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Jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye

Posted on: April 4, 2012

The regulars of the blog know it by now that I miss no opportunity to gloat about my pets. And such opportunities present themselves in the form of songs featuring dogs and cats. My pets seem to have become popular, guazing by the fact that regulars tell me about various dog songs that they come across.

Raja recently informed me about a dog song. Thinking that it was not enough of a hint, he sent me the lyrics of this song. To make sure that I took the hint, he sent me the translation of the song too for the benefit of non Hindi speakers, since some of the greatest dog lovers need the translation to enjoy the song.

Personally I discovered that song a few months back and I was saving that song for a special occasion. But seeing that almost every day is a special day and almost every song is a special song, I may as well discuss this song now.

I believe that this song is one of the best dog songs that I have come across in Hindi movies. In the song, the dog plays an active role and he in fact plays the central role in the picturisation. The dog in fact gets a few lines of his own in this song to lip sync ! 🙂

This song is from “Chattan Singh” (1974) which was a B grade movie of 1970s. It was an Anubhav Films presentation. It was directed by Kedar Kapoor and the cast included Vinod Mehra, Yogita Bali, Sunder, Aruna Irani, Ajit, Premnath, Roopesh Kumar, Urmila Bhatt, Raj Tilak, Mohan Choti, Jagdish Raaj, Jaishree T. etc.

Coming to the song, the song shows Vinod Mehra and Yogita Bali enter into a lovers’ tiff. They have their dog called Moti and they ask Moti to act as the arbitrator and ask him to decide about their relationship.

The song, sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle has Vinod Mehra and Yogita Bali seeking the opinion of the dog about their relationship and the dog offers his wise counsel in the forms of whispers, “bow wow” and other such dog speak comprehensible to the warring parties.

By the time the song comes to an end, the duo have buried their hatchet much to the bemusement of Moti the dog, who then races away towards the car, with his parting advice to the duo being “pyaar karo pyaar karo…”.

The song is supposed to be a romantic fun song. Personally I think that this song is far more special than that, even though this fact has not been fully appreciated.

The lovers seek the advice of their dog on a matter as important as their personal relationship. And what can be a better creature than the mankind’s best friend to offer such advice !

Those who think that a dog is just an animal subservient to mankind do not know what they are missing. I have been constantly harping on the fact that dogs are far more intelligent that they are given credit for. It is upto the mankind to make the most of their intelligence.

Personally we do not need our dogs to resolve our family problems. So that leaves us to make use of the skills of our pets in lighter affairs, like playing games etc.

Recently I saw a video where Ted Lyons, a well known dancer of Hindi movies in 1960s was dancing with his dog, much to the appreciation of his visitors. The dog, dressed in red skirt matched Ted steps for steps.

When I showed that video to my wife, she opined that Ted’s dog was a professional dancer, and it was not possible for every dog to perform such dancing tricks.

My wife dressed Bhhole in skirts and tried to make him dance. Bhhole, a macho male dog did not like being cross dressed. Not one to let any barking opportunities go by, Bhhole stopped barking when the milkman came to deliver milk. Bhhole did not even follow his natural instinct of going to the door to bark at the milkman, because Bhhole felt conscious of his feminine dress which was bound to make him a laughing stock in the eyes of the milkman. Bhhole was worried that the milkman would tell all people and dogs about his feminine dress and that would mean Bhhole will have no izzat left in the neighbourhood.

Bhhole, like macho heroes of Hindi movies could not dance to save his life, but ask him to fight, race, play etc, and Bhhole is a natural. My wife decided that Bhhole should play football with my daughter. So both players got ready to play football with a tiny soft ball. My daughter was dressed in while T shirt and orance shorts and Bhhole was dressed in red shorts. Bhhole, dressed in masculine dress this time, felt quite comfortable in his dress and he proudly let his photo be taken alongwith his human opponent. Chhote, watching from the gallery also joined in the photo session.

Photo session over, the referee cum cameraperson (my wife) whistled and the two players started jostling for the ball. Bhhole fought tooth and nail (literally). It was a hard fought match and Bhhole would triumphantly grab the ball in his mouth whenever his human opponent made slightest of errors in keeping the ball with her.

Chhote and nuppy formed part of the audience. nuppy did not show much interest in the goings on but Chhote was quite interested. His interest was not on the match but on the shorts of Bhhole. Chhote left his vantage position on the couch and went closer to the players. Chhote’s attention was focussed on Bhhole’s shorts and he tried hard to pull Bhhole’s shorts down. Bhhole tolerated him for some time but after a few moments, he barked at Chhote asking him to go away and mind his own business.

In case people think I am making up all these stories about Bhhole, Chhote and nuppy, here is the video of the football match that Bhhole played. This will give our readers a first look at my three pets. nuppy, the tiny cat, Chhote, the while dog and Bhhole the brown dog- the one playing football, can be seen in this clip.

I almost forgot that I was discussing a dog song from “Chattan Singh”. Here is the wonderful song from Chattan Singh. The cynosure of all eyes in the picturisation of this song is undoubtedly Moti the dog, who looks like a distant ancestor of Bhhole.

Verma Malik is the lyricist and Kalyanji Anandji composed this nice song.

As mentioned above, Raja provided the lyrics as well as the translation of this song.

I am sure people will love the dogs that figure in this write up. They deserve all the love that comes their way.

