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Ishq mujhko nahin vehshat hi sahi

Posted on: June 3, 2011

I have discussed as many as eight songs from “Mirza Ghalib”(1954) in this blog. Here is the ninth one.

This ghazal is sung by Talat Mehmood and it is picturised on Bharat Bhushan who plays the title role of Mirza Ghalib in this movie. The picturisation shows him singing this song in a private mushaayra, where Suraiyya, working as a maid servant is also present.

Ghalib is the lyricist of this song. Music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

nahm has provided the lyrics of this ghjazal.

Song-Ishq mujh ko nahin vehshat hi sahi (Mirza Ghalib) (1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Ghalib, MD-Ghulam Mohammad

Lyrics (Provided by nahm)

ishq mujh ko nahin vehshat hi sahi
meri vehshat teri shohrat hi sahi

qata’a kijye na ta’alluq ham se
kuch nahin hai to adaawat hi sahi

mere hone mein hai kya ruswaayi ?
aye wo majlis nahin khilwat hi sahi

ham bhi dushman to nahin hain apne
ham bhi dushman to nahin hain apne
ghair ko tujh se mohabbat hi sahi

ham koyi tark-e-wafa karte hain?
na sahi ishq museebat hi sahi

ham bhi tasleem ki khu daalenge
benayaazi teri aadat hi sahi

yaar se chhed chali jaaye ‘asad’
gar nahin wasl to hasrat hi sahi

3 Responses to "Ishq mujhko nahin vehshat hi sahi"

Atul ji/Nahm ji
In my humble opinion the following ammendments to the lyrics are appropriate;
line 6: not khilwat,but khalwat(means retirement or solitude)

line 12 : not tasleem ki but it should be tasleem ko

line 13 : not benayaazi but it should be beniyaazi (non dedication)




line 6 : The word is ‘khilwat ‘ and pronounced as khilwat, by talat.

line 12 : Referred to the ghazal again. I have “Deewan-e-Ghalib” in PDF format. It is ‘ tasleem ki ‘ .

line 13 : you are right about this that the word should be “beniyaazi” . I had typed it as such, but changed after hearing the pronounce as ‘benayaazi’ again and again.

Sir, i must say that u could be right about certain words from puritanical point of view. My exposure to refined urdu pronounciations has been inconsistent over the years. The beauty of the language is the pronounciations and the diction is different from person to person. At least ” Phir mujhe deeda-e-tar” is having different versions by Begum Akhtar and Lata Mangeshkar. I will listen to them now which are available on yourtube.

Here i will share a small clip from “Mirza ghalib” which is a recitation of “Zafar”s ghazal, by Rafi.



Nahm ji,
You are right in a way,because,nowadays the purest form of ANY language is almost non-existant.
Particularly,in entertainment fields,which are(from ancient times) for the masses, the words’ colloquial pronunciations are used frequently to make it understood and accepted.Thus,the differences like what I suggested might occur.
In this case,I remember my primary education in Urdu(in the early 40s),wherein the honourable teacher used to beat us to give us the most accurate pronunciation-and there was no appeal !
Whenever I am in doubt (these occasions are frequent nowadays-due to Atul’s Blog and my interaction with Urdu experts being NIL these days),I refer to ‘The popular Urdu-English dictionary’ written by Rev.T.Craven,M.A.,and published in Lucknow in 1889.Obviously,lot of water has flown since,in the interpretation of words,pronunciations and meanings.This is bound to happen.
Normally,I avoid entering into any Lyric correction,but…….
I feel deighted to read your explanations and justifications.Thanks !
Lagey raho !!


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