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Hawa tum dheere baho mere aate honge chitchor

Posted on: August 11, 2011

“Kangan” (1939) is a movie starring Ashok Kumar, Leela Chitnis,Mubarak, Vasant Desai (who later became a well known music director) etc.

This movie apparently had two music directors who composed a few songs each. They were Ramchandra Pal and Saraswati Devi. In the past, I have discussed one song from this movie which was composed by Ramchandra Pal.

Here is another song from “Kangan” (1939). This song is composed by Saraswati Devi. The song is sung by Leela Chitnis herself, as was the practice those days. Pradeep is the lyricist.

For those who are used to watching Leela Chitnis in matronly roles, it makes for a refreshing change to realise that she too was young once upon a time and that she used to sing her own songs those days. This song is a nice walk down memory lane to the era of late 1930s, when actors used to sing their own songs.



Song-Hawaa tum dheere baho mere aate honge chitchor (Kangan) (1939) Singer-Leela Chitnis,Lyrics-Pradeep,MD-Saraswati Devi


hmm hmm hmm
hawaa tum dheere baho, mere aate honge chitchor
hawaa tum dheere baho, mere aate honge chitchor
hawaa tum dheere baho, mere aate honge chitchor
hawaa tum dheere baho

chhoti si mere dil ki talaiyaa
dagmag doley preet ki naiyaa
chhoti si mere dil ki talaiyaa
dagmag doley preet ki naiyaa
o purawaiyaa dayaa karo
mere hiyaa mein uthat hilore
hawaa tum dheere baho, mere aate honge chitchor
hawaa tum dheere baho, mere aate honge chitchor

3 Responses to "Hawa tum dheere baho mere aate honge chitchor"

Atul ji,
LEELA CHITNIS(9-9-1909 to14-7-2003) was a remarkable actress in more than one way.
Born into a scholar family,at Dharwad in Karnataka,she married Dr.G.Y.Chitnis,a double Ph.D from Germany when she was just 15 years old.After 3 children they went to UK and helped freedom fighters like M.N.Roy etc from their house.After divorce from husband,she started acting in films.First in Prabhat,then in Ranajit Movitone.She joined Bombay Univ.once again to become a graduate,only because Bombay Talkies recruited only Graduates in those days.
After she joined Bombay Talkies,she overtook Devikarani in acting,singing and also working with Ashok Kumar(till then,Devika’s Hero).
In 1941,she was the FIRST Indian beauty to endorse LUX SOAP hetherto a speciality of only Hollywood actresses.
From 1948 onwards,she started doing other roles and settled to be a permanent Mother to ALL leading actors of india,till her last picture ‘Dil tujhko Diya”-1987.
In 1989,she shifted to US and died there at the age of 93 yrs.

Mr.Jayant Kulkarni,International collector of old songs,films etc,now in New York,said in one of his articles-” One day my friend from India rang me up and said,’Latadidi is coming to NY tomorrow.She wants to listen to her first recorded song,from your collection.Next day Didi came and in the course of talking told me that Leela Chitnis stays in Connecticut and
she wants to meet her.I was extremely happy with the prospect of meeting the star of my dreams.
We went there,she opened the door and said,please sit down,I will just do some make up and come back.She went inside.When she came into the room,I was stunned to see her.Even at 90 yrs of age,she was glowing and radient.We spent few mesmerising hours there,which are forever etched on my memories. ”

Times of India,in its obitury,described her as “The first society lady of Indian Films ”


Arun ji,

Very truly said. Leela ji had a sophistication and a class all by herself. Her dialogue delivery was so relaxed and comfortable, and her eyes were the most alive thing on her face, dripping with compassion and empathy. Even the scenes where she is supposed to be angry, it seemed she is trying to pull back and restrain herself.

A class performer.




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