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Ho dheere se gagri utaar

Posted on: July 16, 2011

“Zindagi Aur Ham” (1962) is a little known movie that had actors like Dinesh (?),Nalini Jaiwant,Chand Usmani,David,Mukri,Leela Mishra etc. This Parwez pictures movie was directed by Pt Anand Kumar.

This movie had music by Roshan. On the occasion of Roshan’s birthday (16 th july), here is a song from this movie. This song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Chand Usmani.Lyrics are written by Shiv Kumar. Is he the same as Shiv Kumar “saroj” who was a Radio Ceylon announced and who later wrte a few lyrics in Hindi movies ? I request our knowledgeable readers to help confirm/refute this fact. Till then, I will assume that he is the same person.

Here is this delightful song from “Zindagi and Ham” (1962) which is a forgotten gem.


Song-Ho dheere se gagri utaar (Zindagi aur Ham) (1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shiv Kumar, MD-Roshan


ho dheere se gagri utaar re
meraa dhul dhul jaaye singaar
ho dheere se gagri utaar re
meraa dhul dhul jaaye singaar
ho dheere se gagri utaar

chhal chhal chhalke meri gagariyaa
nainan barse dhaar re
chhal chhal chhalke meri gagariyaa
nainan barse dhaar re
jyun jyun bheege re meri bheeni chunariyaa
tyun tyun baadhe bhaar re
meraa dhul dhul jaaye singaar
ho dheere se gagri utaar

ban mein boli kaali koyaliyaa
man mein machi hai pukaar
ho o
tan mein lagi re mere birhaa ki agiyaa
jal gayaa sab gulzaar re
meraa dhul dhul jaaye singaar
ho dheere se gagri utaar

parbat pe mere pi ki nagariyaa
naihar nadiyaa paar re
parbat pe mere pi ki nagariyaa
naihar nadiyaa paar re
praanon se bhaari mere sir ki gagariyaa
jaanaa hai kos hazaar re
meraa dhul dhul jaaye singaar
ho dheere se gagri utaar

6 Responses to "Ho dheere se gagri utaar"

Atul ji,
Yes he is the same Hari Vallabh SHIVKUMAR’SAROJ’, of radio Ceylon.
he reminds us of other great Hindi announcers like,Vijay Kishore Dubey-Gopal Sharma-Vijayalaxmi-Manohar Mahajan-Sunil Dutt and Jyoti Parmar.
Shivkumar saoj wrote lyrics for many non filmi geets sung by Mukesh and also for films like,Punarmilan-Pyas-College girl-siskiyan-Akeli Ladki-Beabroo-Anjaam-Badnaam Rishtey-Pasand apni apni etc.


This is my great favourite. Thanks for refreshing my memory. If you notice carefully the opening of this song bears uncanny similarity to Bhigi palke utha meri jaan gham na kar the Rafi-Lata duet from Do Gunde composed by Ghulam Mohammad. Mr Deshmukh can throw light whether this was just an inspired coincidence, or did Roshan assist Ghulam Mohammad?


AK ji,
Sometime back,I remember,I had written a lengthy post in this blog in reply to your similar comment about plagiarism and why some songs of Naushad sound similar to his own older songs.
In short,I can only say that if 2 songs of either the same or different composers are made in a perticular Raaga,but if the Taal is different,then they may sound similar to a great extent.Many examples can be given.
However,in case of the above two songs,in my opinion,it is only a coincidence and neither a copy nor an ‘inspiration’.
Roshan was anything but a copymaster.
While talking of copying and lifting others’ and western tunes,almost all,if not all,composers are guilty of this some time or the other.
Examples with proofs can be given in cases of even big names like,Madan Mohan.O.P.Nayyar,S.D.Burman,R.D.Burman,Salil Chaudhary,Hemant Kumar,Kalyanji-Anandji,Shankar-Jaikishen,Laxmikant Pyarelal, C.Ramchandra and almost every Composer of today,including A.R.Rehman !
In olden days,these things were not taken as their weaknesses.In fact,once when Sajjad Hussain-in a Music Directors’ meeting-confronted Madan Mohan for copying one of his tunes,Madan Mohan replied,” yes,I did.Atleast I took your tune and not any other lesser composer’s “.
This happened because every composer had talent and there was enough space for everybody.Additionally,they were worshippers of true good music.


Thanks a lot. I accept this. But I have seen a web site which lists a large number of songs from well known music directors and the original source (from all over the world) from which they seem to have been copied. The cases he cited could not have come about by coincidence.


AK ji,

I know.You are referring to in which these things are given with proofs.Infact you can actually listen both the original and the copied one.Certainly these were copies.That is what I had said that no matter how big the Music director is,he does copy.However,you must have noticed that the site lists only about 10 older generation MDs out of about 200 odd MDs of yore.
I am not trying to defend.A copy is a copy,no matter who does is like the saying in Hindi-Pakade gaye to chori varna seena jori ( You are a thief only if you are caught ).


Yesterday i listened to both the songs, “Ho dheere se gagri utaar” and “Bhigi palke utha meri jaan gham na kar” the Rafi-Lata duet from Do Gunde composed by Ghulam Mohammad. I dot know exactly which one of them led me to the song “ghul gayaa kajraa saanjh dhale” from Chitralekha. This happens quite often when the songs are loosely based on a particular raaga.

And there are many cases of music directors using their own tunes again and again. There are following two cases of R. D. Burman re-using his own tunes.
1. ‘Rut hai milan ki saathi mere aa re (Mela) – Holi ke din dil mil jaate hain(Sholey)
2. Naghma hamaara gaaye ga yeh zamana (Rafi-Lata)(Bundalbaaz) – Saagar kinaare dil yeh pukaare (Sagar)



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