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Kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa

Posted on: March 7, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

One of the remembrances of my childhood days of early 50s was a song ‘kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa’ which my mother used to sing quite often. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I grew up with this song. Those days, I did not remember the beginning line of this song but one line from this song – ‘tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa’ remained embedded in my mind. I had no inkling at that time that it was a filmy song.

I always used to wonder as to how my mother sang this song as well as some other songs of Hindi films of 40s without access to radio in our house located in a remote village in South Canara district (now Mangalore district). Those days she had no knowledge of Hindi language but the way she sang, it gave an impression that she understood the meaning of the verses. Unfortunately, I did not ask this question to my mother when she was alive. About 5 years back, I asked this question to my aunt and her reply was that my father used to gather his like-minded friends in our house for music sessions during which they would sing some of the popular songs of Hindi films of 40s with musical instruments like harmonium, violin and tabla providing the background music. Sometimes the musical sessions would continue after dusk under the wick kerosene lantern. My guess is that these songs may have been stored in my mother’s memory after listening to them quite often. Really, music has no boundary in terms of language and culture.

In early 70s, I was deep into collecting the 78 rpm records of the Hindi film songs of the golden era and at that time, I was lucky to get a brand new 78 rpm record of JAWAAB (1942). And what a find ! On its one side was the very song ‘kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa’ which I was yearning to have in my collection to proudly tell my mother that this was the gramophone record of the song which she was singing quite often. I was so thrilled with my new acquisition that as soon as I returned home, I played this record on my HMV Safari transistor cum turntable making sure that my mother listened to the full song. I remember telling her that she was mispronouncing some of the words while singing this song.

Three songs from the film JAWAAB (1942) have already been discussed. Here is another song written by Bekal and set to music by Kamal Das Gupta which was sung by actor-singer Kanan Devi. This song is one more example of how a simple lyrics, effortless rendition and the minimum use of musical instruments in the composition can create a maximum impact on the listeners. The video clip, though not very clean, does give us a good audio quality. The dialogue between P C Barua and Kanan Devi preceding the song gives some background about the song picturisation. The song is a continuum rather than obstructive in the smooth flow of the film story. I came to know that a couple of lines from this song was also sung by Kamal Dasgupta with Kanan Devi singing a part of another song from this film ‘ae chaand chhup naa jaanaa’. Although this is not a ‘version’ song, I have included this video clip mainly for readers to listen to the voice of Kamal Dasgupta which I liked.

Whenever I listen to this song on YT, my mother’s voice echos in my ears the moment the line ‘tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa’ comes on the video clip. In a way, this is my mother’s remembrance song for me.

Video clip ( Kanan Devi)

Video clip ( Kamal Dasgupta, Kanan Devi)

Song-Kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa (Jawaab)(1942) Singer-Kanan Devi, Lyrics-Bekal Utsaahi, MD-Kamal Dasgupta

Kanan Devi version
kuchh yaad rahe
kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa
aa aa aa aa aa
haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa
kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa

bhool sake to bhool hi jaanaa
kyaa bhooli hoon bhool bataanaa
bhool sake to bhool hi jaanaa
kyaa bhooli hoon bhool bataanaa
dard diyaa jo
dard diyaa hai lekar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa

kyaa swapn rahegaa swapn jo dekhaa
kaise bataaon kyaa kyaa dekhaa
swapn rahegaa swapn jo dekhaa
kaise bataaon kyaa kyaa dekhaa
dekhoon kuchh phir
dekhoon kuchh aisaa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa

tum paas thhe phir bhi door rahe
majboor thhe ham majboor rahe
tum paas thhe phir bhi door rahe
majboor thhe ham majboor rahe
kyaa samjhoon main
kyaa samajhoon samajhaakar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa

Kamal Dasgupta, Kanan Devi duet version
kyaa swapn rahegaa swapn jo dekhaa
kaise bataaoon kyaa kyaa dekhaa
dekhoon kuchh phir
dekhoon kuchh aisaa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa
tu haan kar jaa yaa naa kar jaa

ae sone waale sonaa
jab tak jee chaaye sonaa
ae sone waale sonaa
jab tak ee chaaye sonaa
kal din ki roshni mein
itna dukh ka gham donaa
taiyaar ho safar ko
taiyaar ho safar ko
tujhko main raah dikhaaun
ae chaand chhup naa jaanaa
jab tak main geet gaaun
ye saaz zindagi kaa
jee bhar ke main bajaaun
ae chaand chhup naa jaanaa


15 Responses to "Kuchh yaad rahe to sun kar jaa"

I never heard this song before, but mere pitaji se Jawab movie ke baare mein bachpan mein bahut kuch suna hai. He would just talk about Barua and Kanan Devi and the story. At that age, I was not paying too much attention, lekin ab itne saalon ke baad yeh sab gaane sunke sukun milta hai. Thanks for posting. Bahut dino ke baad aap ka gana blog mein dekha. It’s a great joy to read your article and info. If Atulji can reload the video, it would be great.

Thanks for your appreciation.


The sentences regarding your mother are very touching. I became emotional while reading those words.

