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Mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aayaa

Posted on: November 21, 2011

In 1970s, there were two title songs beginning with the words ‘Mera Jeewan’. One of the songs was ‘Mera Jeewan Kora Kaagaz…’ from “Kora Kaagaz”(1974). Another song was ‘Mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya..’ from “Mera Jeewan”(1976).

As it is, I grew up in 1970s and the songs of 1970s should logically pre dominate this blog. But in the subsequent decades, I have “grown up” some more and I now seem to prefer songs of earlier decades as far as discussing them in this blog is concerned. Psychologically I may be saving the songs of 1970s for the last.

This movie was produced by Hashmukh Shah and it was directed by Bindoo Shukla. The “star” cast was Dushyant,Vidya Sinha, Sanyen Kappu,Ambika Johar,Jairaj,Viju Khote,Shivaji etc. With such stellar names in the cast, there is little surprise then that few people turned up to watch the movie at the movie halls.

The title song was the only worthwhile thing in this movie to catch the attention of public. It was a song that was quite popular during its time. Frankly speaking, the movie did not deserve a song of this calibre.

Here is this superb song from this forgettable movie. The song apparently gets played in the movie several times. The full version of the song is a rail song, and it shows much of the song being picturised on a train with Vidya Sinha and Satyen Kappu, looking haggard and hapless throughout the song. Parts of the song also gets played at other occasions in the movie, with Vidya Sinha continuing to look just as haggard and hapless thoughout. No wonder few people at any patience with this movie.

This song is sung by Kishore Kumar and the song gets played in the background in the movie. M G Hashmat is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mrs Bhatt

Audio full

Video full

Song-Mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aayaa (Mera Jeewan)(1974) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-M G Hashmat, MD-Sapan Jagmohan

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

mera jeewan
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaya
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaya

ho o
apnon ke hote huye
tan me basi tanhaayi
ho o
aansoo banaake khushi
aankhon se maine barsaai
ho o
khushiyon ko rote rote
duniya mein ab to mera jee ghabhraaya
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya

ho o
baras gaye re saawan
dariya bhi josh mein aaye
ho o o
phool bhi khilne lage
kaliyon ke man muskaaye
ho o
sooni rahi ek daali
uspe to koi ab tak phool na aaya
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya

ho o
jeene ko jeena chaahe
maangoon to maut na aaye
ho o o
saanson ke chalne ko to
jeewan kaha nahin jaye
ho o
dard basaake dil mein
mera naseeb mujhko kahaan pe laya
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya
mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya
jaise sookhe ped ki chhaaya

6 Responses to "Mera jeewan kuchh kaam na aayaa"

I just love kIshorji`s voice, when he sings lovelorn songs,sad songs and songs in which there is longing for somebody or something. He is just marvellous in such songs ,for me.

I hate myself so much for disliking his voice over Rafiji`s and mukeshji`s, in my childhood days, without knowing his calibre, as singer(just by watching his antics on screen)I used to just ignore his songs.
As the years passed by, his voice started to grow upon me. To feel the feelings expressed by his voice, I have to reach this stage of my life. That`s enitrely my loss.


Dear Atul jee
I must acknowledge that your blog on bollywood songs is a remarkable effort especially with the selection of songs. The detailed research involved in this endevour is simply fantastic and needs a man of your committment and calibre to perform it.
Three cheers to you & other contributors.


Thanks a lot for your kind words.


Atul ji,

The lyrics of three songs of “Kora Kaagaz” including “Mera jeewan kora kaagaz” are with you. The film does not feature in the list of songs movie-wise.


can you include these songs in the List of songs-moviewise?



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