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Meri duniya mein tum aayin…Tan ki chaandi man ka sonaa

Posted on: July 14, 2011

14th july is Madan Mohan’s death anniversary. When I searched for a few Madan Mohan songs to be discussed on this occassion, I came across some unbelievable gems and I was left wondering how I have missed out on these gems all these days. I regard myself as some sort of a research scholar on Madan Mohan can be caught unawares like this, then just imagine what undiscovered Madan Mohan gems still lie ahead of us, waiting to be discovered. We have covered about 27 % of all Madan Mohan songs, and the remaining songs contain many wonderful songs as I discovered. In fact, I decided to hold some Madan Mohan songs back for some other occasions too, that is how fantastic I found those songs to be.

The Madan Mohan song being discussed now is no less fantastic. This song is from “Heer Ranjha” (1970) and I thought that I had discussed all songs from this movie. I was of course wrong.

When I listened to (and watched) this song, I was spellbound. I wondered how I had forgotten this song all these days. It has to be one of the most memorable romantic songs that Madan Mohan has created and Rafi and Lata have figured in. And I feel that it is Kaifi Azmi’s lyrics that deserves most of the credit. What imagination and what penmanship !

Here is this awesome song from “Heer Ranjha” (1970) that one keep listening on and on.



Song-Meri duniya mein tum aayin…Tan ki chaandi man ka sonaa (Heer Ranjhaa) (1970) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan


meri duniya mein tum aayin
kyaa kyaa apne saath liye
tan ki chaandi
man ka sonaa
sapnon waali raat liye
meri duniyaa mein tum aayin

tanha tanha
khoya khoya
dil mein dil ki baat liye
kab se yoon hi phhirta thha main
armaan ki baaraat liye
meri duniyaa mein tum aayin

dhhalka aanchal
phailaa kaajal
aankhon mein ye raat liye
kaise jaaun sapnon mein ab
teri ye saugaat liye
dhhalka aanchal
phailaa kaajal

seene ki ye dhadkan
sun le na koi
haay haay haay
dekhe na koi
na jaao
na jaao
hato hato dar lagta hai
suno suno
dar lagtaa hai
dil mein kitni kaliyaan mehkin
kaise kaise phool khhile
naazuz naazuk meethhe meethe
honthhon ki khairaat liye
meri duniyaa mein tum aayin

paayal chhanke
kangna khanke
badli jaaye chaal meri
manzil manzil chalna hogaa
haathhon mein ab haathh liye
meri duniya mein tum aayin
kyaa kyaa apne saath liye
tan ki chaandi
man ka sonaa
sapnon waali raat liye
meri duniyaa mein tum aayin

5 Responses to "Meri duniya mein tum aayin…Tan ki chaandi man ka sonaa"

I remember somewhere reading the whole dialogue pattern of this movie has been written in some verses of 2 lines or a set pattern of dialogues.I can`t describe or recall the name of that pattern. I don`t have enough knowledge about this thing.

Perhaps,Arunji will help us in finding out about this, By the way,where is he ?Bahut din huye, Kidhar hai aap Arunji



Prakash ji,
Sorry for late reply.
Yes,the dialogues of this film were said like verses.


No problem Sir
Its O.K.


This is such a fabulous song! A few months back I realised this had not been posted and wanted to send you a farmaish. But then I thought I would write it up myself and send it to you – never got around to doing it.
And then, it slipped my mind during my search for a 1000th Rafi saab song otherwise this would have been it! Anyway am very glad it is here now.

I absolutely love this song. Like you say, Kaifi Azmi’s lyrics are superb. The words are so beautifully woven together to form this beautiful expression of love between the two. And Madan Mohan keeps the music very soft so as to allow the lyrics to take centerstage and to let Rafi saab and Lata’s voices come out even more powerfully.

Indeed a masterpiece!

P.S: Any reason why you title this “tan ki chandi” and not “meri duniya mein tum aayin”? I’ve always known this by the latter title.




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