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Dil ke phaphole jal uthe seene ke daag se

Posted on: August 28, 2010

When one speaks of a movie called “Parichay”, one means “Parichay” (1972) starring Jeetendra and Jaya Bhaduri. But there was another movie of the same name in 1954. This forgotten movie had actors like Abhi Bhattacharya, Pranoti Ghosh, Shashikala etc in this movie.

“Parichay” (1954) as well as its music is not remembered much today. Here is a song from this movie, which must be as rare a song as any rare song could be.

This song is sung by Lata. Video of this song is not available and even the audio of this rare song is not very clear. But once we understand the lyrics (written by Shailendra) , we can only wonder at the imagination of the lyricist. Music is composed by Sailesh Mukherji.

Here is this rare gem from “Parichay” (1954).

Song-Dil ke phaphole jal uthe seene ke daag se (Parichay) (1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Sailesh Mukherji


dil ke phaphole jal uthe seene ke daag se
is ghar ko aag lag gayi ghar ke chiraag se

jal ke dil khaaq huaa aankh se royaa na gayaa
zakhm ye aise jale phoolon pe soyaa na gayaa
jal ke dil khaaq huaa aankh se royaa na gayaa

aasraa deke hamen aas kaa dil tod diyaa
laake saahil pe akelaa hamen kyun chhod diyaa
beech manjhdhaar mein kyun hamko duboyaa na gayaa
jal ke dil khaaq huaa aankh se royaa na gayaa

hanste dekhaa na gayaa baag ke maali se hamen
dhool mein phenk diyaa tod ke daali se hamen
dil-e-nadaan ko maalaa mein piroyaa na gayaa
jal ke dil khaaq huaa aankh se royaa na gayaa

ham khataawar hain yaa hamko banaanewaalaa
chaand ke mukhde pe bhi daag hai kaalaa kaalaa
itni barsaat huyi phir bhi wo dhoyaa na gayaa
jal ke dil khaaq huaa aankh se royaa na gayaa

12 Responses to "Dil ke phaphole jal uthe seene ke daag se"

Shailender was no doubt very talented .What intrigued me is he (as per my knowledge) never wrote any Patriotic song. If at all anyone has something to contribute I will be thankful.


hi ,
i want to that who wrote this poetry (dil kay phaphole jal uthe seene kay daag se)
if u about this please ,please email me .
i be very thank full to you.
thanks again.


Shailendra is the lyricist of this song. Do you mean to say that the line “dil ke phaphole…” have been written by some other poet ? If so, I am not aware of this fact.


Waah …badi behtreen ghazal hai

uss bewafa ne zakham diye aise…
ki phulon ke bistar pe bhi na soya gaya….


Atul ji,
The music for this film was given by SAILESH DAVE AND VEDPAL VARMA( and NOT Sailesh Mukherjee,as thought).
The above song is NOT written by Shailendra,but by KESHAV.
This info is given in HFGK vol III pp 190


Thanks a lot for this information.


Would that also imply that the Music Director of the film “Savera” is also Shailesh Dave ? What are the other Films to which Shailesh Dave has given Music ?

Apparently , there is a Shailesh Dave who is a Film Producer .

Would be grateful for your clarification .

Warm regards ,



what i have heard about the first two verses that it was in a mushaa-e-rah (gathering in which poets recite their poems) -which was attended by Mir taqi Mir- one 12 years old child recited his poetry, of which were these two verses “dil ke phaphole jal uthe seene ke daag se
is ghar ko aag lag gayi ghar ke chiraag se”
stories have it that Mir predicted for this little 12 years old poet that “tum jawan hotey nazar nahin aatey” (meaning that little prodigies don’t usually live longer). That child died after sometime.
God knows the truth in this story..”and yes I don’t know about this song” may be the lyrics writer was the same prodigy or may be the story is wrong or may be the lyric writer loaned these versus from that child.


I also heard a similar type of version from my mother that these 2 verses were from a small child who was extraordinary intelligent and later on he died in a fire that broke out somewhere, maybe in his own house and thus making these verses becoming a reality for him.


It is interesting to note in the song that the style of writing the first two she’rs does not match with the remaining 3 antaras of the songs. It is, therefore, apparent that the first two she’rs may have been written by some one else. The antaras are three liners.

I checked in and found that the first she’r is available there without assigning the name of the poet. Link below:

Incidentally, the song sung by K L Saigal starts with the first she’r as in this song.


Oh! I missed the name of the poet of the first she’r, on Rekhta. It is written by Mahtab Rai Taban.

A blogger quoting Mughal historian, Munshi Devi Prasad’s article ”Asaril-shayarae hanood”, has mentioned that Mahtab Rai Taban read this she’r during Sufi poet Khwaja Mir Dard’s mushiara when he was only 12 years. So this she’r may have been written sometime in the 18th century.




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