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Ik ghar banaaungaa tere ghar ke saamne

Posted on: September 23, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Tere Ghar Ke Saamne (1963) is a classic for many a reason. A production from the house of Navketan, Dev Anand’s film company, this film was a major success in its time, and its music continues to set many a hearts aflutter.

The song ‘Dil Ka Bhanwar Karey Pukaar’ (already posted on this blog), is such a flowing ode to romance, and such a prime example of a song picturization so well thought out and implemented. There may not be many other examples, wherein the song is filmed in a very restricted scene-space. This song is filmed on the stairs of the historic Qutab Minar in Delhi. There is really no scope to produce a flourish or put together some dance steps. And Vijay Anand has pulled it off superbly with just the simple movements of going up and down the staircase, and in the process extracted some of the best performance from Nutan and Dev, simply in terms of facial expressions, body language and timing.

This song, ‘Ik Ghar Banaa’ungaa Tere Ghar Ke Saamne”, is the title song for the film. And as one sees and listens to it, again it is one of those complete and well rounded experiences, that one can expect from the genius of song situations, Vijay Anand. Animation and mixing of images in a single frame has been around for a very long time. In this song, Vijay Anand has put it to such imaginative use. The synchronization between the full human characters, viz. Dev Anand and Rashid Khan, and image of Nutan inside the glass of wine is so superbly done that one forgets for a moment that this is just a technique and she is not really present in the glass of wine.

In this film, Dev Anand plays a much sought after architect. He falls for Nutan, and their romantic interludes are so very sensitively presented. The unfortunate part is that their fathers, played by Om Prakash and Harendranath Chattopadhyay, are kind of nouveau riche men, social snobs of the first order, members of the same club, and intense rivals in terms of social status and snobbery. Om Prakash, Dev’s father, instructs his son to plan for a new house. Dev prepares a design that his father approves, and gives a go ahead to start building. The drawing of the new house is sitting in Dev’s office. And Harendranath walks in with his family, also looking for an expert architect to build a dream home for him too. He sees the drawings of Dev’s own home, and instantly approves it for himself. Dev is now in a fix, since Harendranath does not know so far that Dev is the son of Om Prakash. He finds himself in a complicatedly funny situation. The two buildings are actually on pieces of land facing each other across the road. His latest customer is an intense rival of his own father. He is in love with the daughter of his father’s worst social rival. And to top it, he has the onerous task to build two exactly same houses across from each other, belonging to staunchest of rivals. Given the situation, he would rather be not where he is.

At this juncture, this song happens, and proves to the turning point. Dev Anand is in the bar of the club with his assistant Rashid Khan. He is musing over his situation, as Rashid mixes a drink for him. And in his state of mind, is beloved appears inside the glass, and shares a song with him. What a make believe song situation, so very well done by both Dev and Nutan, and to top it, Rashid Khan’s confused reactions to his friends apparent situation of being drunk, are just superb.

The lyrics are by Hasrat Jaipuri, word for word a priceless compilation of verses. And the music – well if it is Navketan, then it has to be Sachin Da. What a marvelous composition. Rendered with a verve and a touch of naughtiness by Lata and Rafi. And rendered so realistically by Dev and Nutan under the direction of Vijay Anand. What a priceless gem of a song.

And the ending is the punch line – as Dev walks out of the club, he sees both his own father and also Nutan’s father sitting across from each other in the lounge. He greets them both in his own way, leaving both equally confused and unaware of the complications that are building up.

Enjoy this super song – Nahm ji has requested for adding more songs from this film. So here is the third song of this film to appear on this blog.



Song-Ik ghar banaaungaa tere ghar ke saamne (Tere Ghar Ke Saamne) (1963) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-S D Burman


tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne

ghar ka banaana koi aasaan kaam nahin
duniya basaanaa koi aasaan kaam nahin

dil mein wafaayen hon to
toofaan kinaara hai
bijli hamaare liye
pyaar ka ishaaraa hai
tan man lutaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne

kehte hain pyaar jisey
dariyaa hai aag kaa
ya phir nashaa hai koi
jeevan ke raag kaa

dil mein jo pyaar ho to
aag bhi phool hai
sacchi lagan jo ho to
parbat bhi dhool hai
taare sajaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne

kaanton bhare hain lekin
chaahat ke raaste
tum kyaa karogey dekhen
ulfat ke waastey

ulfat mein taaj chhootey
ye bhi tumhen yaad hogaa
ulfat mein taaj baney
ye bhi tumhen yaad hogaa
mein bhi kuchh banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
duniya basaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne
ik ghar banaa’ungaa
tere ghar ke saamne

5 Responses to "Ik ghar banaaungaa tere ghar ke saamne"


Thanks a lot for the detailed review of the song. I had seen this movie on Cable T. V. in 89-90. I have not seen it since, but the songs have stayed with me all these years. This title song and other two Rafi solos(already posted here), were part of some VCD of Dev Anand/Rafi songs, which the cable wallah used to show every now n then.

The songs of this movie are typical SD Burman , fast paced, light , lively and no repeatation of lines in stanzas. A little longer, then usual SDB songs. Still the best song of this movie is “Sun le tu dil ki sadaa ” again a lengthy song, is not so popular.



I saw the movie back when it was released, but I still can visualize the “image of Nutan inside the glass of wine”, and how it dissolves when the glass is shaken up. The idea for the scene is as novel and imaginative as its actual photographic capture.

Was this the second time Dev and Nutan were paired after Paying Guest? The breadth of Nutan’s histrionic talent is remarkable. Compare her in this movie versus in bandini! Amazing!


Krishna ji,
This was the 4th and last time Dev paired with Nutan after Paying Guest & Baarish(both 57) and Manzil(60).


Fantastic song from a lovely movie. And what a beautiful write-up too.

Am surprised this song was not posted yet. But better late than never, I suppose!

This song will always be remembered for “Nutan in a bottle”. That is just so cute! And brilliant picturisation too by Vijay Anand. I absolutely love “dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar” too. Brilliant picturisation in that song too.


To picturise something like this back in the day.. really something! Hats off to the team! And what a song! .. and the beautiful Nutan :).


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