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Kahin chalo ke din hain bahaar ke

Posted on: June 27, 2011

O P Nayyar style of music was quite popular and influential in late 1950s. Not just O P Nayyar, even other established music directors often created songs that sounded so similar to O P Nayyar music.

Here is a song that sounds so much like an O P Nayyar. This racy song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mahendra Kapoor. Majrooh SUltanpuri is the lyricist. The music director is, believe it or not, Ghulam Mohammad, who in public mind is typedcast as a creator of ghazals and mujra kind of songs.

This song is from a movie called “Do Gunde” (1959) which was a B grade movie starring Raj Kumar,Kumkum,Ajit,Pran etc.

The song is picturised on Kumkum and a gentleman who appears familar but he is not the Raj Kumar of Hindi movies. Could he be some other Raj Kumar, or may be some other actor? I request our knowledgeable readers ho help identify him.
PS-It is Subbiraj. I thank our experts Prakashchandra and Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh for identifying him.

Song-Kahin chalo ke din hain bahaar ke (Do Gunde) (1959) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


ahahaha hahaha
ahahaha hahahahaha

kahin chalo ke din hain bahaar ke
aha aha
aha aha
o dilwaalon
zamaane hain ye pyaar ke
oho oho
oho oho

dekho kyaa bahaar hai
dekho kyaa bahaar hai
hamen tumse pyaar hai
hamen tumse pyaar hai
raste naye hain raahen naye hain
armaan hain jawaan jawaan
chalo saathi mere
manzil se parey
piya mausam ye phir kahaan
ho matwaalon chalo bhi dil haar ke
oho oho
oho oho

huaa dil ka saamnaa
o o o
aji mujh ko thhamnaa
o o o
huaa dil ka saamnaa
o o o
behki ye chaal
mujhko sambhaal
dekho jhoomen nashe mein ham
dagmag hai zameen
chalte hain kahin
padte hain kahin qadam
yoon hi dolo
ke din hain khumaar ke
aha aha
aha aha

chehron pe rang hai
chehron pe rang hai
dil mein tarang hai
dil mein tarang hai
saawan ka rang
reh jaaye dang
jab aanchal tera udey
masti mein bhari
udi zulfen meri
jaise kaali ghataa udey
ho zulfen kholon
ghataaon ko pukaar ke
oho oho
oho oho
zulfon kholo ghataaon ko pukaar ke
oho oho
oho oho
kahin chalo
ho kahin chalo ke din hain bahaar ke
aha aha
aha aha

7 Responses to "Kahin chalo ke din hain bahaar ke"

Atul ji,

I too believe, that this actor is not the Raj Kumar of Hindi movies, but is another actor, most probably from the South. I had the same reservations for the film, Sautela Bhai, where in there is an actor named Raj Kumar, younger brother of Guru Dutt on screen. (Please see the song ‘Ja mein to se naahin boloon’ posted earlier on this blog). Once again, he is not the Raj Kumar of Hindi movies that we know. I believe that this person in the two movies (Do Gunde, Sautela Bhai) is one and the same person.
There is another Telegu actor identified for the same era with the same name Raj Kumar, but the Wiki article on this personality categorically negates that he ever worked in movies other than Telegu movies.

This continues to be a mystery and will need some more digging to find the correct facts.



He looks like actor SUBIRAAJ(husband of Late Baby Naaz and a relative of famous raj kapoor family)I don`t know about Raajkumar, But he looks like Subiraj, whether he has another name as Raaj kumar.

He was there in 1961 “Bada Aadmi” alongwith Vijaya chaudhary singing on screen famous Rafi song “Akhiyan sang akhiyaan laagi”


Atul ji,
DO GUNDE was a Minerva Movietone picture produced by Sohrab Modi and Directed by V.M.Vyas.
Actor Raaj kumar did act in this movie,but the actor in the video is SUBBIRAJ(correctly identified by Prakashchandra ji).This subbiraj later acted in many films in character roles.
This movie’s cast included Ajit,Kumkum,Jayashree Gadkar,Pran,Raaj kumar,Subbiraj,Daisy Irani,TunTunetc.
The story of Do Gunde was that these are 2 good gundas in the village helping poor and fighting the ills of village Saavkar-Lala(Pran).Hari(Raaj kumar) dies and Sawan(Ajit) takes the resposibility of his wife(Gadkari) and daughter(Kum kum).Kumkum falls in love with Subbiraj-the son of Lala and the story continues on predictable lines,except that Lala asks for Ajit’s leg to compensate for his loss of leg in return for Subbi-Kumkum’s marriage.
If one sees the list of films done by Raaj kumar,one will find Sautela Bhai as well as Do Gunde in it.
In Sautela Bhai’s postings earlier,I have explained about the Southern Rajkumar.


Prakash ji,

Thanks for correctly identifying the actor in this song, and I do take back my comments regarding Raj Kumar in this movie. Yes it is Subbiraj in this song, and the senior players are Ajit and Rajkumar.

Arun ji,
I may also be carrying a wrong opinion about the movie Sautela Bhai. Please view the song “Jaa main tose naahin boloon” on this blog. The person sitting in the middle of the menfolk watching the mujra is the younger brother to Guru Dutt in the movie. He is wearing glasses, and a white kurta. Unless I am seriuously mistaken, he does not look like the Raj Kumar of Hindi movies, as I remember him. I could be wrong.



Sudhir ji,
As per your suggestion,I watched the said song again and again,but still I could not make up my mind.
Possibly he IS Raajkumar,because in the movie,to start with he is shown a straight boy who later on gets spoiled due to wrong friends.
We have to also consider that it was a movie in the initial phase of RK’s career,hence the look may be different than what it later became in 70s and 80s.


hullo Deshmukhji, Sudhirji & Prakashchandraji
the person in this song is indeed Subbiraj (that smile gives him away)


subbi rajkapoor…rajkapoor’s cousin


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