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Chal mere dil ke udan khatole

Posted on: July 27, 2010

In Hindi movies, we have music inspired from various sources- viz Indian classical music, folk music, western classical music, western rock and roll, etc.

What about oriental music ? I do not recall any songs where oriental (viz East Asian) sounding music is heard in a Hindi song.

Recently I stumbled upon one such song. It is a really cute song. In this song Bhagwan (who is supposedly a man of Chinese origin) fantasises about Madhubala and imagines her as a Chinese girl falling for his charms. I am not sure if Chinese peopl too resort to singing when they fall in love, but that happenes in this song.

Here is this lovely song, full with Chinese sounding bells and whistles and works. The song is picturised quite interestingly too, with Madhubala dressed in a Chinese dress, looking coy and demure at the sight of Bhagwan.

Here is this song sung by Rafi. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist and Madan Mohan is the music director. Yes, Madan Mohan, known for ghazals has given us this song based on Oriental music.

The song has some “Chinese” sounding words too which could be either real words or gibberish, which I have naturally failed to follow and note down. In any of my readers know these words, they are requested to let me know so that I may be able to include those words too in the lyrics.

Here is this song from “Gateway of India” (1957) which will quicly grow upon you. It is a lovely song with cute picturisation.



Song-Chal mere dil ke udan khatole (Gateway Of India) (1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


Chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule
chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule

le chal mujhe udaake
duniyaa se chhup chhupaake
le chal mujhe udaake
duniya se chhup chhupaake
rasta dikha rahe hain
jhonke tujhe hawaa ke
basti hai door
phir bhi zaroor
jaanaa hai dil ye boley
hoy hoy
chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule
chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule

manzil meri wahaan hai
saathi mera jahaan hai
manzil meri wahaan hai
saathi mera jahaan hai
rangeen si wo duniyaa
phoolon ke darmiyaan hai
chhaayi bahar dil bekaraar
dil baar baar dole
hoy hoy
chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule
chal mere dil ke udan khatole
udtaa jaa tu haule haule

7 Responses to "Chal mere dil ke udan khatole"

hi atul,
I was wondering if you consider the song “sayonara sayonara” from the movie “Love in Tokyo” oriental enough to be in this category.Great site btw.


All these days I thought that I had already posted this song. Now that you mention it, I find that this song is not yet discussed. I will post this song soon.


Great work Atul, but I too came here in search of those ‘Chinese’ words. Anyway, just note few corrections (in caps)
“BASTI hai door
phir bhi zaroor
jaanaa hai dil YE BOLE”


I hope you will add a lovely song by Mukesh and Geeta Dutt from the film GAON produced in 1947. This was Mukesh’s first duet.


Yateesh ji,
The song was ‘Watan ki maati haath mein lekar”is already discussed here..

As far as your second query about a Blog giving Hindi songs,you have come to the right place.
This is that Blog.


I am from Guyana in South America and my grandparents are from India
I can read Hindi and will like to visit a site (or sites) that show the Hindi songs (shown in Hindi) with the English meanings.
Can any of my friends help me here?



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