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Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa

Posted on: October 29, 2010

I have heard this song many a times, but I was not aware of any details about this song except the obvious one that the song is sung by Rafi.

When I went through a farmaish for this song, then that was the first time I came to know that this song was from a movie called “Bachpan” (1963). when I checked up, I found that I had posted a song from a movie called “Bachpan” (1970) but this “Bachpan” (1963) was a different movie. As it is, both these movies are obscure B grade movies with A grade music.

I aws unable to locate the video of this song from “Bachpan” (1963). When I listened to the audio, I was mesmerised if it is possible to get mesmerised aurally. I guessed that the song is composed by Ravi and written by Sahir Ludhianvi, but when I checked up, I found that the song was composed by Sardar Malik and lyricist was his brother in law Hasrat Jaipuri.

All these days I associated Sardar Malik with the song “Saaranga teri yaad mein” from “Saarangaa” (1960) but now I need to asociate him with this song from “Bachpan” (1963) too.

Here is this superb song from “Bachpan” (1963) which has been elevated to the rank of an iconic song thanks to the divine singing by Rafi.

Song-Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai (Bachpan) (1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Sardar Malik


mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa
mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa
magar main kyaa karoon bole binaa bhi rah nahin saktaa
mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa

mere khwaabon ki shehzaadi jahaan tum muskuraati ho
bahaaren kyaa khizaaon mein hazaaron gul khilaati ho
tumhe jisne bhii dekhaa hai judaayi sah nahin sakataa
mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa

zamaanaa laakh baadal ban ke chhaa jaaye nigaahon par
muhabbat kaa ujaalaa phailtaa jaayegaa raahon par
muhabbat chaand aisaa hai kabhi jo gah nahin saktaa
mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa

15 Responses to "Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai magar main keh nahin saktaa"

Thanks, Atul, for posting one of my all-time top favorite songs. Music, lyrics, voice, they have all contributed to a song which is really an ode to love. I can still recall listening to this song on our old Telerad radio, when we were living in Delhi, and falling in love with the soft quality of this song. I do not recall this movie ever being released, because I always wondered who the actor was, Dilip Kumar or Rajendra Kumar or someone unknown? It wouldn’t have suited Dev Anand or Raj Kapoor. Now I know that it was definitely an A grade song in a B grade movie.

Thanks again, Atul!


Wonder ful song, on whom this song is pictrised.


Must be picturised on Salim Khan(Salman khan`s father and film story writer)
Production House:New Panchratna Pictures
Starcast:Salim Khan,Menaka Irani,
Daisy Irani,Manorama,David,Jeevan,Bhudo Advani


The music in the beginning of this song is the same tune as “aage bhi jaane na tu ” from “Waqt”.


Nahm ji,
Nice to your comments.
Nowadays we dont see much of you on the blog and I miss your interesting info tidbits about songs.
May be you are busy with something else these days.


the first line should be-nice to see your comments.



I have been a bit busy but managing to visit every now and then. Just not making comments, generally avoiding making a nuisance of myself with corrections and more corrections 🙂 . As my daughter is preparing for her XII std exams, I am trying to curtail both our hours in front of the computer.



Comment on the song of Do Sitare, with the same wordings prompted me to write.

Actually I was expecting song from Bachpan, Mujhe Tum Se Mohabbat Hai, and it turned out o be another song

However I am fascinated by the Bachpan song, beautifully sung by Rafi .


I assume sardar Malik was father of Anu Malik. Is it right?


Superb song by the great Rafi. Wonder who has enacted the same. The lyrics and the music are immortal. Will we be ever able to see the video ? Will be eternally grateful to any one who can show it.


The star cast of the movie contains the name Menaka Irani as the female lead. i wonder if she is the same Menaka Irani who is Farah Khan’s mother. Since Daisy Irani is also there in the movie it is highly probable. Kindly comment.


This is a beautiful song as Atul has already pointed out. Salim Khan acted as a hero in several B-grade movies and he actually could not make it despite having great looks. However look at the success that his son has achieved. Salim Khan was also the hero in “Ramu Dada” where the pivotal role was played by Shaikh Mukhtar who later migrated to Pakistan. I wonder why Salim Khan stopped acting. Even now he can act! So sad that he chose to quit acting after that bit appearance in “Teesri Manzil” (the 1966 thriller that starred Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh).

The leading lady of “Bachpan” was Menaka Irani the eldest daughter of Mrs P N Irani who was notorious for pushing her children (Daisy Irani reportedly took to smoking as she was not able to forgive her mother for ruining her childhood),

Menaka starred in this movie directed by Nazar who abandoned the project towards the end due to differences with Menaka’s mom (not unexpected). Kamran Khan chipped in to help out the Iranis and married Menaka as soon as the film was complete. It is not clear as to whether Menaka married against her mother’s wishes. But Menaka never acted again taking up a job in Sea Rock hotel in Bandra to rear her two children Farah and Sajid. I think Kamran Khan passed away a tad too early and the children had to struggle a lot.

It is also surprising that Menaka never thought of acting again even in cameos despite the fact that both her children are film makers of some merit. May be she doesn’t think that she has it in her to be an actress.


There is a third stanza of the Rafi song – Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat hai – the superb song from film BACHPAN-
I once heard long time back in the Radio- probably in the URDU Programme . I am not able to see this stanza anywhere in the Net Lyrics or any Rafi You tube

Can someone share the third stanza – it has iextremely nice wordings






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