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Vikal moraa manwaa

Posted on: June 23, 2010

These days I am on a drive to clear the backlog of old farmaishes pending with me. One such farmaish is for this song from “Mamtaa” (1966).

I have posted several songs (three to be precise) from this movie, but I was not aware of this song. It is a superb song. Its lyrics (by Majrooh Sultanpuri) consist of words used in rural UP, and the music (by Roshan) is semi classical. Lata has sung this song superbly. She is renowned for her breath control while singing songs, and this song tested her breathing technique to the fullest.

I have not been able to locate the video of this movie, but the audio of this song is worth listening to. What a gem it is !
PS-It appears (from going through its entry in myswar) that this song in fact contains two different songs- one part described as “vikal man mora” and another part being “sakal ban gagan pawan chalat”



Song-Vikal mora manwaa (Mamta) (1966) Singer-Lata, Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Roshan


ham gawanwaa naa jaibe ho binaa jhoolni
ham gawanwaa naa jaibe ho binaa jhoolni
ham gawanwaa aaa
ham gawanwaa naa jaibe ho binaa jhoolni
binaa jhoolni
ham gawanwaa
ham gawanwaa naa jaibe ho binaa jhoolni

ambuwaa ki daari pad rahi boondiyaa
ambuwaa ki daari pad rahi boondiyaa
ambuwaa ki daari pad rahi boondiyaa
aaa aaa aaa
achraa se uljhe lahariyaa
achraa se uljhe lahariyaa
lahariyaa ho binaa jhoolni
ham gawanwaa naa jaibe ho binaa jhoolni

aaa aaa aaa aaa
sakal ban gagan pawan chalat purwaayi ri
sakal ban gagan pawan chalat purwaayi ri
rut basant aayi phoolan chhaayi belariyaa
daar daar ambuvan ki kohariyaa
rahi pukaar aur meghwaa boondan jharnaayi
sakal ban gagan pawan chalat purwaayi aayi ri

aaa aaa
vikal moraa manwa,
un bin haaye
vikal moraa manwa,
un bin haaye
aaye na sajanwaa
rut beeti jaaye
vikal moraa manwaa,
un bin haay
vikal moraa manwaa

bhor pawan chali,
bujh gaye deepak
chali gaye rain singaar ki
kesh pe virhaa ki dhoop dhali
ari ai ri kali ankhiyan ki
padi kumhlaaye
vikal moraa manwa,
un bin haaye
vikal moraa manwaa

yug se khule hain pat nainan ke mere
yug se andheraa moraa aangnaa
sooraj chamkaa na chaand khilaa
ari ai ri jalaa rahi apnaa
tan man haaye
vikal moraa manwa, un bin haaye
vikal moraa manwaa

9 Responses to "Vikal moraa manwaa"

Many variations in one song..very beautiful song..
a great treat to ears.


I like the use of rural dialect. I wish we’d hear more in Bollywood. I like the second half very much but not the first.


It has been so many years since I heard this song that I have reached the point where I thought that there were two songs, one of which was “Un bin haye …” and “Hum gawanwaa na jaibe …”! Thanks to this, I realized my mistake! If I remember right, this song shows the passing of time in the movie, with some beautiful shots of trees in bloom and then those same trees shedding their leaves, and I seem to remember this song every Spring, when the trees get rejuvenated, along with my spirits! Thanks, Atul!


I think in the film they came across as different songs joint together: doesn’t the heroine age while singing them, or am I confusing it with another movie?

All the songs of Mamta were truly outstanding, Lata, Roshan & Majrooh Sultanpuri showing their best sides. And all songs were all totally different from each other.


I have not been able to get hold of the video. Watching the video may reveal more about this song to me. 🙂


Audio clip in the post is no longer available.
New Audio clip :

I could locate one video clip of this song but the song starts from 5:11 onward. The earlier portion of the video does give some background for this song. The song in the video clip is shorter than in the audio clip.
Video clip :


Atul ji,

Thanks for linking this video clip. I had processed it when I was preparing the write up on Suchitra Sen.

This arrangement is actually a medley of three separate songs that are presented as a merged sequence in the film. The three songs are
a. Hum Gawanwaa Na Jaibe Ho Bina Jhoolnee
b. Sakal Ban Gagan Pawan Chalat Purwaaee Re
c. Vikal Mora Manwaa, Tum Bin Haaye

By the songs themselves, and according to the Geet Kosh listings, these are three separate songs. It appears that they were recorded separately, but for the purpose of presentation in the film, they are fused together into a single sequence taking some part of each of the songs. The purpose seems to be to present a passage of time. At the beginning of this sequence, the child Suparna is a school going kid, and her mother, Panna, is a young woman. By the end of this medley, the daughter has grown and Panna herself is now aged, with grey hair. As the three songs progress, we can see the transition in the persona of Panna.

The original three songs were not released on 78 rpm records, and hence are not traceable. I should correct myself. The complete song “Vikal Mora Manwaa” was released as part of the LP of the film, and is available. The only way to trace the other two songs would be to track down the original studio recordings, or recordings that may have been saved by the family of the music director or the producer of the film. Other than that, there may not be any other availability of the other two songs.





working video


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