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Main bandar hoon shahar kaa tu banmaanush junglee

Posted on: May 24, 2010

I have mentioned in an earlier post that song planning in Bollywood movies of the past was like familiy planning of the past, viz there used do be nearly a dozen or so issues in either case.

It must be said in favour of the movies that many of these songs went on to become memorable. In fact there were many movies teeming with several nice songs. Such movies, which I call musical blockbusters, are treasure troves for music lovers.

“Insaaniyat” (1955) is very much a musical blockbuster. I have already posted three songs from this movie, but it turns out that I have only scraped the surface. This movie has some lesser known songs which are just as wonderful to listen to as ther better known ones. In fact, this movie has some wonderful fun songs as well.

This movie “Insaaniyat” (1955) is noted for being the only movie where Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand acted together. And interestingly enough, it was someone else who stole the show. This actor was non Indian, and in fact not even a human. This actor was Zippy the chimp.

This song is picturised on Zippy and Agha. Both are in jail together. 🙂 This song happens in the jail. It is Agha who sings the song (in Rafi’s voice) and Zippy dances. Why Zippy was not allowed to sing ? Bahut naainsaafi hai !

The song is written by Rajinder Krishan and the lyrics emphasize the fact that Human and chimp are long lost cousins. And it can be seen that the duo share a wonderful chemistry together as befits long lost cousins in a Bollywood movie.

C Ramchandra is the music director.

PS-Seeing that our heroes were in any case mainly needed to run round trees chasing skirts, Zippy would have been a natural in such roles, seeing that he grew up in trees. Too bad that Bollywood did not give him more opportunities to act as a hero despite such an impressive debut.



Song-Main bandar hoon shahar kaa tu banmaanush junglee (Insaaniyat) (1955) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


main bandat hoon shahar ka
tu banmaanush junglee
aaj pataa ye chal gayaa
tu asli hai main nakli
tu hai mera chacha
kitna achha hai ye mera chacha

tu hai mera chacha
main bhatija tera
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa
waah re mere achhe chacha
mere baap ka baap tha bhai tera
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa
dekho to
kaan bhi ek jaise
tu hai mera chacha
main bhatija tera
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa

ek dada ki santaan hain ham
ek dada ki
ek dada ki santaan hain ham
rishte mein bhai jaan hain ham
kambakht zamaana badal gayaa
tu mujhko main tujhko bhool gayaa
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa
arre naak bhi ek jaisi
tu hai mera chacha
main bhatija tera
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa

aa pyaar se lag jaa mere gale
jalti hai agar duniya to jale
aankhon se doori (??) ka parda hataa
main hoon tera sagaa
tu hai mera sagaa
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa
arre bas thodi si kasar hai
tu hai mera chachaa
main bhatija tera
na main tujhse judaa
na tu mujhse judaa

2 Responses to "Main bandar hoon shahar kaa tu banmaanush junglee"

Lovely song. Hearing it for the first time.
Zippy seems to be very talented.
As usual, I loved reading your unique intro to the song. 🙂




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