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Tumhi kaho mera man kyun rahe udaas nahin

Posted on: April 25, 2011

My readers may have noticed my absence from the blog for the last few days. The reason was I was travelling for much of the time in the last few days and I was unable to get hold of internet. At the end of all this journey, now I have ended up at a place where things that I took for granted are a luxury. Electricity itself comes and goes quite frequently here and the less said about internet connectivity, the better. Wireless modem, which works in small towns elsewhere does not work here. Still, I have managed to rig myself an internet connection. The catch is, it works only if there is electicity. I will try and get myself active on the blog again, electicity permitting.

Working under such conditions makes me realise that things that many of us take for granted (Electricity, internet etc) are still luxury in some places in the country.

Under normal blogging conditions, posting 6 to 7 songs a day was a breeze, but now I will be lucky to be able to post more that one or two songs a day. Still, I will try and post the best I can for the one week that I will be here after which I hope to go back to my usual place.

Here is the first song disussed by me in what seems to be ages. Yes, it is the first song that I am discussing after five days, which is a lifetime for this blog, because I can discuss about thirty odd songs in these five days.

Well, here is this song from a rare movie called “Girls’ School” (1949). This movie had Shashikala, Sajjan, Geeta Bali, Sohan etc in it.

This song is sung by Lata. Only the audio of this song is available so I am unable to tell about the picturisation of this song. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light of this song, which is as obscure as the movie itself.

Pradeep is the lyricist and music is composed by Anil Biswas.

Song-Tumhi kaho mera man kyun rahe udaas (Girls’ school) (1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-Anil Biswas


tumhi kaho
o o o
o o o
tumhi kaho meraa man
kyun rahe udaas nahin
tumhi kaho meraa man
kyun rahe udaas nahin
tum mere paas bhi ho
phir bhi mere paas nahin
tum mere paas bhi ho
phir bhi mere paas nahin
tumhi kaho meraa man
kyun rahe udaas nahin
tumhi kaho

chaandi ki doliyon mein baith ke
nikli hain taaron ki toliyaan
chandaa se khel rahin hain wo
tim tim tim aankh michauliyaan
aankh michauliyaan
machaa hai raas wahaan
aur main udaas yahaan
mere dil mein hai andheraa haaye
koi ujaas nahin
tum mere paas bhi ho
phir bhi mere paas nahin
tumhi kaho meraa man
kyun rahe udaas nahin
tumhi kaho

tumhaare qadmon pe apni
duniyaa lutaane aayi hoon main raajaa
tumhaare dar pe khadi hai meri muhabbat
ho ho ho
tumhaare dar pe khadi hai meri muhabbat,
kholo darwaazaa
kholo darwaazaa
mere sapnon ke sahaare
tum ko meri preet pukaare
binaa tumhaare mere jeewan mein koi mithaas nahin
tum mere paas bhi ho
phir bhi mere paas nahin
tumhi kaho meraa man
kyun rahe udaas nahin
tumhi kaho

7 Responses to "Tumhi kaho mera man kyun rahe udaas nahin"

Atul ji,
The film ‘Girls’ School’ was produced by Lokmanya Productions and was Directed by the great Amiya Chakravarti.
This film was having 2 Music directors,namely,Anil Bishwas and C.Ramchandra.
The song ‘Danke ki chot par’ had music by C.Ramchandra and was sung by Shamshad Begum and Chitalkar(C.Ramchandra).
The story revolved around Meena(Geeta Bali),the Head Mistress of the school and how she manages the affairs of the school.
It was a very ordinary movie and was not quite popular against the more popular Dillagi,Ek thi Ladki and other famous films of 1949.


Thanks for these useful information.


Atul ji,

I will be visiting one such place shortly where internet and electricity are not guaranteed–I thought it was always like that in India anyway.
Oh well, that means I won’t be visiting your blog for some time.


Yes, experiences like this bring us back to reality.


Kavi Pradeep was not only the Lyricist in the movie,he was Producer of the movie also.



One of the outstanding compositions of Anil Biswas; So beautifully rendered by Lata.


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