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Pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen

Posted on: December 16, 2009

How many movies with the name “Faraar” are there in bollywood ? I was aware of “Faraar” (1975) and also “Faraar” (1955). Now, it turns out that there was a “Faraar” released in 1965 as well !

“Faraar” (1965) is a rather obscure movie, and its songs are just as obscure. But its songs are nice to listen to. After all, they are written by Kaifi Azmi and composed by Hemant Kumar.

Here is a song from “Faraar” (1965). It is sung by Lata. It is picturised as a radio song, where a lady sings a song live in a radio station. Or is it a recording song where the lady is getting a song recorded ? In either case, this song is picturised on an obscure actress called Shabnam. The picturisation also shown an equally obscure gentleman driving a car. Any idea who this less known gentleman could be ?

I was unable to post songs for the last few days in this blog. Now I am back again after some four days. How nice it would be if posting songs in this blog could be my full time job ! That would be a dream come true.



song-Pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen (Faraar) (1965) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Hemant Kumar


pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen
kyaa karegaa sunke jahaan, tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan

do dilon ke milne se sau diye jal jaate hain
do dilon ke milne se sau diye jal jaate hain
aarzoo ki manzil tak raaste sab aate hain
ham kahaan se aaye kahaan, tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan

bas yahi to poochhaa thaa ek din kuchh sharmaake
bas yahi to poochhaa thaa ek din kuchh sharmaake
kyun gagan yoon miltaa hai is zameen se ghabraake
ho gaye sab armaan jawaan, tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen
kyaa karegaa sunke jahaan, tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen
pyaar ki daastaan

11 Responses to "Pyaar ki daastaan tum suno to kahen"

Indeed if you were able to spend more time for this blog, it would be great !!! We really appreciate it that you put in so much effort and are able to find the time to post at all – it cannot be easy.


I love the song. I have searched the song all over and found it here. Thanks for posting the song.



“ANIL CHATTERJEE” is the gentleman driving the car,when shabnam sings the song.
I think he is “famous Bengali actor”, who later acted in famous Doordarshan T.V.Serial “Naqab”(in mid 80`s)
( I don`t clearly remember but, he acted in a role of an ageing super star, who comes into terms with the downfall in his filmi career)

Further he was there in
Dilip kumar`s 1974 film “Sagina”(director:tapan sinha)
Sannata(1966)(with tanuja)
Amanush(as a police inspector(1975)
Paroma(Aparna sen`s)(1987)
Aaj ka robinhood(director:tapan sinha)(with utpal dutt)(1987)

He acted in many famous Bengali movies, I presume.


Thanks for this information.


Atul ji

Wonderful song; Hemant Kumar as a music director is scintillating, in the few films that had music under his baton.

This movie has another very memorable song,
“Log Peetey Hain Ladkhadaate Hain
Dil Se Duniya Ka Gam Mitaate Hain
Ek Hum Hain Ke Teri Mehfil Mein
Pyaase Aate Hain Pyaase Jaate Hain”

Words are wonderful, and are beautifully set and rendered by Hemant Kumar himself.




Yes, and I have discussed that song as well.
Log peete hain ladkhadaate hain (Faraar)


Thanks Atul




atulji! yh gana mujhe bahut psnd hai .aapke blog pr gaane dhoondhne aati rhti hun.ha ha ha
kya kru?aisich hun main to.
aap audeo ka link bhi diya kijiye plz.







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