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Laakhon taaren aasmaan mein

Posted on: January 12, 2009

I have listened to this song many a times. This song is regarded as an evergreen Mukesh-Lata duet. This song is from “Hariyali aur raasta”. I have already posted two songs (which are equally evergreen) from this movie in this blog.

I watched the picturisation of the song for the first time only just now. And I must say that the picturisation is very nicely done. It is the occasion of deewali the festival of light, where everyone is in a happy mood and is celebrating it by lighting up their homes and firing firecrackers etc.

But Manoj Kumar and Mala Sinha, the lead actors, do not feel the same elation as felt by everyone. They are missing each other, and wish that they were together.

Now, this is a very realisting situation and many real life people have faced this situation in their life. How does one cope with this situation, where every one else, except him/ her is happy and in a festive mood ? Also, how does one express the poignancy of the situation in lyrics.

It is here that Shailendra’s creativity is shown in full flow. In India ( as well as many other places), it is believed that every star in the sky symbolises one person. Using this as a metaphor, Shailendra has created this song, where both the lead actors lament the fact that out of the millions of stars in the sky, they were unable to locate that one special star.

This sad deewali song in fact reminds me of another similar song in “Nazraana”- “ek wo bhi deewali thi ek ye bhi deewali hai”. Another supremely talented lyricist Rajinder Krishan had penned that song.

This song expresses the feelings of Manoj Kumar & Mala Sinha, or for that matter any people in a similar situation so wonderfully well tat this song had to go down as an iconic song of Bollywood music. It is a gem of a song, one that can be listened to many a times without feeling bored or satieted.



Song-Laakhon taaren aasmaan mein (Hariyali aur Raasta) (1962) Singers-Mukesh, Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


laakhon taare aasmaan mein, ek magar dhoonde naa milaa
dekhke duniyaa ki deewaali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
dil meraa chupchaap jalaa …
laakhon taare aasmaan mein, ek magar dhoonde naa milaa
ek magar dhoonde naa milaa

qismat kaa hai naam magar hai, magar kaam hai ye duniyaa waalon kaa
phoonk diyaa hai chaman hamaare khwaabon aur khayaalon kaa
jee kartaa hai khud hi ghont dein, apne armaanon kaa galaa
dekhke duniyaa ki deewaali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
dil meraa chupchaap jalaa

sau-sau sadiyon se lambi ye gham ki raat nahin dhalti
is andhiyaare ke aage ab ai dil ek nahin chalti
hanste hi lut gayi chaandni, aur uthte hi chaand dhalaa
dekhke duniyaa ki deewaali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
dil meraa chupchaap jalaa

maut hai behtar is haalat se, naam hai jiskaa majboori
kaun musaafir tay kar paayaa, dil se dil ki ye doori
kaanton hi kaanton se guzraa, jo raahi is raah chalaa
dekhke duniyaa ki deewaali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
laakhon taare aasmaan mein, ek magar dhoonde naa milaa
dekhke duniyaa ki deewaali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa
dil meraa chupchaap jalaa

7 Responses to "Laakhon taaren aasmaan mein"

As you know, this is one of my favourite songs. I also have it on my blog. I will always remember this song as my “Rajdhani Express” song. 🙂

I love this song – and introduced it to one of my nieces in India a couple of years ago. She got so hooked to it that she used to keep listening to it. To the extent that she would go to office, switch on her PC and first listen to this song before starting her day’s work. I got worried 🙂 and told her “arrey, abhi tumhaare khelne koodne ke din hain, ye kya “lakhon taarey aasmaan mein” laga rakhi jo”. 🙂

Very very nice song.


Hey Atul!
Amazing collection. One song I would like to recommend one song in deewali tag. “Mele hain chiragon ke, rangeen deewali hai” movie-“Nazrana (1961)



Thanks Deep !

The song you mention is already posted.

Mele hain chiraagon ke rangeen deewali hai(Nazraana)(1961)


Video link in the blog is not available. Here is the new video link :


Thanks for the link.



This movie has all beautiful songs and all of them are my favorite songs.
And for that matter all Mukesh songs that are popular are our favorite songs.
I am looking for something different, this is one of them.


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