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Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare paayal ki jhankaar liye

Posted on: December 20, 2008

“Dekh Kabira Roya” was a movie from 1957. This movie had some lesser known actors in lead roles, viz Anoop Kumar, Ameeta,Anita Guha, Shubha Khote etc. But that is not why this movie is remembered today. This movie is remembered for the absolutely outstanding music which was composed by Madan Mohan.

Madan Mohan, then in his early days as a music director, tended to create music in movies that would often fail at the box office. In other words, Madan Mohan’s hard work often went unappreciated since the movie itself was not watched by too many people.

But posterity has been kinder to him, and his genius is being recognised by the present generation. This song ” Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare” has to be one of the most outstanding songs sung in Bollywood movie history. Singing this song calls for great skill and ability. Just because Manna Dey has sung it seemingly effortlessly does not mean that it was an easy song to sing.

And let us not forget the lyrics. Rajinder Krishan was arguably the most talented lyricist of that time, who often broke new grounds by coming up with new ideas in his songs. He would often write memorable songs for what were originally routine situations in routine movies. This song has to be one great example of that.

This song appears in the movie twice. Both have similar lyrics, but the picturisation differs. The video and lyrics posted here has the slightly longer version where anoop Kumar is shown singing this sng while playing a sitar, and a lady (either Ameeta or Anita Guha) is also shown. In the other version, Anoop Kumar sings this song and Shubha Khote is the lady visible in the song.

May be readers who have seen this movie can throw more lights on who the ladies in this song are. One must say, they look so pretty.

Song-Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare paayal ki jhankaar liye (Dekh Kabeera Roya) (1957) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


kaun aaya
kaun aaya
kaun aayaa mere man ke dwaare,
paayal ki jhankaar liye
kaun aayaa mere man ke dwaare,
paayal ki jhankaar liye
kaun aayaa …

aankh na jaane, dil pahchaane
aankh na jaane, dil pahchaane
sooratiyaa kuchh aisi
aankh na jaane, dil pahchaane
sooratiyaa kuchh aisi
yaad karoon to, yaad na aaye
mooratiyaa ye kaisi
paagal manwaa, soch mein doobaa
sapnon kaa sansaar liye
kaun aayaa mere man ke dwaare,
paayal ki jhankaar liye
kaun aayaa …

ik pal sochoon, meri aashaa
roop badal kar aayi
ik pal sochoon, meri aashaa
roop badal kar aayi
dooje pal phir, dhyaan ye aaye
ho na kahin parchhaayin
jo pardesi ke, ghar aayi
ek anokhaa pyaar liye
kaun aayaa mere man ke dwaare,
paayal ki jhankaar liye
kaun aaya

6 Responses to "Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare paayal ki jhankaar liye"

Thank you so much for this song. It is one of my favorite songs from my childhood days, though I never knew who was singing it till i saw it in a DVD I bought with Manna Dey songs. What a lovely song, with meaningful lyrics “aankh na jane dil pehchaane sooratiya kuch aise …” and then I think of the lyrics these days, with half the words in English! Maybe our lyricists these days need to look at these songs again.


The other Manna Dey song is “Hamse aaya na gaya tumse …”, also a very moving song. Then there is one by Lata, “Meri veena tum bin roye …”, also a beautiful song, one of those songs that come under the category “dard bhare geet”, suitable for the chaya geet.

Thanks for all the beautiful songs.


Thanks for reminding me about the other nice songs from this movie. Indeed “hamse aaya na gaya” is just as pleasing to listen to as “kaun aaya”. In fact, this movie has quite a few nice songs, it is just that many people have never had the opportunity to listen to them.


I just realized that “Hamse aaya na gaya …” is probably sung by Talat, not Manna Dey. All these songs are so pleasant to sing or hum to oneself, and it makes me wonder why music makers do not come up with more melodies like these any more.


I agree that the movie was full of great songs, but although the movie seemed to have an interesting plot, it became convoluted and was was poorly done; in addition to the songs already mentioned, there are: Tu pyar kare ya thukaraye by Lata (probably the best in the movie or equal to Kaun Aaya and Meri Veena); Ashkon se teri ham ne by Asha; Lagan tosi laage by Lata; tum meri rakho laaj hari–a memorable bhajan by Sudha Malhotra, Ham panchhi mastaane –a lively duet by Geeta Dutt, Lata; Too bad, these great songs got “wasted” in a “dabba” movie.


Yes it is so true the song is very subtle with lot of nuances. Unfortunately with the crass music today our own mind has become coarse and grouse. So subtle that only a very sensitive person has the capacity to create the forms that requires intense concentration both in time and space to grasp the intrinsic beauty that is so immensely cathartic. Both Madan and Manna Dey together by great divine intervention created absolutely ever-lasting melody. Just two stanzas and simple words that seem effervescent and ephemeral, but effortlessly has existed beyond time.


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