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Kashti Ka Khaamosh Safar

Posted on: July 12, 2009

I was not aware of this song. I listened to this song just now for the first time. What a wonderful song it is ! It must go down as one of the great romantic songs sung by Kishore Kumar.

This song in fact is a duet sung by Kishore Kumar and Sudha Malhotra. I was not aware that Kishore Kumar had ever sung a duet with Sudha Malhotra. But Sudha Malhotra was certainly singing some very fine songs those days.

This song is from the movie “Girl Friend” (1960). The lyrics are superb, and in fact I feel that the lyrics written by Sahir Ludhianvi must be regarded as the real star of this song. Of course the singers have sung it wonderfully. And we cannot forget the music of Hemant Kumar.

PS- The link erroneously shows the picture of Geeta Dutt instead of Sudha Malhotra.

Song-Kashti ka khamosh safar (Girl friend) (1960) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Hemant Kumar


kashti kaa khaamosh safar hai, shaam bhi hai tanahaayi bhi
door kinaare par bajti hai lahron ki shahnaayi bhi
kashti kaa khaamosh safar hai, shaam bhi hai tanahaayi bhi
door kinaare par bajti hai lahron ki shahnaayi bhi
aaj mujhe kuchh kahnaa hai, aaj mujhe kuchh kahnaa hai
lekin ye sharmeeli nigaahen mujhko ijaazat den to kahoon
khud meri meri betaab umangen thodi fursat den to kahoon
aaj mujhe kuchh kahnaa hai, aaj mujhe kuchh kahnaa hai

jo kuchh tumko kahnaa hai, wo mere hi dil ki baat na ho
jo hain mere khwaabon ki manzil us manzil ki baat na ho
kahte huye dar saa lagtaa hai, kahkar baat na kho baithoon
ye jo zaraa saa saath milaa hai, ye bhi saath na kho baithoon

kabse tumhaare raste mein, phool bichhaaye baithi hoon
kah bhi chuko jo kahnaa hai main aas lagaaye baithi hoon
dil ne dil ki baat samjh li, ab munh se kyaa kahnaa hai
aaj nahin to kal kah lenge, ab to saath hi rahnaa hai

kah bhi chuko, kah bhi chuko jo kahnaa hai

chhodo ab kyaa kahnaa hai

20 Responses to "Kashti Ka Khaamosh Safar"

You found yet another one of my favorite songs, Atul! I really admire your persistence, patiently looking for these beautiful songs which so far have been known only to a few people like myself who belong to an older generation. I have always loved this song, especially when he comes in at the end with “Chhodo ab kya kehna hai …”! Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics and Hemant’s music set the mood for this song, and I still think this is one of the most romantic songs ever. Thanks for the song!


Today is Kishore Kumar’s Birthday. At 10:45 pm I was listening to Vividh Bharti.Suddenly when this song came I was fully astonished.
I was left speechless.It was new for me.Then i tried the lyrics on Google. and found your link.What a song this is……….no words to explain properly.

Your effort is highly appreciated!!!


I am highly impressed with the presenters of Vividh Bharati. They create their song based programmes just for the likes of me. If they played this song then this shows their indepth knowledge about old classics.


I love the music and specifically hindi music/songs from old hindi films and try to collect them in my collection i.e. cassettes or cds . Now a days i am collecting the lyrics for old songs and which contains true poetry and are true gems in our hindi films history.
The great work being carried by you deserves much accolades and NOT a mere thank you, since the work being carried by you is priceless and very very precious for peoples like me.


Still remember an interview of Sudha Malhotra, when she confimed that this was one of the finest songs of Kishore Kumar especially singing live with a full orchestra.


This is the song I love madly for last 45 yrs.
In those days one of my friend introduced this song to me in a record library. One has to pay 25 ps. for hearing the song in a cubicle. We use to hear the song often.
I got my mate. And again both of us used to hear THE song.
I had kids.(Now they are married.)
In the mean while I had song with me on cassette.
My children also fell in love with THE song.


One correction Atul, the female in the picture is Geeta Dutt. I do have a picture of Sudha Malhotra.


What a lovely song it is!!! I had heard it first on Vividh Bharati years ago and had completely forgotten about it.
An acquaintance of mine bought a Maruti SX4 and the Maruti people gave him an 8 GB pen-drive with lots of old songs in it. I copied them from him and was listening to them on my way to work today. And when this song came up, I was pleasantly surprised. One of the most romantic songs…Kishore Kumar and Sudha Malhotra have sung it so well. It has that yeh dil maange more feel to it – leaves you wanting for more. I love the way this song ends – chhodo ab kyaa kahnaa hai
Such lovely lyrics and music is haunting as usual with the true Hemant da flavour.


If dil mange more of Sudha then here:-

Singing live at BBC – Kashti Ka..

Mere Nadeem Mere Hamsafar.. (gorgeous tune, gorgeous interpretation)


I have not seen the movie and video clip of this song is not available. So, whenever I hear this song, I get an impression that it is the lyricist and the singer expressing their feelings to each other.


