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Ek thhaa gul aur ek thhi bulbul

Posted on: July 28, 2011

In Hindi movies, actors tend to sing song at just about any occasions, including when they are travelling. we have several rail songs, car songs, chariot songs etc in Hindi movies where actors, not content with travelling in silence, break into a song.

But can there be a song while riding a slow moving pony. Why not ! Here is a situation where Nanda is riding a pony and Shashi Kapoor plays Raja his guide. Not content with travelling silently, Nanda asks Shashi Kapoor to tell a story. Now, only small kids are known to ask their elders for stories. And Nanda is obviously a kid at heart, always looking for someone to tell her a story. 🙂

In such circumstances, the story teller in Hindi movie would tell his own tale, “cleverly” camouflaged as an imaginary tale. Here Shashi Kapoor starts telling a tale of a flower (gul) and a bird (bulbul), and how they fall in love and how they get separated each other. Nanda, being mentally the age of a story listening kid fails to detect that Shashi Kapoor is making passes at her. well. even pre teen kids like me could see that, but not Nanda. 😀

Here is this song from “Jab Jab Phool Khile” (1965). This song is sung superbly by Rafi. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist and music is composed by Kalyanji Aanndji.

Lyrics for this song has been provided to me by nahm.



Song-Ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul (Jab Jab Phool Khile) (1965) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul
ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul
dono chaman mein rehte thhey
hai yeh kahaani bilkul sachchi
mere nana kehte thhey
ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul

bulbul kuch aise gaati thhi
aise gaati thhi
aise gaati thhi
kaise gaati thhi
bulbul kuch aise gaati thhi
jaise tum baatienkarti ho
hmm hahaha
Wo gul aise sharmaatathha
aise sharmaata thha
aise sharmaata thha
Kaise sharmaata thha
wo gul aise sharmaataa thhaa
Jaise main ghabraajaata hun
Ha Ha ha ha
Bulbul ko maloomnahin tha
Gul aise kyunsharmaata tha
Wo kya jaane uskanaghma
Gul ke dil ko dhadkaata tha
Dil ke bhed na aatelab pe
Ye dil mein hi rehte thhe
Ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul

phir kya hua
lekin aakhir dil ki baaten
aise kitne din chupti hain
ye who kaliyaan hai jo ek din
bas kaante ban ke chubhti hain
ik din jaan liya bulbul ne
wo gul uska deewaana hai
tum ko pasand aaya ho to boloon
phir aage jo afsaana hai
bolo na
chup kyun ho gaaye

ek duje ka ho jaane par
wo dono magroor huye
un dono ke pyaar ke qisse
gulshan main mashhur huye
saath jiyenge saath marenge
wo dono yeh kehte the
ek thha gul aur ek thhi bulbul

phir kya kua
phir ek din ki baat sunaaoon
ik saiyyad chaman mein aaya
le gayaa wo bulbul ko pakad ke
aur deewaana gul murjhaaya
aur deewaana gul murjhaaya
shaayar log bayaankarte hain
aise unki judaayi ki baatien
gaate they yeh geetwo dono
saiyyan binaa nahin katati raaten
Saiyyan binaa nahin katati raaten
o o
mast bahaaron ka mausam thha
aankh se aansoo behte thhey
ek tha gul aur ek thhi bulbul

aati thi aawaaz hamesha
ye jhilmil jhilmil taaron se
jiska naam mohabbat hai wo
kab rukti hai deewaaron se
ek din aah gul-o-bulbul ki
us pinjre se jaa takraayi
toota pinjra chhuta qaidi
detaa raha saiyyad duhaayi
rok sake na usko milke
saara zamaana saarikhudaayi
gul saajan ko geet sunaane
bulbul baagh mien wapasaayi

Raja bahut achchi kahaani hai
yaad sadaa rakhna ye kahaani
chaahe jeena chaahe marna
tum bhi kisise pyar karo to
pyaar gul-o-bulbul sa karna
pyaar gul-o-bulbul sakarna
pyaar gul-o-bulbul sa karna
pyaar gul-o-bulbul sa karna

4 Responses to "Ek thhaa gul aur ek thhi bulbul"

Metaphors are commonly used throughout all types of literature,
but rarely to the extent that they are used in poetry.
Here Anand Bakshi has mastered the metaphor.
“pyar gul o(r) bulbul sa karana” here he uses a double-metaphors.
Let me give my metaphor…
the plane is like a love, once you boarded there’s no getting off.
Isn’t it?


Atul ji,

A wonderful song, and also very beautifully picturized.

A little story line to explain the situation, and why Shashi Kapoor is singing this song in metaphors. Shashi Kapoor is a houseboat owner in Srinagar, and Nanda is a tourist. This is the second time that she has come stay at Shashi Kapoor’s houseboat. Obviously, Shashi Kapoor has fallen in love with her, but of course, never expressed it, as she is a customer, and a rich lady from Bombay. In this second visit, she is accompanied by another gentleman. The name of this actor is listed as Bhalla, and he is the person traveling on the pony right behind Nanda. In a brief exchange a little earlier in the movie, this gentleman has revealed to Shashi Kapoor that he and Nanda are engaged. Shashi Kapoor is crestfallen, but still does not say anything. But when the opportunity comes with this pony trek, he tells the story of gul and bulbul in this song. He is telling of his own emotions in a camouflaged manner. And then at the end of the song, he gives another hint, when he adds
“yaad sadaa rakhna ye kahaani
chaahe jeena chaahe marna
tum bhi kisise pyar karo to
pyaar gul-o-bulbul sa karna”

It is apparent to everyone else in the group, who this song is meant for and what Shashi Kapoor is trying to convey. But not to Nanda, at least not till this point in the movie.



an amazing song..very well written by bakshi saab 🙂


Have liked this song ever since I first heard it 46 years ago! It is great to be able to hear it now whenever I please. Thank you


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