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Haay mori daiyya jiyaa ghabraaye

Posted on: March 30, 2011

In Hindi movies, mujra songs are quite common, especially in Hindi movies of 1950s to 1970s. When one looks at the lyrics of these mujra songs, one finds that the lady, who is supposedly from the poorer and lesser educated section of society, uses quite sophisticated and high sounding words and highly evolved thoughts in her mujra songs.

Here is a mujra song that comes as a breath of fresh air. Here the mujre waali acts, behaves and sings in a earthy and realistic way. The song does not contain high thoughts, but easy to understand earthy witticisms and day to day observations.

This mujra from “Aage Badho” (1947) must go down as one of the cutest mujra picturisations in Hindi movies. This song is sung by Manik Verma (I have never heard of her before). Amar Verma is the lyricist (and I have never heard of him outside this movie) and his lyrics take the cake as far as this song is concerned.

Sudhir Phadke is the music director.

Can someone help identify the lady who plays the mujrewaali. She does a great job in this song.



Song-Haay mori daiyya jiyaa ghabraaye(Aage Badho) (1947) Singer-Manik Verma, Lyrics-Amar Verma, MD-Sudhir Phadke


nainaa raseele
nainaa raseele
aa haa
main albeli naar
saath baras ke balmaa
subhaan allah
subhaan allah
aise hogaa paat
haay mori daiyya
haay mori daiyya
jiyaa ghabraaye re
haay mori daiyya
jiyaa ghabraaye
karejwaa tadap tadap rahi jaaye
tadap rahi jaaye
jiya ghabraaye re
haay more daiyya
jiyaa ghabraaye
kamariya lachak lachak rahi gaye
lachak rahi gaye
lachak rahi gaye
chunariya chamak chamak rahi jaaye
chamak rahi jaaye
jiya ghabraaye re
haay mori daiyya
haay mori daiyya
jiyaa ghabraaye

jaade ki raat mein nindiyaa na aaye
haay nindiyaa na aaye
more baalam ko khaansi sataaye
haay khaansi sataaye
kahin unki kamar dukhi jaaye
haay kamar dukhi jaaye
hoy kamar dukhi jaaye re
haay mori daiyya
haay mori daiyya
jiyaa ghabraaye re

aa aa aa
khidki ke saamne
paan ki dukaan hai
paan ki dukaan hai
paan waale chhailaa se
meri pehchaan hai
meri pehchaan hai
haan pehchaan hai
haan pehchaan hai
mangal ki raat chali jaaungi saath
chali jaaungi saath
chaahe boodhha ro ro ke mar jaaye
haay ro ro ke mar jaaye
hoy ro ro ke mar jaaye re
haay mori daiyya
haay mori daiyya jiya ghabraaye re
haay mori daiyya jiya ghabraaye

11 Responses to "Haay mori daiyya jiyaa ghabraaye"

Many thanks for posting this wonderful gem, and thanks to the vintagemelodies for putting it up on Youtube. As to the rarity of Manik Verma, she was hardly into playback singing, but she was a well known classical singer whose several records were available.


Manik Verma (nee Manik Dadarkar) is a very popular Marathi singer who specialised in Natya-Geet and Bhav-Geet varieties.Amar Varma was her husband.Manik Verma’s 3 daughters are popular TV,Film and Drama Artists.
Singer Rani Verma is her daughter.Vandana Gupte and Bharati Achrekar are the other daughters.Bharati Achrekar acted in many Hindi films and popular TV serials.
Though Manik Verma sang in Marathi films,her contribution to Hindi films is negligible.


Thanks for these valuable nuggets of information.


Some problem with VDO.


Now I have provided an alternative link.


Atul ji,
Thanks for providing another link.
The dancer/mujrewali actress is KUSUM DESHPANDE.She was with Prabhat film co. in the 30s and 40s.Starting with Gangavataran,she featured in over 35 Hindi/Marathi films,from 1937 onwards.She has some songs also on her name.


Thanks for this invaluable information.


Please note that Kusum Deshpande Ji played the (evil) stepmother of the heroine Khursheed Ji in the film, as the second wife of Vasant Thengdi Ji. This dancer is lesser known and not Kusum.


Arun ji,

The dancer in this song is not Kusum Deshpande. As per the credits of this movie, Kusum Deshpande is specifically identified as playing the role of Jamuna, the step mother of Khursheed in the movie.

Please check, I have posted a detailed note on the movie Aage Badho as comment to the song “Jhoom Rahaa Hai Mera Man”.

The other names that appear in the credit are – Karmarkar, Taanibai, Baby Koreena, Maajrekar, Taamhankar, Vasant Parajape and Madhukar Apte. It is possible that the dancer in this song is Taanibai, but I cannot state that for sure.



Thanks for correction,however,she does look like Kusum.For movies so old,it is really very difficult to identify the less known artists.Either you have to rely on your memory of having seen them in same or other movies to place them correctly or take the help of documented information.I have seen Kusum Deshpande in few Marathi old films and my information was based on the similarity.
But,afterall,she may not be Kusum.


The singer of the song is Chanchala not Manik Verna.


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