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Beqaraar dil tu gaaye jaa

Posted on: May 28, 2009

I have heard this song earlier, but I did not pay much attention while doing that. And afterwards I have read lots and lots of nice things about this song. People regard it as one of the best songs that Kishore Kumar has ever sung.

This song “beqaraar dil tu gaaye jaa” was from “Door ka raahi” (1971) which was Kishore Kumar’s home production. Now we know that 1971 was a year that saw bumper crop of outstanding songs. But the popularity of the songs depended on many factors, and one factor was the film should succeed. And the movies succeeded only if they were mainstream movies with the usual story lines. And this movie unfortunately was not successful. And even this song did not become popular at that time.

Now, Kishore Kumar, whose first home production was a comedy (Chalti ka naam gaadi) may have been a stand up comedian, but he had a sensitive heart inside, and his subsequent movies were actually sensitive and serious movies. They were labours of love. And unfortunately, Indian audience were not evolved and refined enough to appreciate such movies. Therefore all Kishore Kumar movies post “Chalti ka naam gaadi” flopped at the box office.

If one watches these movies now, one will love watching these movies. The problem is , the VCDs/DVDs of these moves are so difficult to come by. If I was not able to post this song till now, the reason was sinple. This song was just not there. Now that this song is available, I am posting this song.

This is gem of a song. The voice is soaked in pain and the listener can feel it so clearly. This song is picturised on Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar’s elder brther. The expression of sadness and loss that both Ashok Kumar and Tanuja show is just heart rending.

This song, dripping with pathos and poignancy, is a song that one can kep listening on and on. Kishore Kumar rules Bollywood music industry in 1971 and 20 out of top 32 Binaca geetmala songs were sung by Kishore Kumar that year. And this song was not among the top songs. But if one has to make a list of top songs of 1971 now, this song will be right up there.

Kishore Kumar had not only sung this song, he had also composed the music in this movie. And this music was out of this world too.

This song in fact was a duet, and the female voice was that of Sulakshana Pandit. It was one of her first songs as a playback singer.

And let us not forget the lyricist. This single song is enough to make A Irshad a well respected name among Bollywood lyricists.



Song-beqaraar dil tu gaaye jaa (Door ka raahi) (1971) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Sulakshana Pandit, Lyrics-A Irshad, MD-Kishore Kumar


beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa
khushiyon se bhare wo taraane
jinhen sun ke duniyaa jhoom uthe
aur jhoom uthe dil deewaane
beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa

raag ho koyi milan kaa, sukh se bhari sargam kaa
yug-yug ke bandhan kaa, saath ho laakhon janam kaa
aise hi bahaaren gaatin rahen, aur sajte rahe veeraane
jinhen sun ke duniyaa jhoom uthe
aur jhoom uthe dil deewaane
beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa
khushiyon se bhare wo taraane
jinhen sun ke duniyaa jhoom uthe
aur jhoom uthe dil deewaane
beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa

raat yoon hi tham jaayegi, rut ye haseen muskaayegi
bandhi kali khil jaayegi, aur shabnam sharmaayegi
pyaar ke wo kaise naghme, jo ban jaayen afsaane
jinhen sun ke duniyaa jhoom uthe
aur jhoom uthe dil deewaane
beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa

dard mein doobi dhun ho, seene mein ik sulagan ho
saanson mein halki chubhan ho, sahmi huyi dhadkan ho
dohraate rahen bas geet naye duniyaa se rahen begaane
jinhen sun ke duniyaa jhoom uthe
aur jhoom uthe dil deewaane
beqraar dil, tu gaaye jaa

10 Responses to "Beqaraar dil tu gaaye jaa"

I have been a fan of this song since I heard it first. I had never seen the video of the song. Thanks for the same.

Door ka Raahi had this other song which is my childhood favourite as my uncle sang it very wwell ‘Jeevan se na haar ‘.


I have always loved this song for the emotions that come through in Kishore Kumar’s voice. Now that I have seen the video, I can say that it only increases my appreciation of this song. Thanks, Atul!


A song like this deserves to be known to every music lover.


Great I am seeing this for the first time – Kishore singing for his brother Ashok kumar. I think this is the only one such song as far as my knowledge goes. Sulakshana has sang with same intensity as Kishore. Atul, thanks for uploading this gem.


Please consider replacing the video clip of this song in this post
with the one, the link of which is given below :

This video clip covers the scene of the song ending abruptly as Tanuja is not able to control her tears and run away to her room. This, in my view, is Director Kishore Kumar’s brilliant way of showing the kind of emotional upheaval Tanuja is going through.


वाह …. क्या आकर्षक एवं कशिश भरी धुन है किशोर दा की … सदा जवाँ !!
और लयबद्ध गायकी उतनी ही लाजवाब … ऐसे नगमें तो पूरा दिन चलतें रहें तो भी ताजगी निरंतर बनी रह सकती है ।।


on my way to discovering Kishore Kumar i saw the video of this ultimate classic for the first time, i was always a fan of this song. i sould have thanked you ages ago.





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