God bless you and your mother.

regards & lot`s of love

I felt the same when I sat for deciphering the lyrics of this song.
Thanks for your blessings.

Kamath ji,
Thank you for a well written note.I do understand your sentimental attachment to this song,which is associated with your mother’s memories.
JAWAB-1942 was a M.P.production film owned jointly by Madhukar Chatterjee and Prathamesh Barua (that’s why it was named M-P ).This popular film firmly established this production co. as a foremost producer of social films in Bengal.
Jawab was made a Bi-Lingual film.Hindi Version was Jawab and the Bengali name was SHESH UTTAR. the Music director was same for both versions and some songs,notably the most famous Kanana Devi’s song,”Yeh duniya Toofaan Mail” was made in same tune also in Bengali.
When I saw the Bengali version of the film,I got the Bangla version of the Song recorded,so I have both the Hindi as well as Bengali versions of Toofan Mail-in audio.
Prathamesh Chandra Barua,a leading Actor/Director of Bengal Cinema made successful films on the problems of Rich and upper class families.The Heroes of such films did nothing(they did not need also) for a living and had peculiar problems,for example-Devdas-35 and Mukti-37.
Jawab was PCB’s last major film with such theme.
The Music was by Kamal Dasgupta-a Muslim composer from East Bengal who was very famous and popular in that period in Bengal and elsewhere due to his film and Non film music to many iconic songs.he gave music to most NFS of Fayyaz sung by Talat,Hemant,jagmohan,P.Mullick etc.At the end of career Kamal Dasgupta migrated to Dhaka,Bangla Desh in 1958 and died there only.
The Lyrics of this film were written by Pt.Madhur-whose real name was Budhichandra Agarwal.
A rich,selfabsorbed and introvert Manoj(PCB) is sent to his future in-laws’ town for recovery,but loses his way and lands in a small town.The Railway station master gives him shelter and his daughter Meena(Kanan devi) tends him.He falls in her love.
Meanwhile search for him starts at both places and Rambha(Jamuna) with whom he was to get married,arrives in his town. There is a confrontation between Jamuna,PCB and Kanan Devi and both ladies want an answer(JAWAB) from him as to whom he has chosen.
needless to say that seeing the earthy,worldwise Kanan compared to rich,arrogant Jamuna,he wisely chooses Kanan Devi only.
It was a very interesting and simple film which became hit in both languages,due to its songs mainly.

Thanks for the details of the film. I am happy to note that the film was a hit.

I guess, there were two lyricists for this film – Pt Madhur and Bekal. As per 78 rpm record I have with me, the name of the lyricist is printed as ‘Bekal’ for this song as well as for ‘ae chaand chhup naa jaanaa’. (Megaphone record No.ING 10004.)

Kamath ji,
yes,there were 2 Lyricists in Jawab.
One was Pt.Madhur and the second was Bekal Utsahi,whose real name was Mohd.Shafi Khan.Bekal had written 3 songs-
1. aaj sasur ghar jai be re Bhikhu
2. kuch yaad rahe to and
3. Door desh ka rahnewala… This also had become a very famous duet of K.Devi and Asit Baran.
Bekal Utsahi was awarded “Padmashri” in 1976 for his poetry.
He was from U.P.

reply to kamath ji…..
Only 2 records had been made, each having 2 songs written by Madhur and Bekal.

Thanks for the information about Bekal . I did not know his real name until now.

You are correct. The other song written by Bekal was ‘door desh kaa rahanewale’ which is on the other side of the record and NOT ‘ae chaand chhup naa jaanaa’ as erroneously mentioned by me earlier.

Sorry for the mix up.

Name of P C Barua was Pramathesh Chandra Barua and not Prathamesh.It’s not a big mistake but the meaning differs.
We had both the records of this movie when I was a child and I felt very nostalgic while reading the write-ups and listening the tunes.
Thanks to all of you so much!

Many thanks to Sadanandji for reviving the memories of my childhood also (fifties!), when songs of ‘Jawab’ were played in our family music sessions also. ‘Ae chaand chhup na jaana’ was my mother’s favourite too. I can recall our sitting round the gramaphone, taking turns to wind it, with my father taking the responsibilties of changing the needle as required. It was an unwritten rule that the session would end with “Toofaan Mail”; the train’s coming to stop at the station at the end of the song signaling the end of the music session!

Thanks to Sri Deshmukh for the details about “Jawab”, a film I never got to see.



Sadanand ji

Kaisi kaisi yaadein hain is gaane se judi huyin – wonderful memories and what wonderful music. Thanks for sharing. ‘Jawab’ and its songs have been very close to my heart too, especially this song by Kanan Devi, a song that I have treasured from my earlier years of listening to the radio.

Thanks so much for pointing us to this clip with the leading intro to this song.


Sadanand Ji,
Absolutely loved your post. Your nostalgia about your mother singing, this song ( and others) moved me. Yes we all have memories of this sort.
I do now recall this song, though it was not stored well in memory. Charming song
Thanks a lot for the post
K S Shenoy


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