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Arre kaviraja kavita ke mat ab kaan marodo

Posted on: July 28, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

A most hilarious song from Navrang (1959). Lyrics are by Bharat Vyas and the composition is by C Ramchandra. The song is sung by Bharat Vyas himself.

Mahipal, the hero of this movie is a romantic poet. He is married, and has a child too; but has never been faced with the prospect to earn and provide for the family. However, that changes and he finds himself in need of money, to provide for his household. Agha is an old friend, who leads a dance troupe and earns through his shows. Mahipal often writes songs for him, without any monetary considerations. Now that Mahipal is need of money, he goes to his friend to ask for a loan. And his friend decides to give Mahipal a piece of advice instead, on how he should focus not just on being a poet, but must convert this passion into a money earning enterprise. The words are simply hilarious – it is sure to bring a laugh to your lips.

The setting is very impromptu , and so is the music. The poem is rendered simply, with just an accompaniment of rhythm on a daff and a matka. The singer is the lyricist himself. Bharat Vyas has sung this song, with a brazen enthusiasm. And Agha has given a wonderful performance as he enacts the poem in front of his friends; he appears to be surprised at himself that he performs this so well. 😀

Enjoy this funny poem from Navrang.

Song-Arre kaviraja kavita ke mat ab kaan marodo (Navrang) (1959) Singer-Bharat Vyas, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-C Ramchandra


arre kaviraja
kavita ke mat ab kaan marodo
kaviraja kavita ke mat ab kaan marodo
dhande ki kuchh baat karo kuchh paise jodo
sher shairi kaviraja na kaam aayegi
kavita ki pothi ko deemak khaa jaayegi
haan ji
bhaav chad rahe naaj ho raha mehngaa din din
bhookh maroge raat kategi taare gin gin
is liye kehtaa hoon bhaiyyaa ye sab chhodo
dhande ki kuchh baat karo kuchh paise jodo

arre chhodo kalam chalaavo mat kavita ki chaaki
ghar ki rokad dekho kitney paise baaki
arre kitna ghar mein ghee hai kitna garam masaala
kitne paapad vadi mangodi mirch masaala
kitna tel noon mirchi haldi aur dhania
kaviraja chupke se tum ban jaao baniyaa

arre paise par rach kaavya bhookh par geet banaao
arre paise par rach kaavya bhookh par geet banaao
gehoon par ho ghazal dhaan ke sher sunaao
waah jawaab nahin
non mirch par chaupaai chaawal par dohey
jugal koyeley par kavita likho so sohey

arre kam bhaade ki
kam bhaade ki kholi par likho qawwali
kam bhaade ki kholi par likho qawwali
jhan jhan karti kaho rubaai paise waali
shabdon ka janjaal bada lafda hota hai
shabdon ka janjaal bada lafda hota hai
kavi sammelan dost bada jhagda hota hai
mushaairon ke sheron par ragdaa hota hai
paise waala sher badaa tagdaa hota hai
waah wah waah waah
isi liye kehta hoon mat is se sar phodo
dhande ki kuchh baat karo kuchh paise jodo
paise jodo
waah waah
kamaal kar diyaa

3 Responses to "Arre kaviraja kavita ke mat ab kaan marodo"

I faintly remembered this song when I saw this movie in 1958 as a teenager. Your uploading of this satirical song relived my memory.

Thanks for uploading.


We often speak of joking as “making light” of something.
Humor is a powerful tool. It brings joy and happiness into our lives.
Here Bharat Vyas has humorously written with the appropriate phrases to convey purpose on a grave or dire situation.


I faintly remember one more stanza… something like “….kuch chapva do kuch halwai ko de dalo, kuch chulhe me rakh lakdhi ka kharch bachalo… Is tarah kavita rani se mukhdo modo, dhande ki kuch baat


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