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Duniyawaalon se door jalne waalon se door

Posted on: January 30, 2009

“Ujaala” is a movie that was quite a turning point for Shammi Kapoor as well as Raj Kumar. It was one movie where Shammi Kapoor was seen in full flow with the mannerisms that would become his trademark in the subsequent movies.

One important difference between this movie and subsequent Shammi Kapoor movies was the absence of Rafi as the playback singers. But that does not mean that Shammi did not have great songs to sing. Not at all. He sings a few great songs in this song. And in this movie, not just one, but two playback singers sang for him. and both sang absolutely fantastic songs that remain evergreen to this day.

I have posted a Shammi song in Manna Dey’s voice already which was “jhoomta mausam mast maheena” which was picturised on Shammi Kapoor and Mala Sinha. It was a duet where Lata had also lent her voice.

Here is another fantastic song picturised on the duo. Lata once again sings for Mala Sinha, but the male playback singer for Shammi Kapoor in this song is Mukesh. And what is the song ? It is that foot tapping number- “duniyaa waalon se door jalne waalon se door aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door”.

Wow ! what a song. The singers have done well, but I think the music is outstanding as well. And I think Mala Sinha shared a good chemistry with Shammi Kapoor in this movie.

So this song would help many trivia buffs,when they asked to name a song where Mukesh sang for Shammi Kapoor.

Song-Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door (Ujaala) (1959) Singers-Lata, Mukesh, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door
aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door
Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door
aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door

wo pyaar ka jahaan hai har dil pe meharbaan hai
kuch aur wo zameen hai kuch aur aasmaan hai
na zulm ka nishaan hai na gham ki daastaan hai
har koi jisko samjhe wo pyaar ki jubaan hai
Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door
aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door

haathon me haath daale khud ko binaa sambhaale
niklenge ham jidhar se ho jaayenge ujaale
chanda kahega hanskar seene pe haath rakhkar
wo jaa rahe hain dekho do pyaar karne waale
Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door
aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door
Duniya waalon se door jalne waalon se door
aaja aaja chalen kahin door kahin door kahin door
hmm hmm hmm


7 Responses to "Duniyawaalon se door jalne waalon se door"

Mukeshji’s voice unfortunately doesn’t go with his hotness himself, Shammi ji. I mean, one look at that face and you start melting. 6 feet of pure joy…but then that playback voice and then you get transported back to reality. When Rafi ji sings on the other hand, you stay in heaven.


This is a very nice song, but it doesn’t quite convey the Shammi mood, more like a Raj Kapoor song. It takes Rafi and OPN, or Rafi and SJ or even Rafi and RDB, to make a Shammi song come alive. Mukesh and Manna Dey make the actor sound more sober and mature, while Rafi conveys the youthfulness and zip that Shammi conveys in his movements. That said, the song by itself is a very nice song, and one of my favorites. Thanks Atul.


This “Ujaala” songs came before the Rafi-Shammi songs of 1960s. And I think that description of Mukesh sounding sober unlike Rafi sounding playful is a very good description.

On a similar topic, can you imagine Talat Mahmood singing a teasing song ? yes , I saw one such song, and one could not find some one singing a teasing song with such decency. 🙂


i just found out that while many claim in first S-J film of Shammi Kapoor Rafi was not used- it was wrong. Manna Dey was not exclusively used for this movie for Shammi.The duet of Rafi and Mukesh from Ujala “yaaron surat hamari pe mat jao” was pictured on Shammi (Rafi) and Rajkumar (Mukesh).
So Rafi started singing for S-J from very first film.


Also this song had Mukesh on Shammi.
This is a film with three playback singer for Shammi kapoor (Mukesh, Rafi and Manna). Another such film so far i figured out is Mohar (1959) where Talat, Rafi and Hemant Kumar sang for Shammi Kapoor.




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