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Ye dil deewaana hai

Posted on: October 22, 2011

“Ishq Par Zor Nahin” (1970) is a movie which was produced by Suresh Saigal and directed by Ramesh Saigal. The star cast of the movie included names like Dharmendra,Sadhana, Kamini Kaushal, Biswajeet, Abhi Bhattacharya, Nadira, Leela Misra, Randhir, Jagdish Raaj, Meena, Uday Chandrika, Jagdeep, Madhumati etc.

I have discussed two songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song.

This song is a duet which is sung by Lata and Rafi. It is picturised on Sadhana and Dharmendra. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed of S D Burman.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm. This song sees another kind of a century in this blog. This is the 100th song for which the lyrics were sent by nahm. Heartiest congratulations to her.

It is very heartening to notice the increased involvement of regulars of this blog who are contributing in various ways, including valuable informations, lyrics, write ups etc. All this takes a lot of load off me, and act as valuable time savers. In fact, lyrics have been contributed by regulars in such numbers that even now I have a backlog of unposted lyrics with me. Be rest assured that all of them are available with me and I will post them all with time.
Adding up of songs in this blog on a daily basis has by now become a collaboration of like minded music lovers and I am sure that with continuation of such collaboration, we will soon have a definitive collection of almost all the great gems of Hindi movie music in one place.



Song-Ye dil deewaana hai (Ishq Par Zor Nahin) (1970) Singers-Lata, Rafi Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics(provided by nahm)

yeh dil deewaana hai
dil to deewaana hai
deewaana dil hai yeh
dil deewaana
aa ha haaa
aa ha haaa
yeh dil deewaana hai
dil to deewana hai
deewana dil hai yeh
dil deewana

aa ha haaa

kaisa bedardi hai
kaisa bedardi hai
iski to marzi hai
jab tak jawaani hai
yeh rut suhaani hai
nazren juda na hon
armaan khafa na hon
dilkash bahaaron mein
chhup ke chanaaron mein
yoonhi sadaa ham tum
baithhe rahen gum sum
wo bewafa jo kahe
ham ko jaana hai
yeh dil
yeh dil deewaana hai
dil to deewaana hai
deewana dil hai yeh
dil deewana
aa ha haaa

bechain rehta hai
bechain rehta hai
chupke se kehta hai
mujh ko dhadakne do
shola bhadakne do
kaanton mein kaliyon mein
saajan ki galiyon mein
phera lagaaney do
chhodo bhi jaane do
kho to na jaaoonga
main laut aaoonga
dekha suna samjhe
achcha bahaana hai
yeh dil
yeh dil deewana hai
dil to deewana hai
deewana dil hai yeh
dil deewana

aa ha haaa

saawan ke aatey hi
saawan ke aatey hi
baadal ke chhaate hi
phoolon ke mausam mein
phoolon ke mausam mein
chalte hi purvayi
miltey hi tanhaayi
uljha ke baton mein
kehtaa hai raaton mein

yaadon mein kho jaaoon
jaldi se so jaaoon

kyunke sanwariyaa ko
sapnon mein aana hai
yeh dil
yeh dil
yeh dil deewana hai
dil to deewana hai
deewana dil hai yeh
dil deewaana
aa haa haaa
hmm hmm hmm
aa haa haaa

10 Responses to "Ye dil deewaana hai"

Nahm ji

Congratulations for the century.



Nahm ji,

Congratulations 🙂
Great contributions, great milestone.

And I can see in listing on the right side that Prakash ji is not far behind himself.

It is gladdening to see volumes of contributions coming from you.

Sincere regards


Congratulations, nahm, on your outstanding contribution! It is not easy to sit and take the time to write down the lyrics of a song, because it takes more than one sitting to get the lyrics down – I know, because this used to be my pastime (or obsession, call it what you will) in my younger days! It takes patience and a keen ear, and I know Atul will be grateful to you because this means he can take some time off from his headphones to talk to his wife and, in turn, it means his wife is also grateful to you for giving her the time to talk to hubby and get him to listen. (On the other hand, sometimes it helps if the hubby is not listening, because he may nod a Yes to some request or the other, which may not get such a favorable response if he had been listening – spoken from experience!). We are grateful to you and to Atul for enhancing this experience of ours.

