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Duniya banaane waale ne

Posted on: July 14, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

When a cricketer hits a fast paced century (in any form of the game), that is stuff for headlines. Newspapers will carry that item on front page. (Btw fastest century record is held by Shahid Afridi, scoring an ODI century in 37 balls; for test cricket Vivian Richards with a century in 56 balls.)

We have stuff for a similar headline news on this blog. We have a new record for the fastest century of songs. Welcome to the 4200th offering of what is increasingly becoming a misnomer, Song-A-Day blog. With an average of over 7 songs posted per day, the musical journey from 4101 to 4200 has been covered in 14 days flat. This beats the previous record of 16 days. Congratulations ALL. 😀

For this milestone song, I am today writing about Sajjan, the well known character actor in Hindi cinema, who has spent a better part of 6 decades performing on the silver screen. And a special on screen performance of a solo song, done superbly.

The name Sajjan evokes images in the mind of the supporting actor who has played many a positive and negative roles on the Hindi film screen. He started out in films as a contemporary of Prithvi Raj Kapoor in the 1940s, and one can trace his filmography right up to 1996. In a career that spans almost six decades, one remembers him from many movies, although almost always playing unobtrusive roles. In his earlier years, he played the lead character in some movies, but then quickly transitioned into supporting and character roles. He never allowed himself to become a stereotype, and played a mix of positive, negative, young, aged, sad, comic, villain, all kinds of roles in the screen. And that, I believe is due to the consummate actor in him. I have seen him play act on stage, a rare and a truly unique theatrical performance. (I will come to that.)

Sajjan is first and foremost a theatre artist, and that is where he started before coming to films. He is a contemporary of Prithvi Raj Kapoor, and was associated with him as an assistant director in the Prithvi Theaters. If one watches his performance closely in the character roles in cinema, one can get a glimpse of the acting genius in him. The performance that I refer to, took place in 1998 at the India International Center in Delhi, and I must say I have been most fortunate to be present on the occasion. It was not a play or a performance, but a book release function. A book that had been in the making for 30 years. The title of the book is Rasa Bhaava Darshan, and it is a compilation of 200 plus black and white photo graphs in which Sajjan has presented the eight Rasa’s and 49 Bhaava’s, based purely on facial expressions. It is truly a remarkable book, and a remarkable achievement. Sajjan, working with the famous photographer, Mr OP Sharma, spent almost three decades to research each element of the rasa’s and bhaava’s, enact it, capture still black and white photos, then review them and do re takes, till each rasa and each bhaava is perfectly presented.

This remarkable book is based on the ancient Indian text, ‘Naatya Shaastra’, by Bharat Muni. In this text, Bharat Muni has described each of the rasa and bhaav in great detail. Sajjan spent a lots of time researching each rasa and bhaav. He referred many other texts, and visited many ancient temples in India and Nepal, to study the various statues related to the rasa’s and bhaav’s, to get a deeper understanding for depicting them to perfection. The book, published by Clarion Books, is a very prized possession, and the original hardcover edition is now selling for a premium of a few thousand rupees.

The bonus item of the evening was the actual on stage rendition of the rasa’s and bhaava’s by Sajjan. I have no words to describe the superlative experience. Sajjan used just the first four letters of the English alphabet, ‘ABCD’. He spoke them out, just these four letter, repeatedly, but differently, for each of the eight rasa’s and each of the forty nine bhava’s depicted in the book. He was an old man by that time. He had a white scarf covering his head, and a well trimmed white beard. He was wearing a loose fitting white kaftaan and looked every inch like a sufi saint. The performance lasted barely half an hour or thereabout, but oh what an experience it was.

This song from the 1966 film Tasweer, is once again one of those prized remembrances from my early years, and I had no other information about it, having just heard it on the radio. I have the audio of this song, but was searching for the video clip, not knowing what to look for. I finally discovered it last week on YouTube, recently posted. That is time I found out about the movie, Tasweer, and then searching on the web, also found a detailed description of the movie on Memsaab’s blog. (Please see Review of Tasweer-1966 at Memsaab’s blog).

