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Wo dekhen to unki inaayat

Posted on: February 15, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In my younger days, the name of the film FUNTOOSH (1956) sounded to me a bit bizarre. I had also heard people using this Hinglish lingo as adjectives in different context. I had no occasion to watch this movie but judging (or misjudging) from the name of the film, I thought that it was a comedy movie and the song ‘ye meri topi palat ke aah’ was a pointer to that. It was only later when I heard ‘dukhi man mere’ I felt that the film was of a different genre.

The film had other beautiful songs too. Three songs from this film have already been discussed in this blog. I find that the film’s ‘trade mark’ song ‘ye meri topi palat ke aah’ is yet to be discussed. But the song which has drawn my attention is ‘woh dekhen to unkiinaayat’, a Kishore Kumar-Asha Bhonsle duet. The song written by Sahir Ludhianvi and set to music by S D Burman is picturised on Dev Anand, Shiela Ramani and one more actor (whose identity isnot known to me) who are on a boat ride. From the couplets, preceding the song, sung on the screen by the unidentified actor and Dev Anand, it appears that the character played by the unidentified actor has one sided love affairs with Shiela Ramani who likes to avoid him. Sahir’s lyrics are simple yet convey a subtle hint to the spurned lover through the ‘philosophy of love’.

I have no idea whether the couplets preceding the song are the part of the lyrics or not but they are funny and worthy of reproducing here :

Rendered by the unidentified actor ( probably the actor lip syncs for himself )

aankh chhupa kar baithne waale,
aankh uthha kar dekh zaraa
ham bhi hain tere chaahne waale,
teer chalaa kar dekh zaraa

Dev Anand (probably Dev Anand lip syncs for himself)

bandar jaisi soorat teri,
murge jaisi taangen hain
arrey bandar jaisi soorat teri,
murge jaisi taangn hain
arrey oh kyaa dekhen tuhi khud ko,
aayinaa laakar dekh zaraa

It is a lovely and a well picturised boat song devoid of much orchestration.

Song-Wo dekhen to unki inaayat(Funtoosh)(1956) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-S D Burman
Kishore Kumar + Asha Bhonsle


hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
he he he he he he
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
aa aa aa aa aa aa aa

woh dekhen to unki inaayat
naa dekhen to ronaa kyaa
woh dekhen to unki inaayat
woh dekhen to unki inaayat
naa dekhen to ronaa kyaa
jo dil ghair kaa ho uskaa
honaa kyaa aur naa honaa kyaa
woh dekhen to unki inaayat

aa aa aa aa aa aa
hmm hmm hmm huun
huun huun huun huun huun huun
huun huun huun
laa laa laa laa laa laa laa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
ishq dilon kaa mel hai pyaare
ye nazaron kaa khel nahin
ishq dilon kaa mel hai pyaare
ye nazron kaa khel nahin
ye nazron kaa khel nahin
jab tak do dil ek na ho len
dil ki lagi ko ronaa kyaa
jab tak do dil ek na ho len

haiyaa ho
haiyaa ho
haiyaa ho
haiyaa ho

ishq ki baazi seedhi baazi
dil jeeto aur dil haaro
ishq ki baazi seedhi
ee ee
arrey baazi
baazi baazi
baazi baazi baazi baazi
ishq ki baazi seedhi baazi
dil jeeto aur dil haaro
dil jeeto aur dil haaro
is saude mein o dilawaalon
paanaa kyaa aur khonaa kyaa
woh dekhen to unki inaayat
naa dekhen to ronaa kyaa
jo dil ghair kaa ho uskaa
honaa kyaa aur naa honaa kyaa
woh dekhen to unki inaayat


18 Responses to "Wo dekhen to unki inaayat"

Kamath ji,
Thank you for posting this song.
I simply love this song for its simplicity,meaning and the lilting,lingering,haunting tune.
The filming of this entire song is very funny in the initial stage till the third person,who is a shayar and a suitor for the Heroine,jumps off the boat,frustrated by kishore’s antics and the two lovers’ joint efforts.

Oh…I missed the last point – the shayar jumping off the boat.

Sadanand ji, Arun ji,

The actor who accompanies Dev Anand and Shiela Ramani on he boat is Bhagwan Sinha. He has appeared in many Navketan films on the 1950s.

A little more detailed write up on this film is available with the song “O jee o hamen aaj koi na chhediyo” posted on 5th March last year. Dev Anand has lost his memory, KN Singh (Shiela Ramani’s father) is exploiting him for personal gains. And for that he even allows romance to develop between Dev Anand and his daughter. Bhagwan Sinha is the suitor whom her hand was promised before Dev Anand appears on the scene. This boat ride episode is one last effort by him to take back what was promised to him, with hilarious results – he decides the leave the boat mid stream and swim to the shore, as Arun ji has indicated.

Sadanand ji,
Thanks for posting this lovely song.


Sudhir ji,
Thank you for identifying the actor,in the role of Shayar.

I feel so bad about missing the details about this film which I had read in your article referred to above. I had thought of reproducing the relevant portion of the article in my write up so as to give a background of the film but it completely went out of my mind. Not only that, I also forgot to mention about the hilarious scene at the end of the song where the shayar jumps off the boat.

Thanks for making good the missing background by giving a synopsis here and also for identifying the shayar.

Absolutely love this song. Thanks for writing about this, Kamathji.
Am surprised this wasn’t posted yet.

Atul, last night I wrote a blogpost about “Ten romantic songs” (well, it was Valentine’s Day and even at this age, I got a bit carried away ;-)).

Am taking the liberty of posting the link here considering this is a music lover’s site after all. If you’d rather I did not, feel free to just delete the comment. I promise I won’t mind. 🙂

My most favorite song, yeh hawa yeh raat……is on the top of your 10 songs. Thanks Rajaji.

In connection with the list on Raja ji’s blog, it is pertinent to see this song and comments :

You still had so much left in the tank for Valntine’s day, even at this age. 🙂

Nahm ji,
BEST OF LUCK for your son/daughter in 12th Exam.

Thanks a lot Sir. I will convey this to my daughter.

Definitely my favorite (or more accurately, one of my favorites) romantic song! I have to tell hubby how others are doing things for Valentine’s Day!

They were going to temples, I am told. 🙂

reality of life and best phylosophy of real love. thanks for this song and

it’s back-up songs.

Ah! i came to this so late. I have been madly liking this song for over 45 years, ever since I saw the film but those days we could not hear it often enough on the radio.. I have felt that this is the best duet that Kishore ever sang. The lyrics are superb. The lines – ‘Ishq dilon ka mel hai pyare, ye nazron ka khel nahin’, and ‘ishq ki baazi seedhi baazi, dil jeeto aur dil haaro’ are especially wonderful..
However one jarring note is the lines Dev utters before the song proper starts, making fun of the physical features of the other suitor. i do not understand how a sensitive poet like Sahir could write them, or how even Dev could deliver them- after all Dev is reported to have been such a gentleman in real life.

There are a couple of mistakes in this blog.
1. Where it written in the blog, “Dev Anand (probably Dev Anand lip syncs for himself)”, the singer is 100% Kishore Kumar.
2. The 3rd person’s name is Hammad, who was father of Farzana. Farzana is a close friend of actress Rekha.

Enjoyed the post and its comments. Thanks.

Moti Lalwani ji,

I saw your comment just now.
You are correct, The entire voice in the song for Dev Anand is that of Kishore Kumar.

Also noted that 3rd actor is Hammad.

Thanks for pointing out.

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