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Raftaa raftaa wo hamaare dil ke armaan ho gaye

Posted on: December 16, 2010

I keep repeating ad infinitum that there are so many great songs lying all around as far as Hindi movie music is concerned. And these gems are not always the creation of well known music directors. Even lesser known and unsung composers have created great songs for which they received no recognition. worse, their creation was later used by other better known musicians as their own.

Here is a great hidden gem from an eminently forgotten movie called “Ham Kahaan Jaa Rahe Hain” (1966). This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Asha Bhonsle. It is picturised on Prakash and Neena who were the lead actors of this obscure movie.

Qamar Jalalabadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by an unknown music director called Vasant Prakash. He was actually the younger brother of Khemchand Prakash, the music director of 1940s who gave Kishore Kumar his first break as a playback singer.

Listen to this song. What a great song it is ! This song is reminiscent of a better known song by Mehdi Hasan. Now, just look at the dates. this song is created in 1966 whereas the other well known song was created in 1975. Now do the maths.

Here is this great song from an obscure movie. It is so unfortunate that the creator of a song like this should fail to get more opportunities to showcase his talent. But then luck is needed in ample dose for anyone to make it big in any field, and especially so in a field like Hindi movie music.



Song-Raftaa raftaa wo hamaare dil ke armaan ho gaye (Ham Kahaan Jaa Rahe Hain) (1966) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Vasant Prakash


raftaa raftaa wo hamaare dil ke armaan ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo hamaare dil ke armaan ho gaye
pahle jaan
phir jaane jaan
phir jaane jaanaa ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo hamaare

aaa aaa
raftaa raftaa wo meri taskeen ka samaana ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo meri taskeen ka samaana ho gaye
pahle dil
phir dilruba
phir dil ke mehmaan ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo meri

aaaa aaaa

rafta rafta unki aankhon ka nashaa badhne lagaa
rafta rafta unki aankhon ka nashaa badhne lagaa
badhne lagaa
pahle mai
phir maikada
phir mai ka toofaan ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo meri

aaa aa
o o

rafta rafta husn nikhraa
aur nikharta hi gayaa
rafta rafta husn nikhraa
aur nikharta hi gayaa
aur nikharta hi gayaa
pahle gul
phir gulbadan
phir gulbadaamaan ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo hamaare dil ke armaan ho gaye
pahle jaan
phir jaane jaan
phir jaane jaanaa ho gaye
raftaa raftaa wo meri taskeen ka samaana ho gaye
pahle dil
phir dilruba
phir dil ke mehmaan ho gaye
rafta rafta wo meri
aaaa aaaa o o o
aaa aaa aaa aaa
aaaa aaaa

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“Taski ” or “Taskeen”(I am not sure about urdu words, But somewhere I have heard “Taskeen”.Further I don`t know the meaning of the word.)Please check this fact.(While pronouncing it will be heard as “Taskee” like “Yakeen” and “Yakee”. This is purely my funda, I am not very sure.)

lot`s of love and regards
Keept it up



It should be “Hum kahan jaa rahe hain”, Not “Hum kahan aa gaye hum”



there is an Amir Khan song from the 90s with same lyrics. only “Rafta Rafta” becomes “Dheere Dheere” and the rest of the Mukhda is same


Vasant Prakash was actually slated to compose music for Anarkali (1953). He died after recording just one song with Geet Dutt and was replaced by C. Ramachandra, who insisted all songs be sung by Lata Mangeshkar. However, the Geeta Dutt song – ‘Aa Jane Wafa’ – recorded by Vasant Prakash remained in the film and was a great hit.

I love the Lata Mangeshkar songs in Anarkali but as a fan of Geeta Dutt I can’t help but wonder what might have been had Vasant Prakash been around.

As for Khemchand Prakash, I think the only introduction he needs (for eternity) is that he composed the Lata Mangeshkar classic from ‘Mahal’ – Ayega Aanewala.


Vasant Prakash gave music for “Ham kahaan Jaa Rahe Hain” in 1966. So he could not have died in 1950s, I think.


IMDb’s sparse page on Vasant Prakash does list the 1966 movie on his filmography (

However, IMDb also lists the above bit of trivia I mentioned.

Furthermore, the Anarkali-Vasant Prakash story is fairly widespread on the Internet, repeated on multiple sites. Including from the Pune International Film Fest:

Of course, just because a story is widespread it needn’t be true. (Especially in the age of the Internet.)

