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Chalo chalen dil le chale jahaan

Posted on: September 25, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Again, a song to fall in love on the first hear itself. I heard this song only today morning, and it forced me to write this post. Another obscure film, another unheard gem of a musical creation.

Miss Good Night (1960) is an almost unheard movie. I have seen this name in lists of films, or online references earlier. The name never did prompt me to find out more about it. But today, as I was rummaging through YouTube looking for another Hansraj Behl creation, I came across this audio upload, played it, and just fell for it. The film is an action / stunt drama, produced by RL Sharma, under the banner of RL Films, Bombay, and it is directed by Jugal Kishore. The star lineup includes Jairaj, Nishi, Tiwari, Neena, Ravinder Sharma, Gopal Sehgal, Raj Nath, Meena Parel, Ravikant etc. The lyrics of this film are by Prem Dhawan and the music composition is by Hansraj Behl.

The online availability is only of audio, but looking at the star cast, my guess would be that this song is picturized on Jairaj and Nishi. Another thing that one can surmise from the music is that this song is most likely picturized in a horse drawn carriage of some kind, the rhythm of hoof beats is very prominent. The singing voices are of Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar. The beat and the melody of the song is very enchanting. So just switch on this song and enjoy this lilting, mesmerizing music.

Song-Chalo chalen dil le chale jahaan (Miss Goodnight) (1960) Singers-Lata, Mukesh, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Hansraj Bahl
Lata + Mukesh =Fuchsia


chalo chalen
chalo chalen
dil le chale jahaan
aji door
badi door
jahaan miley zameen se aasmaan

chalo chalen
chalo chalen
dil le chale jahaan
aji door
badi door
jahaan miley zameen se aasmaan
chalo chalen

ye udtaa hua hai baadal
ya phailaa hai tera aanchal

ye aaj uthhi hai dil mein
kyun ek niraali hulchul
kyaa hai raaz
keh do aaj
jo bhi dil mein chhupi hai daastaan
chalo chalen

tu hai saath to kya mushqil hai
jahaan tu hai wahin manzil hai
kyaa sochen kahaan hai jaanaa
jab de hi diyaa tujhe dil hai
aa jaa meet
gaa len geet
kahin roothh na jaaye ye samaan
chalo chalen

udti zulfon ko sambhaalo
ab aur na jaadoo daalo

ye jaadoo to chal ke rahegaa
chaahe kitna bhi dil ko bachaa lo
miley nain
gayaa chain
yehi hota hai miltey hain dil jahaan
chalo chalen
chalo chalen
dil le chale jahaan
aji door
badi door
jahaan miley zameen se aasmaan
chalo chalen

hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm

4 Responses to "Chalo chalen dil le chale jahaan"

Sudhir ji,
MISS GOOD NIGHT(1960), was a typical C grade movie,made especially for that class of viewers who whistle and shout loudly comments, appoprite to the situations on the screen.They dont require sensible stories or philosophical overtones in the film.
This was one such movie,where a Dog-Hero and a Horse-Goldie have more entertaining scenes than the human Hero.
Zorro is a murderer and smuggler of jewels in the Silver Town.The police have announced a fabulous award of 20000/- for his capture.
Inspector George(Jairaj) takes up the challenge.The town’s hotel Good Night is owned by Marshal Braganza,where his daughter Rosy(Nishi) is working.One day,she brings in wounded George in the hotel and nurses him-while teaching him love lessons-to the utter disapproval of Marshal.Many attempts on George’s life take place,but his Dog Hero takes him to Zorro.George is caught and is about to be killed when Dog Hero and Horse Goldie attack the goons and save him,while undertaking some thrilling rescue acts like biting the rope,pulling the trigger,throwing the goons etc for which the public in the theatre applauds them.
Finally,it is revealed that Marshal Braganza is Zorro and Hero,Heroine,the Dog and the Horse are honoured by the police in the film and public in the theatre.


Arun ji,

Thanks for detailed synopsis. The manner in which you have presented this brief, it is more interesting than the film itself, I am sure. 😀

With almost every query regarding an obcure song, pat comes the details from you. Ceaselessly amazing, I must say. 🙂






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