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Poocho na kaise maine rain bitaayi

Posted on: December 26, 2008

“Meri Soorat Teri Aankhen” had some fabulous semi classical songs. One such song, sung by Rafi was “Naache man mora magan”. When I listened to this song, I was awestruck, and I thought that this has to be the best song in this movie.

Well, it turns out that the movie has another semi classical song, this one sung by Manna Dey, and this song is in fact better known. It is “poocho na kaise maine rain bitaayi”. Lyrics has been written by Shailendra, and S D Burman is the music director.

It is a fantastic song to listen to, there is no doubt about that.

Audio (Part I)

Video (Part I)

Audio (Part II)

Video (Part II)

Song-Poochho na kaise main rain bitaayi (Meri soorat teri aankhen) (1963) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-S D Burman


poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi
poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi
ik pal jaise, ik yug beeta
ik pal jaise, ik yug beeta
yug beete mohe neend naa aayi
poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi

ut jale deepak it man meraa
phir bhi naa jaaye mere ghar kaa andheraa
ut jale deepak it man meraa, man mera, mera
man, mera, mera
ut jale deepak it man meraa
phir bhi naa jaaye mere ghar kaa andheraa
tadpat tarsat umar ganvaayi
poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi

naa kahin chandaa, naa kahin taare
jyot ke pyaase mere, nain bichaare
naa kahin chandaa, naa kahin taare
jyot ke pyaase mere, nain bichaare
bhor bhi aas ki kiran naa laayi
poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi
poochho naa kaise maine rain bitaayi

14 Responses to "Poocho na kaise maine rain bitaayi"

This is one of the best songs ever. Manna Dey has really sung it with so much emotion. Thanks for posting it. Do you remember if S.D. and Manna Dey got some award for it? I think they both got some national recognition for this song, but just can’t remember what.

S.D. was so good at using the right amount of music – another good (different genre) example of just enough music is “Wahan Kaun Hai Tera Musafir”. I always listen to it when traveling away from home. 🙂

I know all the sites say the lyrics are “ik jale deepak ik man mera”, but I continue to sing “ut jale deepak it man meraa” where “ut” means there and “it” means here. That’s what I first learnt it as and it just continues to make poetic sense to me. I hope to find out for sure someday.


Excellent song.
I remember first hearing this song when our Chemistry teacher sang it in a “free” period that we had.
Fell in love with it the first time I heard it.

And I think it is “ut” and “it” and not “ik”.


Sriman Mannade at his best. Such beautiful lyrics. Where is such meaningful lyrics today? A pity the Hindi film songs have deteriorated so much today I do not bother to listen to any of the Hindi film songs of current years.


Today i just started singing this song in the office and to sing the correct lyrics I did google search. Later I found that every one in the office is humming this song and its still going. Fantastic song


There is a Part II of this song also,available on UT,which is sung by S.D.Batish and Suman Kalyanpur as Teacher and student.


Excellent rendition by S D Batish.


Kamath ji,
The voice of the lady singer does not sound like Kalyanpur.I find that Vishwas Nerurkar,in his book,”swar-Asha” mentions that it is Asha Bhonsle and NOT Suman Kalyanpur.


Thanks for update.
So it is sung by Manna Dey, S D Batish and Asha Bhonsle.


audio link:


audio link





heard this version for the first time today


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