On another note, this is one of my favorite songs – I love the music and the lyrics. Thanks for the song again.


Congrats, nahm, for your 100th here. And what a lovely song too!

I remember seeing this movie many years ago. Love triangle, sacrifice. Songs were hits, especially this particular song. I remember a title song also which was quite popular.

And Lalitha, you are funny! Love reading the way you wind up Atul. 😉 Waiting for his response now. 🙂


I am nervous, wondering how Atul will respond to this post! Maybe this will be the last post of mine that will get published! So maybe I should thank you all for the wonderful company that I have enjoyed so far! Or maybe he is enjoying all the Diwali sweets that Mrs. Atul is giving him, since he has had the free time, thanks to nahm, to take her Diwali shopping!


Prakshchandra ji,

Thanks. Ummeed hai aap ka number bhi jaldi hi aayega.

Sudhir Sir,

Thanks a lot. Your appreciation means a lot to me. The numerous posts by you are inspiration to us all, i am sure.

Lalitha ji,

Thank you. I love writing these lyrics, even during school/college days i had a habit of singing alongwith the radio, which used to bug my sister no end. This song incidentally, is a favourite of my elder sister. Collecting lyrics is also a child hood hobby. Well known songs are no problem, because one lines is naturally followed by next one. Discovering unknown songs is also a pleasure.

Raja ji,

Thanks you. Yes, it is a lovely song, as to be expected from SDB-Rafi-Lata combination.

Atul ji,

And last but not the least, i want to thank you, for posting all these songs. After all you are the one who does all the research about the movie and the songs and does the write up before posting.

Regards to all.


Nahm ji,
Congratulations on completing a century.
Only a deep interest and dedication makes it possible.
I am sorry I am late,but the feeling is genuine.


Thanks a lot Sir, there is no scope for doubt in this musical journey. Appreciation is a just reward, which goes both ways. It is me who has not expressed enough how much your knowledge, and interest, and dedication, and intellect , and also sense of intrigue and humour is deserving of accolades.



Kahin pada tha ke ye gaana inspired from some south Indian movie song, Am I right?? Any one know about this????
I know one kannada movie song
(from the movie ” KASTURI NIVASA”(picturised on thespian Late Dr.Raj kumar and Aarthi) from the black and white era
“Nee Bandu ninthaaga,ninthu nee nakkaga,nakku nee nalidaaga, sothe naanaaga”)which does have the same tune.
Whether this kannada movie song was inspired by Ishq par zor nahin song (“Ye dil deewana” )or this hindi movie song was inspired by the above mentioned kannada movie or any south indian langauage song???


अति सुंदर ……………………
सब कुछ मिलाकर ( चारों पहलू ), एक अदभुत रचना है ये ….

क्या खूब आनंद बक्शी ने मुखड़े में ही केवल मात्र चार छोटे शब्दों ( ये / दिल / दीवाना / है ) को लाजवाब तरीके से ईधर उधर घुमाया है और मुखड़े की पूरी दो लाइने बना डाली है ।

”रिदम” के कोई सबसे बड़े जादूगर थे तो वो मेरी नजर में ”दादा” ही थे । यहां पर आहिस्ता आहिस्ता उठती लहरों की रिदम का क्या लाजवाब प्रयोग किया है उन्होने … जब तलक इस गीत को परदे पर नहीं देखा था तब तक मेरे जहन मे यही रहा कि इसे किसी ताल, नदी या समुद्र की लहरों के साथ फिल्माया गया होगा । पर ऐसा नहीं था और फिर भी इस गीत का फिल्मांकन इतना जबरदस्त बन पड़ा है, वो भी एक ही जगंह बैठे बैठे और बिना ज्यादा हिले डुले ,,, क्या ये आज के दौर में संभव है ???

आवाजें तो दोनो महारथियों की हैं ही … कुछ कहने की आवश्यकता नहीं … परंतु दादा ने ”आहा हा हा ” शब्दों की हमिंग को अचानक ( दो ईंटरल्यूड्ज के बीच में ) जो पिरोया है … उसके क्या कहने …. लाजवाब और बेमिसाल थे बर्मन दादा ।।


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