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Aasmaan waale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa

Posted on: May 28, 2011

I was under the impression that I had already discussed this song. But it turns out that I was wrong.

This song is from “Laila Majnu” (1953). It is a duet song sung by Lata and Talat Mehmood. It is picturised on Nutan and Shammi Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor lip syncing for Talat Mehmood. Yes indeed. This song is from the days when Shammi Kapoor was still finding his feet in Hindi movies. In those days, Talat Mehmood was in fact the leading male playback singer ahead of Rafi.

This song is written by Shakeel Badayuni. Ghulam Mohammad is the music director.



song-Aasmaan waale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa (Laila Majnu) (1953) Singers-Lata, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


aaa aaaa aaaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa
chaar din kii chaandnii men gham kaa baadal chhaa gayaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa

aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa
jal gayaa dil soz-e-gham se, jab koi yaad aa gayaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa

aag mein phoolon kii duniyaa ne meraa tan rakh diyaa
aag mein phoolon kii duniyaa ne meraa tan rakh diyaa
ek murde ko sajaakar naam dulhan rakh diyaa
bol maalik ye tamaashaa tujhse kyun dekhaa gayaa
aasmaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa

kis qadar naashaad hoon barbaad hoon veeraan hoon
kis qadar naashaad hoon barbaad hoon veeraan hoon
raham kar mujh par Khudaayaa
raham kar mujh par Khudaayaa, main bhi ek insaan hoon
maut hii de de ke ab, shikavaa zubaan par aa gayaa
aasamaanwaale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa

13 Responses to "Aasmaan waale teri duniyaa se jee ghabraa gayaa"

Atul, thanks for taking us back to the good old days with this song. Thanks for all the information re lyricist and music director as well as singers and actors. Yours is a labor of love!


Dear Atul, I am a great fan of late Talat Mahmood, was lucky enough to get to know him personally in late 70’s. A fine gentleman!
Yes it is unusual to see Shammi Kapoor/Talat Mahmood, another one I can think of is ‘Aye gaame dil kya karoon’ from ‘Thokar’
Am I right in thinking he is the only playback singer to have sung for the three icons i.e. Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand?
Keep the good work going!


Thanks for your comments. As Sudhir has explained, there are at least three singers who have sung for the three big stars of 1950s. Who knows, Manna Dey too may have sung for Dilip Kumar. I vaguely seem to recall something like that. I may be badly off the mark though.


Bipin ji,

There are other singers who have given their voice to all three actors, Dilip, Dev and Raj Kapoor.

Mohammed Rafi has sung for all of them. Rafi has lent his voice for Raj Kapoor in the 1959 movie Do Ustad. Under SD Burman’s direction, Rafi has sung many songs for Dev Anand. And of course Rafi saab has sung for Dilip in many movies, e.g. “Nain Lad J’yee Hain” in Ganga Jamuna.

Kishore Da has sung for all of them too. Kishore has lent his voice for Dilip Kumar in Sagina (1974), and for Raj Kapoor in the movie Pyar (1950). And of course many songs for Dev Anand.

Manna Dey is close, in that Manna Dey has sung for Raj Kapoor, in movie Chori Chori (1956), and has also sung for Dev Anand in the movie Manzil (1960). It appears that Manna Da has not sung for Dilip Kumar; I could be wrong though.



Mukesh also has this distinction. His songs for Raj Kapur and Dilip Kumar (Andaaz, Mela) are well known. Here is his song for Dev Anand in Dr Vidya:


Thank you Sudhir Ji
It is so nice to be able to find answers to questions like this!
Kind regards


Just to add to the discussion, I happened to do an article on unusual singers for Raj Kapur on my blog a few months back Mukesh not the only voice of Raj Kapur. With the help of comments I have been able to locate at least six films Andaaz, Paapi, Do Ustad, Amber, Ek Dil Aur Sau Afsane and Mera Naam Joker. Interestingly, Mera Naam Joker might be the only film in which three great singers (Rafi, Mukesh and Manna Dey) gave voices for the same hero.


AK ji,

There are many instances of three singers singing for one actor in the same movie. I can recall three instances off hand, and are all under the baton of SD Burman.

a. Talat, Kishore and Jagmohan Bakshi singing for Dev Anand in Taxi Driver (1954)

b. Rafi, Manna Dey and Hemant Kumar singing for Dev Anand in Manzil (1960)

c. Rafi, Kishore and Manhar Udhas singing for Amitabh in Abhimaan

SD Burman has been a wonderful experimentalist in this regards, as he would often bring in different voices to suit the mood, the pitch and the depth of the song situation. If one looks into his association with Dev Anand’s movies, he probably has the most Rafi songs for Dev.

It is astonishing but true that there are a handful of songs that Rafi has sung for Kishore Kumar. And this is in the 1950s, when Kishore Kumar mostly sang for himself. Remember the inspired semi classical ‘Man Mora Baawra’ in the movie Raagini (1958) composed by OP Nayyar saab. Other examples that come readily to mind are – from movies Shararat (1959) – Shankar Jaikishan, Bhagam Bhag (1956) – OP Nayyar, Pyaar Deewaana (1972) – Lala Asar Sattar etc.

With more research, I am sure we can dig up many such curious combinations.



Great information as usual from you.


Oh! forgot to add in the end of the second sentence (about the six films) ‘for which Rafi sang for Raj Kapur’.


For Shammi kapoor in the Movie “Bluff Master”(under Kalynaji Anandji`s music direction)3 Male playback singers`s voice has been used:(plus one female singer)

a)Mohammed Rafi:”Govinda alaare aala , zara matki sambhal”
b)Mukesh:”Socha tha pyar hum na karenge”
c)Hemant kumar:”Ai dil, ab kahin le jaa, na kisika main, na koi mera”

d)Shamshad begum`s voice also used for Shammi kapoor in this film for a qawwali song(for Shammi Kapoor in a drag):”Oye chali chali kaisi hawa ye chali, ki bhanwre pe marne lagi hai kali”


Prakash ji,

This one would really be a record. 😀 😀

I am sure this would be the unique example of multiple singers in the same movie.



Indeed, this record is unbeatable. An actor singing in four voices, and one of these voices by a singer of the other gender- it has to be an unbeatable record.


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