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Na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasmaan ke liye

Posted on: September 7, 2011

When I was growing up a a pre teen and later teenage kid in 1970s, I, alongwith the rest of India was a big fan of Kishore Kumar. Rafi, the erstwhile dominant male playback singer of he previous two decades found himself virtually jobless for nearly one year, before he began to get singing assignments again.

Binaca geetmala was one of the popular yardsticks those days to judge the popularity of songs and singers. The most popular songs of the year were broadcast in Binaca geetmala in the last two wednesdays of the year where 32 most popular songs of the year were broadcast. If one looks at the number of Rafi songs out of these 32 songs, Rafi dominated Binaca Geetmala in 1960s among male singers. His voice figured in a minimumnm of 11 songs (1961 and 1962) and a maximum of 17 songs (in 1967) out of 32 songs. But his dominance began to dwindle from 1970 onwards. In 1970, his voice figured in only 7 songs and in 1971 , his voice figured in just one song. Kishore Kumar’s voice figured in as many as 20 out of 32 songs, which was an all time record in Binaca geetmala for one singer in its annual programmes. Next year, Kishore Kumar’s voice figured in a barely believable 23 songs out of 32. It is a record that remained unsurpassed.

Rafi though began to make a recovery in 1972. This year, his voice figured in 5 songs in Binaca geetmala finals and in 8 songs in 1973, though Kishore Kumar’s dominance continued throughout the decade.

One of the songs (out of five) in Binaca geetmala finals of 1972, that marked the return of Rafi from wilderness was from “Daastaan” (1972). This song appeared at the 33rd position (out of 38) in the Binaca geetmala finals broadcast on 20 december 1972.

This song was written by Sahir Ludhianvi and its music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. This song was picturised on Dilip Kumar, who was also making a comeback as a hero in Hindi movies.

During 1970s, I used to maintain a diary of songs where I would note down the lyrics of songs that I liked those days. this song was one of the songs that I had noted down in my diary. That shows that even I, then a die hard Kishore Kumar fan, liked this song.

This song seems to be quite popular with our regulars who send me lyrics. Prakashchandra sent me the lyrics of this song and a few days later nahm did the same. So this is a signal to me to promptly discuss this song in the blog. 😀

Here is this lovely song from “Daastaan” (1972), which has become more popular with time than what it was during 1972.



Song-Na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasmaan ke liye (Daastaan) (1972) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

na tu zameen ke liye
hai na aasmaan ke liye
na tu zameen ke liye
hai na aasmaan ke liye
tera wajood hai
tera wajood hai ab
sirf dastaan ke liye
na tu zameen ke liye
hai na aasmaan ke liye

palatke soo-e-chaman dekhne se kya hogaa
o o
o o o
palatke soo-e-chaman dekhne se kya hogaa
woh shaakh hi na rahee
jo thi aashiyaan ke liye
na tu zameen ke liye
hai na aasmaan ke liye

garaz parast jahaan mein
waffa talaash na kar
o o
o o o
garaz parast jahaan mein
waffa talaash na kar
ye shai banee thi kisi
doosre jahaan ke liye
tera wajood hai
tera wajood hai ab
sirf dastaan ke liye
na tu zameen ke liye
hai na aasmaan ke liye

5 Responses to "Na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasmaan ke liye"

So this is what we have to do get the songs posted fast. 😀 I remembered this song only yesterday while going through Allama Iqbal’s “Bang-e-Dara”. First line of this song is taken from one of Iqbal’s shair which is:

Na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasmaan ke liye
jahaan hai tere liye tu nahin jahaan ke liye

All three shair’s are part of my memory bank.



Selection of Laxmikant pyarelal for the musical score of this movie always make me to think why B.R.Chopraji`s favorite RAVI`s services are not used for this movie.

Eventhough major exceptions are there:
B.R.Chopraji used R.D.Burman for Mazdoor, Karm,The burning train
salil chaudhary for Kanoon,Ittefaaq-background music
salil chaudhary for Chotisi baat, Agni pariksha
Ravindra Jain for Insaaf ka taraazu,pati patni aur woh
Sapan Chakravarthy for Zameer
Husnlal bhagat ram for Afsana(1951)Actually Dastaan was a remake of AFSAANA(1951)(starring Ashok kumar,Kuldeepkaur,veena,Pran)
Hemant kumar for Ek hi raastha
N.Dutta for Dharamputra,Sadhana,Dhool ka phool
Bappi lahiri for Kiraayedaar
o.p.nayyar for Naya daur
Kalyanji anandji for Prathigya baddh
Nadeem shravan for Kal ki awaaz


A song is more or less popular based on public perception. While it is the combined effort of the lyricist, music director, and the singer, I think music, rather than the singer or the lyricist has more to do with the popularity. Your writeup seems to link it with the singer, which I find difficult to agree with.




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