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Aaj milan ki raat hai raat hai

Posted on: April 3, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

KEECHAKVADH (1959) as the name of the film suggests, was a mythological film. It was produced in Marathi and Hindi versions by Balasaheb (P K) Pathak under the banner of Manik Studios and directed by Yeshwant Pethkar. The star cast included Baburao Pendharkar (Keechak), Sumati Gupte (Draupadi), Shobhna Samarth (Sudeshna), Vishwas Kunte, Vimla Kumari, Helen etc. I had seen the Marathi version of the film on the internet mainly to get to know the song situation of the iconic song ‘dhund madhumati’. In that process, I had to see the full film as this particular song was almost at the end of the film before Keechak is killed by Bheem. I had no regret in watching the full film as the crisp screen-play made the already known story a still interesting one to watch.

The film’s story is a part of the epic Mahabharat and starts with Pandavas completing their 12 years of exile to proceed for one year in agyaatwas (to live incognito). They take shelter in King Virata’s palace in the Matsya kingdom in disguise. Keechak, the commander-in-chief of the Matsya kingdom is infatuated with Draupadi (who works as a maid to the queen Sudeshna) when he sees her in a temple. He pleads with his sister queen Sudeshna to send Draupadi to his palace. Sudeshna reluctantly accedes to his demand and forces Draupadi to visit Keechak’s palace on the pretext of bringing some wine from there. She is molested by him but she runs away from the palace to King Virat’s royal court for justice. But King Virat being a weak king and all the important decisions relating to his kingdom being taken by his brother-in-law Keechak, he was helpless.

Shaken by the treatment she received in the royal court, Draupadi goes back to Queen’s palace and meets Bheem ( working in the royal kitchen in the guise of a Cook)and the two together hatch a plan to kill Keechak. Draupadi goes to Keechak’s Palace to entice him and tells him to come to his dance room in the night where she will meet him. Bheem goes early in the dance room spreading a woman’s linen as a blanket over a dummy on the bed and waits for Keechak to come to the dance room. After not finding Draupadi, Keechak goes near the bed and pull out the blanket when Bheem comes out in open to chellenge him for a dual in which he kills Keechak.

‘Aaj milan ki raat hai raat hai’ (‘dhund madhumati raat re nath re’ in the Marathi version of the film) is a raag malkaunsa based background song as Keechak enters the dance room searching for Draupadi who is waiting behind a pillar unseen by Keechak. Some of the lines in the song such as ‘aa jaa re aa mat der lagaa ye gadiyaan naa beet jaaye’ is of double entrendre giving a seductive invite to Keechak while for Bheema, it is a reminder of the timely task he has to perform in killing Keechak. The set is very impressive with artistic ornate as the backdrop in keeping with the dance room decor. The song is a perfect blend of seductive wordings of Bharat Vyas and soothing voice of Lata Mangeshkar. Master Krishnarao has translated this blend by his masterly woven composition.

By the way, Sumati Gupte was the wife of Hindi and Marathi film producer Vasant Joglekar. Meera Joglekar was their daughter who was a lead actor in Vasant Joglekar’s ‘Ek Kali Muskaayi’ (1968).

Song-Aaj milan ki raat hai (Keechak Vadh)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Master Krishnarao


aaj milan ki raat hai
raat hai
ho o o
aaj milan ki raat hai
raat hai
adhar na bole
bhed na khole
adhar na bole
bhed na khole
naino se
ae ae ae ae
nainon se baat hai
baat hai raat hai
ho o o
aaj milan ki raat hai
raat hai

jal ki lahariya jhoom rahi hai
jal ki lahariya jhoom rahi hai
chandra kiran ko choom rahi hai
choom rahi hai
aa aa aa aa
o tere payaase
pyaas bujha le
pyaas bujha le
madira ki barsaat hai
raat hai
ho o o
aaj milan ki raat hai
raat hai

aa aa aa
aa jaa re aa
mat der lagaa
aajaa re aa
mat der lagaa
ye ghadiyaan na beet kahin jaaye re
chamkenge laakhon chandaa
chamkenge lakhon chandaa magar
ye raat kabhi phir na aaye re
aa aa aa
dhamak rahi hai
paaon mein paayal
paaon mein paayal
mehndi range mere haath hain
raat hai
ho o o
aaj milan ki raat hain
raat hai
ho o o
aaj milan ki raat hai
raat hai


3 Responses to "Aaj milan ki raat hai raat hai"

Kamath ji,
This is my fav Marathi song.It had become so popular in no time that later it was considered as a Bhavgeet,forgetting that it was a Chitrapat geet.
Thanks for posting the Hindi version.
There is one small point.This is a song based on Raag Bhoop and NOT Malkauns.
The swarawali of these 2 Raagas is similar-
Malkauns-Sa,komal Ga,Ma,Komal Dha,Komal Ni,Sa and
Bhoop-Sa,Re,Ga,P,Dha,Sa. There are no komal swar in Bhoop.
The tonic note (Sa) is different,it is actuallyDha.
A phenomena called “MOORCHHANA” is operative in this song.This phenomena is described as-
“Raag Bhoop ke swarawali(Scale) mein ‘shudha gandhar ‘ ko ‘Sa’ maankar,same scale gaane/bajaane ke baad Raag Malkauns ka abhas hota hai”.
When I was learning classical music,our Guruji always cautioned us about this phenomena.Though later,I left the Riyaaz etc long back,I have not forgotten some basic principles.
Whenever Lata sang this song in any programme,she used to specify this Raaga and gave its explanation too.
I checked the You Tube song just now and there also it is mentioned BHOOP RAAG.
It is a minor point and whatever the Raaga,the melody of the song is not diminished,for sure !

Kamath ji,

A small correction is needed.The actor playing KEECHAK is not Bhalchandra Pendharkar but Baburao Pendharkar. He was a cousin of V.Shantaram and also step-brother of Master Vinayak (Nanda’s father)

You are correct.
Thanks for pointing out.

Please carry out the correction in the write up.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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