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Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar

Posted on: April 5, 2009

Here is a very typical situation. Boy meets girl. After a few meetings, the boy wants to express his love for her. But he is too shy. How to say it ?

The boy looks for an opportunity to say it, but is tongue tied. The girl is leaving. Now it is a matter of do or die for the boy, and he blurts out- “I have something to tell you.” The girl says- “leave something for the road too.” The boy has to tell her-” I mean I have to tell you something important.” Now the girl, who was playing nonchalant gets a bit queasy as well. What is it that the boy wants to tell her ?

And then the boy blurts out that he loves her. Of course, this being a movie, he blurts it out in the form of this song. And in case he is afraid of rejection, girl’s smile reassures him. As the song progresses, the ice thus broken continues to melt and melt and by the end of the song there is hardly any ice left. And the girl in fact is beside her with joy.

The movie is “Tere ghar ke saamne” and the protagonists in question are Dev Anand and Nutan. The picturisation is simply superb.

All this while, I have not talked about the song itself. The lyrics are just wonderful. The lyricist is obviously a person capable of expressing even the most complex human feelings in a coherent way, and indeed he expresses the feelings of love in a way that leaves the listener gasping with admiration.

In fact, except the first stanza. other stanzas have sentences that do not get repeated and if you miss one sentence, you do not know what was said unless you listen to the song again. It is no problem for a present day listener, but think of those who had to listen to this song on radio or loudspeakers in the olden days. I had to listen to this song four times to get the lyrics right.

And all this while, as I was admiring the lyrics of Majrooh Sultanpuri, I was feeling full of admiration for Rafi the singer as well as for S D Burman , the music director, as well. This song is not a creation of routinework. It must have taken oodles of creative juices to flow before a masterpiece like this got created.



Song- Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar (Tere ghar ke saamne) (1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-S D Burman


Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re
Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re

phool tum ghulaab kaa
kya jawaab aap ka
jo adaa hai wo bahaar hai
aaj dil ki bekali aa gayi jubaan par
baat ye hai tumse pyaar hai
dil tumhi ko diya re
pyaar ka raag suno re
Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re

chaahe tum mitaana
par na tum giraana
aansu ki tarah nigaah se
pyar ki unchai
ishq ki gahraayi
pooch lo hamaari aah se
aasman choo liya re
pyaar ka raag suno re
Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re

is haseen utaar pe
ham na baithe haar ke
saaya banke saath ham chale
aaj mere sang tu
goonje dil ki aarzoo
tujhse meri aankh jab mile
jaane kya kar diya re
pyaar ka raag suno re
Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re

aapkaa ye aanchal
pyaar ka ye baadal
phir hamen zameen pe le chala
abto haath thaam lo
ik nazar ka jaam do
iss naye safar ka waasta
tum mere saakiyaa re
pyaar ka raag suno re
Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar
pyaar ka raag suno
pyaar ka raag suno re

6 Responses to "Dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar"

I totally love this song !!!
Everything about it.
SD Burman’s music, Rafi’s carefree lilting voice, the picturisation (it “marketed” the Qutb Minar a bit, I guess)…

Just wonderful.
And Nutan of course, one of my favourite heroines of all-time, if not THE favourite. 🙂


An absolute divine song.


Writeup is as good as picturisation (& song) 😉

Dev Anand, Nutan, Rafi, SD Burman, Hasrat Jaipuri & Navketan … all at their BEST.

Anand brothers (Vijay/Dev) wanted to shoot this song in “Kutub Minar” but because of narrow staircase they created a set. Also, Dev Anand production “Navketan” website is also listing “Hasrat Jaipuri” as a lyricist.

There are many more good songs in this movie. I am not sure why Atul stopped after just two. Let me request more 😉






Nutan is not singing in this song, yet.. she is so much a part of what makes this song.. Rafi Saab (God) and the picturisation.. what is not to like a song that i put in the category.. ‘Mental Massage’ :).


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