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Beraham aasmaan meri manzil bataa hai kahaan

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Talat Mehmood is widely regarded as the King of Ghazals as far as singing Ghazals is concerned. And Madan Mohan is described as the king of Ghazals as far as composing ghazals is concerned.

What happens when the two come together ? It can only result in ghazals that end up becoming timeless gems. The two in fact have collaborated together to create many memorable songs.

Here is a song from a forgotten movie called “Bahaanaa” (1960). If this movie is still remembered, then it is mainly for the songs of this movie. And among the songs of this movie, this particular song, which is a ghazal sung by Talat Mehmood has to be the icing on the cake. This is one song that Talat Mehmood Himself regards as among the best ghazals that he has ever sung.

What lyrics this ghazal has ! Rajinder Krishan, writer of iconic songs, has come up with this immortal ghazal.

Here is this timeless classic from “Bahaanaa” (1960).

PS-This song is in fact not one but two songs, as mentioned by HFGK. That explains why this song is six minutes long. The song was spread over the two sides of the record.

Song-Beraham aasmaan meri manzil bataa hai kahaan (Bahaanaa) (1960) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


beraham aasmaan
meri manzil bataa hai kahaan
beraham aasmaan

jo na sochaa thaa wo ho gayaa
kyun naseebaa meraa so gayaa
gham ki aisi ghataa chhaa gayi
chain dil kaa kahin kho gayaa
ye bataa
kis liye
le rahaa hai meraa imtihaan
beraham aasmaan

bujh gayaa hai ye dil is tarah
chaand pichhle pahar jis tarah
itni taareekeeyon mein bataa
raah dhoondhe koi kis tarah
kho gayin
ho gayaa gum kahin kaarwaan
beraham aasmaan

jaa rahe hain na jaane kidhar
dekh sakti nahin kuchh nazar
chhod di naav manjhdhaar mein
kis kinaare lage kyaa khabar
kyaa karen door tak
roshai kaa nahin hai nishaan
beraham aasmaan
meri manzil bataa hai kahaan
beraham aasmaan

mujhse qismat ne dhokhaa kiyaa
har qadam par nayaa gham diyaa
hai khushi ki qasam ke yahaan
chain kaa saans tak na liyaa
bujh gayaa
dil meraa
raas aayaa na teraa jahaan
beraham aasmaan
meri manzil bataa hai kahaan

teri duniyaa mein yoon ham jiye
aansuon ke samundar piye
dil mein shiqwe tadapte rahe
honth lekin hameshaa siye
kab talaq
ham rahen
teri duniyaa mein yoon bezubaan
beraham aasmaan
meri manzil bataa hai kahaan

ab koi bhi tamannaa nahin
ab yahaan ham ko jeenaa nahin
zindagi ab tere jaam se
ek qatraa bhi peenaa nahin
maut ko
bhej ke
khatm kar de meri dastaan
beraham aasmaan
meri manzil bataa hai kahaan

5 Responses to "Beraham aasmaan meri manzil bataa hai kahaan"

dard ko poora doobkar jeeya hai Talat sahab ne is mein…

Yeh naayab peshkash Madan ji kee composition baat aaj maluum hui.

this is one of the best of ‘ best ghazals’.


Even I was not aware of this fact till recently.


the very first time i heard this song, many years ago, it must be in my teens, Talat stroke me with his sweet voice. I knew a lot more songs of him, but this was one was really one of my favorites. Excuse me, if my English is not that good, because i speak Dutch, and english is not my first language.


Your English is perfect. And it is nice to have a Dutch speaking fan of Hindi movie songs among us.


Lovers of ghazals can never forget this beautiful song, a gift from Madan Mohan,Talat and Rajinder Kishan. Though the film, Bahaana, was a mediocre one, many people still hum it even after more than half a century of its creation. Such is the beauty of this ghazal.


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