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Dagmag dagmag doley naiyya

Posted on: October 14, 2011

“Jogan” is a movie which was made in 1950, but the person writing the story of this movie remained unnamed till 1999. It was in 1999 that Kidar Sharma, the director of the movie revealed that the story of “Jogan” (1950) was written by Chandulal Shah, but he declined to take the credit , and as a result, the credits of the movie carried a question mark instead of a name for half a century.

Here is what Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our venerable inhouse expert on old movies, has to say on the matter-

JOGAN(1950) a Ranjit movietone film was a big hit in those days.There was a strange thing about this movie,that in the credit list of the movie they used to show a big Question Mark instead of any name of the story writer.For many years,this was a mystery and no one knew the answer,till one day,before his death in 1999,Kidar Sharma revealed the story behind the STORY of Jogan,thus-
” The man who wrote the story declined to take the credit,at the last minute.He was the great CHANDULAL SHAH himself.
He saw one English movie,in which the Hero falls in love with a Nun and tries to get her out of celibacy.He wanted to make its Hindi version.he called 2 of the time’s best directors,Nitin Bose and Mahesh Kaul and told them the ‘one line story’-disturbing the sanyas of a Jogan.
Both of them laughed loudly and said no film can be made on this.That precise time I entered the room and heard this.Bose and Kaul left and the servant brought a Paan for Chandulal.I asked him “Main Beeda uthaun ?” meaning,may I take the challenge ?
Chandulal said,”Remember,my financial condition is so bad that I have only one month’s ration at home.If you fail Ranjit will be destroyed.”
I accepted the challenge.I made this movie in just 29 days,working Day and Night.I wanted to prove to Bose and Kaul that I was not a fool.They had said(after hearing my challenge) that ‘fools rush where Angels fear to tread’
The film was a Hit. ”
The story of Jogan was Vijay(Dilip Kumar) falls in love with Surabhi(Nargis),a Jogan who sings in a temple every day.When he follws her daily,she tries to dissuade him ,but he wont listen to it.She has become a Jogan after her marriage is fixed with an old man and she tries to commit suicide,is saved by Maha Maa(Pratima devi) and made a Jogan.Finally,she disappears and after few years Vijay gets a letter from her that she loved him,but has committed suicide.

Yes, the nun of the original story becomes Jogan of this movie. And this title role was played with aplomb by Nargis.

Jogan in Hindi movies has an advantage over a nun in foreign movies. She gets to sing songs ! And in case of a movie like “Jogan”, she sings lots and lots of them.

The music of this movie played a huge role in the popularity of this movie. And this song has many wonderful songs in it, and I am quite thankful for it, because it means that I get lots many Bulo C Rani songs from this movie that I can discuss.

I have already discussed five songs from this movie. Here is the sixth one.

This song is sung by Geeta Dutt and the song is picturised on Nargis. Kidar Sharma is the lyricist.



Song-Dagmag dagmag doley naiyya (Jogan) (1950) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Bulo C Rani


Dagmag dagmag doley naiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyaa
dagmag dagmag doley naiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyaa

chanchal chit ko moh ne gheraa
chanchal chit ko moh ne gheraa
pag pag par hai paap kaa deraa
pag pag par hai paap kaa deraa
laaj rakho jo laaj rakhaiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyyaa
dagmag dagmag doley naiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyyaa

chhaayaa chaaron ore andheraa
chhaayaa chaaron ore andheraa
tum bin kaun sahaaraa meraa
tum bin kaun sahaaraa meraa
haath pakad ke bansi bajaiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyyaa
dagmag dagmag doley naiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyaa

bhakton ne tum ko manaayaa bhajan se
bhakton ne tum ko manaayaa bhajan se
main to rijhaaun tumhe ansuvan se
main to rijhaaun tumhe ansuvan se
girton ko paanv uthhaao Kanhaiyyaa
paar lagaao to jaanoon khevaiyaa

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