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Mori atariya pe kaga bole mora jiya dole

Posted on: January 16, 2009

“Ankhen” (1950) was the debut movie of Madan Mohan as a music director. He used quite a few singers as well as lyricists in this movie. I have already posted a song that was sung by Raj Khosla whose lyrics were written by B D Mishra.

The most popular song from “Ankhen” was “Mori atariya pe kaga bole mole jiya dole”. This song was in fact one of the most popular songs of that year as cerified by Bollywood historians.

This song was sung by Meena Kapoor and its lyrics were written by Bharat Vyas.

Video of this song are not available, so I wanted to post this song with a picture of Meena Kapoor. But even the picture of Meena Kapoor was very difficult to come by. Finally I have managed to find one where she was photographed with Lata and Geeta Roy ( later Geeta Dutt), and I have used just the Meena Kapoor portion of the photograph.

I have no idea why information about Meena Kapoor is so difficult to come by. She was a leading singer of the Pre Lata era, and she had a very melodius voice as one can notice in this song. She had married Anil Biswas, the legendary music director who is regarded as one of the founding fathers of Bollywood music direction. Her children are also infilm line in Bollywood. For instance, two of her sons became music directors under the name Amar-Utpal and gave music for movies viz “Shahanshah” (1988). Her daughter Shikha Vohra is a Bollywood personality as well.
(Correction- All these kids were born to Ashalata, Anil Biswas’ first wife. Meena Kapoor, the second wife of Anil Biswas had no child of her own.

PS-Now the video of this song is available. This song is picturised on Nalini Jaiwant.

Listen to this song. What a lovely song, and what a lovely music !



Song-Mori atariya pe kaaga bole (Aankhen) (1950) Singer-Meena Kapoor, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Madan Mohan


Mori atariya pe kaaga bole
mora jiya dole
koyi aa raha hai
Mori atariya pe kaaga bole
mora jiya dole
koyi aa raha hai

more man me uthi hai umang re
o mora phadke hai baaya ang re
more man me uthi hai umang re
o mora phadke hai baaya ang re
more man ki muraliya pe haule haule
sur khole khole koi gaa raha hai
Mori atariya pe kaaga bole
mora jiya dole
koi aa raha hai

aaj bagiya me aayi bahaar re
o mere jeewan me solah singaar re
ho mere jeewan me solah singaar re
more kaanon me gun gun bole
bole ras ghole ghole koi gaa raha hai
Mori atariya pe kaaga bole
mora jiya dole
koi aa raha hai

more maathe pe kumkum ki bindiya
aaj loongi na pal bhar me nindiya
more maathe pe kumkum ki bindiya
aaj loongi na pal bhar me nindiya
thandi thandi hawaaon ke jhole
ghoonghat pat khole jiya lahra raha hai
Mori atariya pe kaaga bole
mora jiya dole
koyi aa raha hai

7 Responses to "Mori atariya pe kaga bole mora jiya dole"

Anil da first married to Mehrunnisa alias ashalata.from Ashalata anil da had 4 children-3 sons and 1 daughter-Shikha.later he married to Meena Kapoor and from her he had no children.


Thank you Dr Goel, for clarifying this misconception. You are absoloutely right. My father was married to Ashalata, nee Meherunissa. She was a leading actress in films, well established before Anilda came onto the movie scene. All his four children, three sons and a daughter, Shikha were from her. Unfortunately we have lost Utpal also, two years ago.


I feel privileged that the daughter of Anil Biswas had visited and commented in my blog. Thanks a lot, Madam.


I had been looking for this song since 1953– the year I left home to go to the college.

Thank you very much, Sir.


Anil Biswas married Asha Lata nee Mehrunnisa but owing to some personal conflicts, they saperated or parted with. But there was never a divorce.

Thereafter (sometimes in 1950) Anilda started living with Meena Kapoor, who was a renowned singer; but they never got married.

Legally, as well Meena Kapoor never claim as the wife of the maestro- Anil Biswas; who was personally known to me for almost last 10 years (till he was alive).


Yes, Mr Chopra is right. There was never a divorce. Meena Kapoor has never been a legal wife. He left home in 1954 due to incompatible conflicts with his wife, mainly due to career clashes


Not so good video link :

I get a feel of Anil Biswas touch in this song.


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