the intricacies of Indian music. It is an absolutely out and out zany number. Kishore Kumar at his absolute best as a singer, actor and comedian. The way he switches from one tempo to another almost at the drop of a hat, and in fact he acts it out on the screen as well is just breathtakingly brilliant.

Hemant Kumar, known mainly for slow music comes up with an uncharacterstically fast number. And Rajinder Krishan, the genius of a lyricist comes up with this wonderfully funny song.

This is a must listen and must watch number.

Song-Gaana na aayaa bajaana naa aaya(Miss Mary) (1957) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD- Hemant Kumar


gaanaa naa aayaa bajaanaa naa aayaa
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
gaanaa naa aayaa bajaanaa naa aayaa
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa

kahin sa hai,
kahin re hai,
kahin ga-ma-pa-dha-ni hai,
kahin bhaageshwari ki bahan,
kahin jayjayanti ki naani hai, aaaaaa
ye bojhaa saat sur kaa hamse, baapre!
uthtaa bhi to kyon uthtaa
haan, haan
hamen ek sur bhi hilaanaa naa aayaa
hamen ek sur bhi hilaanaa naa aayaa
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
gaanaa naa aayaa bajaana na aaya
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
haan gaanaa naa aayaa bajaana na aaya
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
are dhat tere ki
sadak tedhi hai desi raag ki eee eee eee eee
chal modle tamtam
hmm, hmm … hoon

gale ko garm karle hmm, hmm, aahaahaa haa
gale ko garm karle, chhod angrezi mein ek atom,
haan angrezi mein ek atom,
haan angrezi mein ek atom

tatara pappapa tattata
tatatara pappapa tattata

oh my Seetaa, paploo papeetaa
oh my Seetaa, paploo papeetaa, ek hi tu Geetaa
soriye soniye goriye ganne di boriye
haah haah

kaash ki main jaa saktaa London, hello sir, how are you? haha
seekh ke aataa wahaanse violin
hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm
three blind mice, three blind mice
see how they run, see how they run,
rope poraay kore povare
rope poraay kore povare
three blind mice

afsos, afsos afsos
afsos lekin, o jaaneman hai jaaneman
kaante chhuri se khaanaa naa aayaa
kaante chhuri se khaanaa naa aayaa
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
dilbar ko apnaa banaanaa naa aayaa
gaanaa naa aayaa, bajaanaa naa aayaa
are ye nahi aayaa, are wo nahi aayaa
gaanaa naa aayaa bajaanaa naa aayaa
gaanaa bajaanaa, bajaanaa aur gaanaa
yaa-aaaa yaa
yaa yaahuu
kukdoo koon

5 Responses to "Gaana na aayaa bajaana naa aaya"

Total muppetgiri from Kishore. 🙂
Total timepass.
Thanks Atul for posting this wonderful song.
Kishore was really one of a kind.
I don’t know if we are ever going to see another Kishore Kumar.


It is one song that deserves to be better known among present day listeners.


I rewound this song about ten times while I was watching the film, I could not get past it. It just amazed me!


without the usual moustache, it was difficult to recognize him here!

At 2:39, there is a shot of Gemini Ganesan and Meena Kumari looking at the antics. In the original Telugu version it is Rama Rao and Savitri. In the Tamil version, it must have been GG and Savitri. And here we have GG and Meena Kumari.

Savitri too played a lot of weepy roles. And the resemblance with Meena Kumari is astounding. For a while I was thinking it was GG & Savitri in the Hindi version!

I have no idea how GG managed the Hindi dialogue!


A great number! I heard it for the first time yesterday only and that too live by my very own friend Dr Kalpesh Shah. Completely bowled over. The video isn’t available anymore. Can you pls post the audio at least.


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