On the other hand, it not unknown for movie production (especially in those times) to be delayed for years and for artists to be credited posthumously.

What is true to my knowledge is that Vasant Prakash was to
compose music for Anarkali but was replaced by C.Ramachandra for some reason.


Basant Prakash was clearly alive in 1966 and even beyond. The songs of his 1966 movie were recorded in the voices of singers like Mahendra Kapoor, Krishna Kalle etc who had not made their debut till late 1950s. So there was no question of these songs being recorded before 1953.

In this case, someone has given a misleading information on internet and everyone else has blindly copied that information and with time it has become a gospel. It was Khemchand Prakash who died in 1950, and his unfinished works in a few movies had to be completed by other music directors. Basant Prakash may have been signed up for “Anarkali”, but just because he was replaced does not mean that it was because he died. It was his brother Khemchand Prakash who died at that time necessitating change in music director. For example, Khemchand Prakash died before the songs of “Tamasha” (1952) could be recorded and music direction of this movie was then given by Manna Dey.

Not just 1966, Basant Prakash was in fact active even in 1980s.


I just found this biography of Basant Prakash by none other than his own son –

If true, it puts the year of Basant Prakash’s demise to 1996 and also lists his other movies (along with fascinating intricacies of his family life.)

Persisting with Google to find the reason why Basant Prakash was dropped from Anarkali, I found this interesting page :

Basant Prakash might have been dropped either due to ill-health or some disagreement with the producers. To me, the latter seems more likely considering that the no. of times the music directors seem to have changed for the movie – and surprise, even Hemant Kumar seems to have been on the roster of music directors for the movie.


Thanks for this interesting details.

In case the same information is avialable in all sites without any variation, then it often means that incorrect information keeps getting circulated as was the case here regarding Basant Prakash’s year of death.


True, and with my first comment, I have been guilty of doing the same 🙂

As an avid old hindi music lover and someone who regularly searches for information on the same, I am often frustrated by the lack of critical analysis and archiving of information and anecdotes about the music (and even film for that matter) from that era.

I first came upon your blog while looking for information that I couldn’t find in IMDb or elsewhere. With all the hard work you put it here, this might become “the place” for archival information on old hindi music.


Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, I too would like this blog to contain correct information about old movies and their songs. In this attempt, many of my readers help a lot with the information available with them.


Could I request you to format your song information in this format?

Song : Raftaa Raftaa Woh Hamaare Dil Ke Armaan Ho Gaye
Movie : Ham Kahaan Jaa Rahe Hain (1966)
Singers : Mahendra Kapoor & Asha Bhonsle
Lyrics : Qamar Jalalabadi
Music Director : Vasant Prakash

It just makes it easier on the eye to scan the information.


New video link :


New Video link :


raftaa raftaa wo meri taski(?) ka samaana ho gaye

rafta raft wo meri ‘ taskeen ‘ ka samaan ho gaye

For the story of this ghazal’s transition and newer avtaar, here is the link:


Nice post on a sweet and long forgotten song.I had to take a deep dive in my memory to recollect this song of radio days.
Taskeen’s nearest meaning is satisfaction derived from fulfillment of emotional desire.’Rafta rafta wo meri taskeen ka samaan ho gaye’ means gradually and gradually he became source of my emotional satisfaction…….It is difficult to exactly translate feelings from one language to the other and words may not always do justice in right expression of feelings.






This song written by Qamar Jalalabadi is inspired from the ghazal of Tasleem Fazli. The original ghazal as under:

रफ़्ता रफ़्ता वो मेरे हस्ती का सामां हो गए
पहले जां, फिर जान-ए-जां फिर जान-ए-जाना हो गए

दिन-ब-दिन बढ़ती गईं, उस हुस्न की रानाइयां
पहले गुल, फिर गुलबदन, फिर गुलबदाना हो गए

आप तो नज़दीक से, नज़दीकतर आते गए
पहले दिल, फिर दिलरुबा, फिर दिल के महमां हो गए

प्यार जब हद से बढ़ा, सारे तकल्लुफ़ मिट गए
आप से फिर तुम हुए, फिर तू का उनवां हो गए


I referred to and came to know that the first she’r of the ghazal is credited to an unknown shaayar. So, who got inspiration from whom is difficult to guess. The link:


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