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Dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe

Posted on: January 7, 2012

“Sagaai”(1951) is a movie which had Premnath, Rehana, Yacoob, Gope, Vijaylaxmi, Hiralal etc in lead roles. I have discussed three songs from this movie in the past.

Here is another song from the movie. this song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Rehana. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.



Song- Dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe (Sagaai)(1951) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

zara si der thhi baaqi
bahaar aane mein
aen aen
laga di aag muqaddar ne
aashiyaane mein
dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe
haay ri qismat keh na sake
dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe
hayi ri qismat keh na sake
aankhon se ansoo behna to chaahe
haay ri qismat beh na sake

khaamosh taaron sab ke nazaaron
dekho muhabbat ka anjaam dekho
khamosh taaron sab ke nazaaron
dekho mohabbat ka anjaam dekho
kadmon mein unke rehna to chaahe
haay ri qismat reh na sake
kadmon mein unke rehna to chaahe
haay ri qismat rahena sake
dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe
haay ri qismat kehna sake

aankhon mein pani honthhon pe naale
muhabbat huyi hai ghamon ke hawaale
aankhon mein pani honthhon pe naale
muhabbat huyi hai ghamon ke hawaale
ik dil hamaara aur gham hazaaron
hayi ri qismat seh na sake
ik dil hamaara aur gam hazaron
haay ri qismat seh na sake
dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe
haay ri qismat keh na sake

3 Responses to "Dil ki kahaani kehna to chaahe"

Atul ji,
SAGAI-1951 was a musical comedy which had the all time haunting duet of Lata-Talat-Mohabbat mein aise zamane bhi aaye,kabhi ro diye hum…(yet to be posted here).
A film by Varma films,it was directed by H.S.Rawail.Music was by C.Ramchandra whose astt. for this film was Chick Chocolate-an independent composer in later years.The songs were excellent and became very popular in those days.
The cast was Premnath,Rehana,Poornima,Vijaylaxmi,Gope,Yakub,Iftikhar cuckoo,sunder,mohana etc.
When Chandani(Rehana) returns from London,she refuses to marry Lala Jugal Kishor’s son,to whom her engagement was done by her father(Iftikhar),in her childhood.When forced to marry,she runs away from the house and somehow joins a team of petty thieves Fooman (Gope) and Dhabu(Yakub).To avoid police,they board a ship,owned by Shahzadi(Poornima) and headint for her kingdom Jagira.Chandni,to avoid her identity,dons boy’s dress and becomes Chand.They get employed on the ship.
The captain of the ship,Prem,is handsome.Both Shahzadi and Chandni fall in his love.Shahzadi expresses her love,but Chand(chandani) can not do so.When shahzadi gives a ring to Prem and he shows it to him/her,she throws it in the sea,reveals herself and expresses her love.Prem also falls in her love.
When the ship reaches Jagira,Prem refuses to marry Shahzadi.her brother,the King(Hiralal) arrests him and proposes to Chandani for marriage.With help of Fooman and Dhabu,Chandani rescues Prem,and they sail away in the night.
When they reach home,Chandani’s father is surprised to see Prem,as he is the same with whom Chandani’s SAGAI had taken place in her childhood.
All are happy !


presently, i am listening to this soulfulllllll song of 1951


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