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Ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye

Posted on: September 4, 2011

Listening to this song always has the effect of taking me back to 1960s, when things were much more simple and simplified. A song like this had a magical effect on listeners and they felt the urge to be drawn towards the movie halls screening this movie. I am sure this and other songs from this movie were the main reasons why people thronged to watch this movie. Watching Sadhana could be the second (distant) reason and watching Rajendra Kapoor may be the third (even more distant) reason. One only needs to delete all the songs and make people watch this movie, and let us see whether Jubilee Kumar would have really been able to carry the movie as he was reputed to be.

In fact, music of movies of those days was the real reason behind the success of movies. I do not think there were too many hit movies with poor music those days. Though the reverse did happen, where great music of movies were let down by movies that did not deserve their great music.

A movie like “Mere Mehboob” (1963) was just what the doctor ordered those days. And the doctor ordered great music, nice colourful eye candy picturisation, leading actors of the day, and that was that. And dozens of movies regularly fitted the bill those days.

Listening to this song has always been a magical experience, even for someone like me. Now when one has the luxury of watching the picturisation as well, that too at the comforts of home, the magical experience gets enhanced that much more. in the past decades, one needed to be able to go to the movie hall and wait for the right moment when the song began. Now, one can listen (and watch) this song as many times as you wish. Technology has made it possible now. And replaying this song again and again is just the right use of available technology. 😀

I have no doubt in my mind that I listen this song for the lyrics of Shakeel Badayuni, music of Naushad and the divine voice of Rafi. The picturisation is eye candy too, and just what the beholders would like to see. Ashok Kumar asks Rajendra Kumar to sing a “kalaam”, Rajindra Kumar goes and sits on a gtrand piano and within seconds , he is singing this song. The song serves as a wakeup call for Sadhana, who is sleeping in her bed in the adjacent room, with her slippers on. 🙂 She wakes up, and on listening to the voice, she enters the big hall containing the grand piano, Rajendra Kumar and Ashok Kumar. She watches Rajendra Kumar from behind the chilman (see, even I have learnt a few Urdu words 🙂 ), blushes, as Hindi movie heroines must and by the end of the song moves out of the room. All this while Ashok Kumar has no inkling of her presence. 😀

As I said, this song is exactly what the doctor ordered. So here is this fantastic song which, like old wine continues to become better and better with time. It is a timeless classic.

The lyrics of thios song were sent to me by nahm and that served as a wake up call to me, and I realised that this song was not yet discussed in the blog so far.



Song-Ae husn zara jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye (Mere Mehboob) (1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad

Lyrics(Lyrics by nahm)

ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye
ae husn zaraa jaagtujhe ishq jagaaye
badley meri taqdeer jotu hosh mein aaye
badley meri taqdeer jotu hosh mein aaye
ae husn zaraa jaagtujhe ishq jagaaye

ye pyaar ke naghme yeh mohabbat ke taraane
tujh ko bade armaan se aaya hoon sunaane
ummeed mere dil ki kahin toot na jaaye
ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye

saaz-e-dil-e-khamosh mein ek soz jagaa de
tu bhi meri awaaz mein awaaz mila de
aaya hoon tere dar pe badi aas lagaaye
ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye

ae shamma tu aa jaa zara chilman se nikal ke
hasrat hai ke reh jaaoon teri aag mein jal ke
parwaana wo kya tujhpe jo mit kar na dikhaaye
ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye
badley meri taqdeer jo tu hosh mein aaye
ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye

9 Responses to "Ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye"

Atul ji / Sudhir ji,

What I am writing here has no connection to the above song,but I am giving you an interesting news which may be of interest as a record.
Radio ceylon or Srilanka broadcasting corpn.has been playing old songs on its Hindi service at 7.30 to 8.00 am everyday(in Purane filmon ke geet program),culminating the progamme with a Saigal song at 7.57 am,for the last 56 years,to be precise from 1.4.1955 onwards.
For the first time in last 56 years,on the morning of 3-9-2011,i.e. yesterday morning,this tradition was broken when a marathi song of Krishna Kalle from the movie ‘ JIVHALA ‘(1967) ‘ Desh heech mata,Desh dharma maza’ was played at 7.57 am instead of a Saigal song.
The occasion was to pay tribute to SRINIWAS KHALE,a noted Marathi Music composer and singer,who died on 2-9-2011.
The announcer was informed by one Mr.Pravin Chavhan of Panvel,near Mumbai,about his death and Jyoti Parmar,the current announcer played this song which was a composition by Shriniwas Khale.
I am surprised,nay shocked,for many composers of National and International fame have died in last so many years,but never has been such a step undertaken.


I think that the SLBC announcer is not aware of the rich tradition of this iconic radio programme. The last song at the stroke of 8 am was sacrosanct and it was reserved for K L Saigal.


Arun ji, Atul ji

Yes, this is a strange episode indeed. Deviations, such as these, need to be made based on certain policy decisions. Especially that there is a format in existence for more than 56 years now, and has never been disturbed in the past. Giving an honorable mention and remembrance to a departed soul is a welcome gesture, but it can be accomplished in many other ways also.



Arun Deshmukh ji
I was intrigued to hear that that programme is still on the air. I looked on their website and found no details about Hindi language programming. Can you convey the frequency on which Radio Ceylon is available. Please.


Subhash ji,
Kindly see my comments on the song ‘Dekhat wako…..’ from Chandidas,published on 15-5-2011,wherein I have given all the details you need.
The programme very much is alive even today,but in a shorter version.


Arun ji
Thanks. I did tune in to it today.


Love this song, Atul. And your witty write-up. You really don’t rate Rajendra Kumar, the actor, do you? Distant “third reason”. LOL!

I am not a massive fan of Rajendra Kumar myself but I don’t mind watching his movies. Wait! Why is it that when I think of his movies the first thing that comes to my mind are the songs? 😉


What a beautiful soulful number. Dil bohat hi khush ho gaya :). Thank you Atul Ji!


saaz-e-dil-e-khamosh mein ek soz jagaa de
tu bhi meri awaaz mein awaaz mila de
aaya hoon tere dar pe badi aas lagaaye
ae husn zaraa jaag tujhe ishq jagaaye

piono songs me se ek shandaar gana! wo ek daur tha jb is musical instrument ka hr dusri film me yuz kiya jata tha aur jyadatar gaane melodious hote the…..jaane kyon?? kya iska karan gaanon ka classical raagon pr based hona tha ya aur koi karan ??? nhi maloom…… adhikandh piono songs mujhe psnd hai… pyare se gaane ki hi tarah


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