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Jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare

Posted on: June 10, 2010

I mostly know only about the more popular songs of a movie and I am totally unaware about the other songs. I have been discovering that these so called less popular songs are often wonderful songs to listen to. And in some cases, these songs may even be as good or better, than the better known songs of the movie concerned.

Take the example of the movie “Bandini” (1963). Like most people, I am only aware about its songs, viz
Mere saajan hain us paar,
Mora gora ang lai le mohe shyaam rang dai de ,
and O jaane waale ho sake to laut ke aana

But are these the only songs from this movie ? No, there are other songs, and these are songs which are just as outstanding.

I became aware of one less known song from “Bandini” (1963) just now, thanks to the farmaish of Lalitha. Before her farmaish, I was unaware about the existence of this song. What a song it is ! Just superb. I am sure people are already aware of this song. But this song is a must listen song for those who may not be aware of this song.

The song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Nutan. Shailendra is the lyricist and S D Burman composed the music.

Listening to this song, I am amazed at the high grade quality that was so much in abundance those days. S D Burman was composing superb music in so many movies, as was the case with dozens of other well known and not so well known music directors. and lyricists were at their peak too. Take the lyrics of this song for example. Shailendra had the brief of craeting a song in a movie whose story was based in Bengal, and he had to ensure that the listeners from all over the country may be able to identify with it. The reference to words like “Jogi” (a Punjabi concept) , and using words which are spoken in Bihar and UP, Shailendra wrote an amazingly creative song which expresses the feelings of a girl incredibly well. And let us not forget the singing of Lata.

What a superb song! And all these days I was unaware about this song. I thank Lalitha for making me aware of this song through her farmaish.

So here is this wonderful song for all of us to savour.

Song-Jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare (Bandini) (1963) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-S D Burman


jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
o mere rang gaye saanjh sakhaare
tu to ankhiyon se jaane ji ki batiyaan
tose milnaa hi zulm bhaayaa re
o jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare

dekhi saanwali soorat ye nainaa judaaye
dekhi saanwali soorat
teri chhabi dekhi jabse re
teri chhabi dekhi jabse re nainaa judaaye
bhaye bin kajraa ye kajraare
jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
o mere rang gaye saanjh sakhaare

jaake panghat pe baithoon main
Raadhaa deewaani
jaake panghat pe baithoon
bin jal liye chali aaun
bin jal liye chali aaun,
Raadhaa deewaani
mohe ajab ye rog laga le
o jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
o mere rang gaye saanjh sakhaare

meethi meethi agan ye sah na sakoongi
meethi meethi agan
main to chhuyi-muyi ablaa re
main to chhuyi-muyi ablaa re sah na sakoongi
mere aur nikat mat aa re
o jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
o mere rang gaye saanjh sakhaare
tu to ankhiyon se jaane ji ki batiyaan
tose milnaa hi zulm bhaayaa re
o jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare
o o o o
aa aa aa aa aa

3 Responses to "Jogi jabse tu aayaa mere dwaare"

Thanks for the song, Atul! I have always loved this song, both for the memories it evokes – I saw this movie with my grandfather – and for the sweet music and Lata’s voice. As for the lyrics, I think the part about going to the panghat and returning without any jal is enough to convey the meaning of this song effectively. Great combination of lyrics, music, voice and Nutan (the icing on the cake!). Thanks again, Atul!


Nutan amazes me! She can be at once a modern, street smart girl (Paying Guest, Tere Ghar Ke Samne) and be this innocent village type, in Bandini. Even then she can be glamorous, but here they made her look utterly plain, and she manages that very effectively.

I read somewhere that as a young girl, she spent a few years in Switzerland and went to school there.




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