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Bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum

Posted on: September 22, 2009

This movie has a rather prosaic title, viz “Mera Ghar Mere Bachche” (1960) and the actors of this movie are not all that well known. In fact the picturisation of this song had me confused. This song is a duet and the gentleman in the picturisation looked like he was apeing N T Ramarao, the telugu movie superstar of the time, whereas the lady looked like an aspiring body double of Vyjyanti Mala. Now I know that she is Naaz, also known as Baby Naaz. (I thank Mr Harshad Bhatt for helping me out with her identification). The gentleman is Subiraj.

The song itself is in a different league. It is a quality song, sung wonderfully well by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist and Sardar Malik composed the music.

All these days, I thought that “saaranga teri yaad mein” was the best song composed by Sardar Malik. Now I have changed my opinion. This is perhaps the best composition of Sardar Malik that I have listened to, so far.



Song-Bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum (Mera Ghar mere bachche) (1960) Singers-Mukesh, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Sardar Malik


ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum
tumhaare taraane ham gaa rahe hain
nazaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum
tumhaare liye ham jiye jaa rahe hain
bahaaron se poochho

kabhi main papeeha tumhaare liye hoon
kabhi main chakoraa tumhaare liye hoon
aji main bhi koyal tumhaare liye hoon
mohabbat mein paagal tumhaare liye hoon
mere pyaar mein hi diya roop tumko
ye gunche tumhe jo nazar aa rahe hain
nazaaron se poochho

agar jaan tum ho to ham bhi to dil hain
bhare hain hazaaron muhabbat ke armaan
agar tum ho saagar to main bhi hoon nadiyaa
hain donon dilon mein muhabbat ke toofaan
mere pyaar kaa to kinaaraa nahin hai
tere pyaar mein ham bahe jaa rahe hain
bahaaron se poochho

ye udti ghataayen masti lutaayen
jaise tumhaari sharaabi nigaahen
ye thandi hawaayen bharti hain aahen
samjho inhen tum hamaari sadaayen
fizaaon mein dekho ye baadal nahin hain
ye aanchal tumhaare hi lahraa rahe hain
bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum
tumhaare taraane ham gaa rahe hain
nazaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum
tumhaare liye ham jiye jaa rahe hain
bahaaron se poochho

7 Responses to "Bahaaron se poochho mere pyaar ko tum"

Dear Atul,

The actress in the movie is Baby Naaz, who had acted as a child in the genious Guru Dutt’s movie Kagaz Ke Phool.

I hope this will help you and change the comment that you do not know the ‘lady’ in the movie Mera Ghar mere bachche


I am hearing this song after a very long time but I have definitely heard this before. Lovely song.


Started looking for the video of the Hemant Kumar song and found this. Recollected this after a long time.Lovely old tunes.


The song is picturised on Subi Raj and Baby Naaz. The pair also worked in Dekha Pyar Tumhara (1963) They got married in 1965.

Later Subi Raj worked in many T V serials.


Only today, I learnt that Subbiraj is part of the Kapoor family. Cousin of Raj, Shammi & Shashi Kapoor. Somehow, I thought he was a South Indian actor.

Also, only today, I learnt that he was the husband of Naaz (who figures in this song with him).

Learn something new every day. 🙂

Maybe Arunji or somebody can tell us more about Subbiraj and/or Naaz.


Ok, I came across this piece about Naaz. But still not much about Subbiraj. Would be interesting to know.



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