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Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa re toone laakhon raas rachaaye

Posted on: July 16, 2011

What kinds of songs does one expect in a movie titled “Truck Driver” ? From the title, one would expect the movie to be a B grade movie and the songs to be of chaalu variety. As it turns out, the movie is indeed a B grade movie which I was not even aware of. This is a 1970 movie and it had Dev Kumar and Indrani Mukherji in lead roles.

Movie is B grade, but the songs of even B grade movies of those days tended to be outstanding, as I have found out with a large number of such movies.

Prakashchandra sent me the lyrics of this song. when I heard the song, it rang a bell ! I had indeed heard this song in 1970s, but all that while remaining totally oblivious to its details. After this song ran its course, this song was forgotten for ever, as is the wont with songs of forgotten B grade movies. And I too forgot all about this song.

This song is sung by Lata. Indeewar is the lyricist and Sonik Omi, who found themselves relegated to B grade movies for much of their career are the music directors. Only the audio of this song is available, but I can guess that the song is picturised on Indrani Mukherji.

Here is this forgotten gem from a forgotten movie.

Song-Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa re toone laakhon raas rachaaye (Truck Driver) (1970) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Sonik Omi

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Kaanhaa re Kaanha
re toone laakhon raas rachaaye
phir kaahe tose aur kisi ka
pyaar naa dekhaa jaaye
Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa

sooni zindagaani
majboor hai jawaani
kaise toofaan mein laakar chhoda re
sooni zindagaani
majboor hai jawaani
kaise toofaan mein laakar chhoda re
pyaar mera loota
sansaar mera loota
toota dil toone kyun phir toda re
chhin gayee
preet meri
dekh lee
reeth teri
Shyaamaa re toone
jalte deep bujhaaye
Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa

deni thhi judaayi
to preet kyun banaayee
tooe kaisi ye ki manmaanee re
deni thhi judaai
to preet kyun banaayee
toone kaisi ye ki manmaanee re
Raadha kitna royee
hai Meera khoyee khoyee
toone naari ki peer na jaanee re
jab yehi
kaam tera
kaun le
naam tera
tu premee kaisaa
premiyon ko tadpaaye
Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa
re toone laakhon raas rachaaye
phir kaahe tose aur kisi ka
pyaar na dekhaa jaaye
Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa

2 Responses to "Kaanhaa re Kaanhaa re toone laakhon raas rachaaye"

Atul ji,
TRUCK DRIVER (1970),a Bharat chitra darshan film directed by Dharam Kumar (Capt.Sheroo,Chalen hain Sasural,Road No.303,Rustom Kaun etc),music by Sonik Omi and lyrics by,Naksh Lyallpuri,Verma Malik,Indeevar,Amar Chaturvedi and Jan nissar akhtar.
Cast was,Dev Kumar,Indrani Mukherjee,Jayashree T.,Rohit Kumar,Mohan choti etc.
The story was,Balwant(DK),a truck Driver marries Sharabati,after saving her from rape.Balwant’s sister Vidya gives tuition to the son and daughter of his Sethji.There sethji’s son Vinod falls in love with poor Vidya.Balwant gets some papers to prove that tha sethji is smuggler and anti-nationsl element.Balwant is murdered while trying to expose sethji,but Vinod finall exposes his own father and marries Vidya.
It was very funny to see the 6’2″ tall Dev kumar wooing 5’2″ Indrani Mukherji.The people in the theatre used to laugh loudly.


Atul ji,
I am tempted to tell about my contacts with Dev Kumar.
I was a part of the trainees at Glaxo in 1964 and all of us were kept in Lovely Guest House,near Rly.stn.Santacruz(e) in Bombay.
We were 2 people in a room.This hotel specialised in housing trainees and bachelors.
Dev kumar also stayed in this hotel,in our wing,during his struggling days.We were impressed with his height and personality.Soon we got friendly and he spent some of his leisure time with us,playing cards or listening to transistor radio songs.
After our training,we got postings at different locations and he gave his card to us.In the subsequent period,as is the usual manner,our contacts became less and less.I met him only once in Bombay after that in 1968.That time he was living in a flat in Andheri and was getting cinema roles in plenty.However,after that we never met again.
I have his card and our group photo to remember his good nature.


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