We have just returned from a walk on the beach and I am listening to this song, reading out the lyrics to hubby, and he agrees with me – nothing like the lyrics and music in those songs which we listened to in our younger days!


It is better that we have not seen the video clip, so that we can just enjoy visualizing the scene before our eyes while hearing the song!



That’s my view as well.

Sahir Ludhianvi had set such a high standard of poetry of soft romance in this song that I guess it was a challenging tasks for the Film’s Director (Satyen Bose) for picturisation of this song and for the lead actors (Kishore Kumar and Wahida Rehman) in expressing the soft romance embedded in this song.

In my view, this song seemed to be better suited for picturisation on pairs like Raj Kapoor-Nargis, Guru Dutt-Wahida Rehman and Dilip Kumar-Madhubala who had romantic images in the minds of the fans.

All in all, we seems to be better off listening to audio clip of this song than the video clip.


Atulji, Lalithaji, Amaanji, Avinashji, Rashmikantji, Himmat Singhji, Sadanandji, Arvindji and all the regulars of this blog and all music lovers in general; I have just one question to ask of you after enjoying this lovely and fantastic song: Why aren’t songs like these being written nowadays, why aren’t they being composed and sung these days?

Most things like technology, standards of living, amenities, education, consumer durables and non durables, fitness, health standards and health care etc. have changed for the better. Then why has the quality of music gone down? When will we hear songs like “KASHTI KA KHAMOSH SAFAR” being composed again?

Some people, even my contemporaries, accuse me of being nostalgic and being frozen in the era of this kind of music and not moving with the times. It’s a charge I hotly deny. I have moved along in life with everything else, because things have changed for the better, but as far as music and particularly film music is concerned, my heart yearns for the days gone by.

Can my friends prove me the answer?


I feel that the quality of lyrics got affected some time from 80’s when the time became essence of film production and lyricists and music directors were asked to compose songs like factory products. I had heard instances when lyricists were asked to write songs just before the rehearsals followed by the song recording. So Music Directors who were by then, also under pressure to composed the music for the songs in a time bound fashion, started relying on those who could give them lyrics in shortest time. It is a well known fact that poets and laureates are, by and large moody persons and they would write only when they feel so. Naturally, poets like Sahir, Kaifi Azmi and Pandit Narendra Sharma would not succumb to timing pressure.

At the same time, in keeping with the fast paced life, the taste of the new generation of audience and listeners changed from meaningful lyrics to lyrics which suited for rap type of music. This become more pronounce in 2000’s.

I am, however, confident that the cycle of good lyrics and melody would return as the present day music would reach a saturation point and audience and listeners would look for a change for the better.


Sadanand ji

Aameen to that. 🙂



Dr,Mohan Doshi ji,
You have asked a very good question-Why are not good songs written and sung these days ?
My take on this is –
1. In the olden days-i.e. in the 30s,40s,and 50s,you will notice that almost all the lyricists were experts in Urdu/Arabic/Farsi.
2. majority of them were from U.P.
3.Many Lyricists were highly qualified and authors,well known poets,writers etc.
4. many Lyricists used to participate in Mushayaras,where they had to make presentations before a learned audience,hence the quality of songs/Gazals etc was extra ordinary.
5. There was quality and not quantity.
6.Most composers used to stress on rehersals.
7. There was a healthy competetion.

Nowadays,quantity has replaced quality.
There is no learning background to Lyricists.
time constraints have eliminated rehersals.
Modern technology has replaced the human element.The two singers in a duet record their songs separately without even meeting/knowing the other singer.
Competetion has become cut throat.

There is no demand for quality.The attitude is use and throw.Listen and forget.
These are some of the factors responsible for low quality songs.


Please read the last line as “Can my friends provide me the answer”.

The mistake while typing is regretted.


Dr. Mohan Doshi
I am proud of my liking old melodious Hindi songs.
You feel relaxed while hearing these songs; on the contrary you feel relaxed when today’s noisy songs END.
You have correctly noted the point. The reason behind it, I think is..
1. Today every body is after education in English medium and hence the new generation is being cut of from the Indian culture which would have been imbibed automatically in education in mother tongue.
2. In music, only technicalities are given thought of and the melody is forgotten.
3. But there are exceptions like musician AJAY – ATUL, Kaushal Inamdar etc. whose music is purely based on Indian melody.


Dr.Mohan Doshi ji, Atulji, Lalithaji, Amaanji, Rashmikantji, Himmat Singhji, Sadanandji, Arvindji, Sudhir ji – thanks all for your valuable inputs and comments.
As rightly pointed out by Shri.Doshi ji we miss the great lyrics, and great melodies, but we can not get back Sahir, Shailendra, Kaifi ji, and also the great composers we have lost.
Sahir’s ‘jinhen naaz hai hind par..’ is still relevant and he has given us great and great songs that are timeless treasure…
We still have Gulzar ji with us, and as observed by Arvindji we can expect good music and lyrics from people like Guru Thakur, Swanand Kirkire, Ajay-Atul and Kaushal Inamdar. I am sure we have great creative talent with us and can do better to compose meaningful and melodious gems further….


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