The song is actually a very simple poem, a nazm, that is simply presented without too much of instrumental accompaniment. The bearded person in blue shirt who is rendering this poem on screen is Sajjan. The situation is a party, with a lot of guests for whom Sajjan is performing. Other folks one can identify in the clip are Feroze Khan, and Raj Mehra. In the movie, Sajjan and Feroze Khan are childhood friends, who, unknown to each other thus far in the movie, desire the same lady, Kalpana. At the end of the clip, one sees Kalpana join the gathering, accompanied by Indira Bansal (one her left), and another lady on her right that I cannot identify.

The lyrics are by DN Madhok, and the composition is set by C Ramchandra. The poem is so softly sung by Mahendra Kapoor. The beauty of this scene is the presentation of the poem by Sajjan. In a very theatrical manner, he is interpreting and presenting each and every line of the poem. The manner in which he uses his cap to represent the moon and its phases, is just superb. I was truly amazed on seeing this performance, and that is when I remembered his on stage performance at the book launch ceremony.

It is such a treat to watch. Enjoy this unique performance by Sajjan.



Song-Duniyaa banaane waale ne (Tasweer) (1966) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-C Ramchandra


duniya banaane waale ne
duniya banaane waale ne
jab chaand banayaa
aur paani mein ek raat padi
uski jo chhaaya
ek baawraa panchhi
ye pukaar uttha ke haaye re
ye noor ke saanche mein dhalaa
kaun nahaaye
ek raat ke chaand jaa ke
baadlon mein chhup gayaa
roney lagaa chakor ke
haaye ye kyaa hua

phir shokhiyon ne chaand ke
wo kaan bhar diye
de be-falak guroor mein
ghatnaa shuru kiya
ik raat aisi aayee
ke gaayab wo ho gaye
fitney jagaa ke aap kahin
jaa ke so gaye
us raat
sanam kehke hain
jo royaa hai chakoraa
arsh e bari pe sotey
khudaa ko jagaa diyaa

reham aa gayaa rahim ko
aur us ne pukaaraa
arrey jaa mere parindey
teri bigdi ko sanwaaraa
ye ishq hai khotta
tu zamin par wo arsh par
rota rahega vasl ki
ghadiyon ko umr bhar
jaa teri dhadkanon ne hamen
hamen mom kiyaa hai
hum ne zameen ka chaand
hum na zameen ka chaand
tujhe bhej diyaa hai
tujhe bhej diyaa hai

4 Responses to "Duniya banaane waale ne"

Waah, waah!!! What a fantastic write-up, Sudhirji!

And a lovely tribute to Sajjan too. He is one of those actors who, in my opinion, never got due credit inspite of his excellent acting over a very long career. I am always happy to see him in a movie. The other day I watched Paying Guest and I was happy to see him there, though in a small role. I remember him well from April Fool (saw it recently) and especially from Bees Saal Baad (in that “langda” role). Thanks for giving him some exposure in the world of today, a world that very easily forget such actors if it at all even knows them in the first place.

And congrats to you, Atul, for his 4200th. This was indeed a whirlwind hundred, in keeping with T20 times. 😉 This is like you and Sudhirji batting in the Powerplay. 😉 Looking forward to the 4300th.


Who knows, now I may be forced to take strategy break. After that wickets tend to fall, as we all know from IPL experience.:)


hahaha thats a good rejoinder
congrats for this fastest 100
actually i had made up my mind to post congrats messages for all the 1000s only as we seem to be attaining our 100s very fast.
but this is special so congrats once again


Atul sir,Sudhir sir,
Congratulations on this new landmark which seems to be a regular feature now.
I dont think there can be any other blog on Internet which has such a large collection of songs and such a devoted lineup of contributors.
By the way,Mr.Arunkumar Deshmukh is missing since many days on this blog.I really loved his information capsules full of interesting unheard anecdotes.


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