Bhhole the footballer


Song-Jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye (Chattan Singh)(1974) Singers-Kishore Kumar,Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Kalyanji Anandji
Kishore Kumar + Asha Bhonsle

Lyrics(Provided by Raja)

moti moti moti
ek kaam kar
ham dono ka faisla kara de
main bhi yehi chaahti hoon

jab koi ladki
jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye
jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye
raaton ko sapnon mein aaye
aur din ko paas na aaye
bataa de mere Moti main kya karoon
bataa de mere Moti main kya karoon
haan haan ,
samajh gayaa!
pyaar karoon na?

jab koi ladkaa
jab koi ladkaa roz roz hi aake mujhe sataaye
banke Romeo shaam sawerey peechhe hi pad jaaye
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon

bow wow wow wow
Haan, samjhi! Gussa karoon na?

ye to bataa de kya mausam buraa hai
bow wow
ye to bataa de kya mausam buraa hai
jo mausam achha hai to kya mauka buraa hai
bow wow
phir kyun hai itni doori
arrey kaisi ye majboori
kya milnaa nahin zaroori
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon

jab koi ladkaa
jab koi ladkaa roz roz hi aake mujhe sataaye
banke Romeo shaam saverey peechhe hi pad jaaye
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon

poochho Moti iss se,
ye kyaa maangtaa hai

bow wow
poochho na!
poochho Moti iss se,
ye kyaa maangtaa hai
mohabbat kya hoti hai,
kyaa jaantaa hai
bow wow
isko bolo jaaye,
ye pyaar seekh kea aye
Ye mujhko na sataaye
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon
bataa de mere Moti
main kya karoon

jab koi ladki
jab koi ladkaa
Jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye
banke Romeo shaam saverey peechhe hi pad jaaye
bataa de mere Moti hum kya karen
bataa de mere Moti hum kya karen
bataa de mere Moti hum kya karen

Pyaar karo, pyaar karo, pyaar karo
karo Pyaar karo, pyaar karo, pyaar karo

Translation:(Provided by Raja)

When a girl constantly makes my heart go wild
When she comes in my dreams at night but tortures me during the day
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Ah, I got it! I should love her, right?


When a boy comes to me everyday and teases me
Trying to be a Romeo, he just does not leave me alone
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Ah, I got it! I should get angry right?


Moti, tell me, is something wrong with the weather?
If not, is something wrong with the occasion?
Then why so much distance
What is the compulsion
Isn’t it necessary to meet?
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do


Moti, ask him what he wants
Ask him!
Does he even know what love is?
Tell him to go and first learn about love
Tell him to not trouble me anymore
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do
Tell me, my Moti, what should I do

He: When a girl constantly makes my heart go wild

She: Trying to be a Romeo, he just does not leave me alone


Tell me, my Moti, what should we do?
Tell me, my Moti, what should we do?


18 Responses to "Jab koi ladki baar baar mere dil ko tadpaaye"

Atul ji,
Very good !
I mean the write up and VDO of the Football match-not the song(I have yet to see and listen to the song).
Your commentary is so interesting,that while reading,I was visualising the entire match.You have also caught right the disinclination of Bhole to wander about crossdressed,being a Male ! I am sure,he must have exactly worried what if this news spread outside and how he would handle its aftermath (Log kya kahenge ?).Very funny indeed.
Thanks for also noting the reactions of Chhote and Nuppy to the match.It would have been nice to know what was Chhote and Nuppy’s reaction to Bhole’s Helenesque attire too !

Thanks for your appreciation and understanding of Bhhole’s feelings, and also Chhote’s reaction to it. As one can see from the video, Chhote was intent on pulling down the trousers of Bhhole. Perhaps Chhote was uncomfortable since he could not see the tail of Bhhole and wanted to pull down the short to assure himself that Bhhole’s tail was intact.

Pehli Baar suna yeh interesting gaana
thank you Rajaji and Atulji

Fantastic video and write up. I have seen only “Bhhole the Footballer” video, so would comment only on that first. (Sorry Rajaji). Thanks for sharing your pets with us. One thing I have to admit- your daughter is so good playing ball. She has a good foot skill with ball. She can be an excellent coach for soccer (may be it’s called rugby/football in India). The way she was dribbling the ball, felt like she is playing a sport for a long. My boys has played soccer till they were in high school. Older one played soccer for 5 years and switched to basketball for remaining 5 years of his school, and another one played only soccer for 10 years and still coaching elementary school kids. Thanks again for sharing Bhhole, Chhote and Nuppy. BTW, my son adopted a cat few months back. I was not happy as he is a medical student and I thought he would not have enough time to take care of her. But he told me that she was in a shelter house for few months and as nobody was showing up to adopt, they were thinking of putting her to sleep (I hate that word). So, he rescued her, and hearing this story, I felt proud of Him. During my school days in India, we had 5 cats and my uncle had two dogs, so I know how it feels to have dogs and cats as a pet.

My daughter is a champion sprinter of her class and also a star Kho kho player for her school. On discovering that she could sprint well, she has used Bhhole as her training partner for sprinting. She complained to her mother that Bhhole would not run as instructed. It was seen that Bhhole after running a distance would stop and wait for her to catch up. Bhhole had quickly grasped the fact that humans were not as quick as him and so he would wait for his human racing partner to catch up with him before running again.

So, my observation and guess was right. I can see a future kho kho champion in her. Bhhole is so sensible! Zameen pe bhale hi woh tej bhaag sakta ho lekin paani mein aapki beti isko hara sakti hai. (I felt like you are taking Bhhole’s side, so I am trying to support your daughter 🙂 )

Heard this song after many many years. You found the perfect song our Atulji. I never knew that a dog can be a “counselor” for love birds. (And that also free of charge) And looking at the result, looks like not a bad idea. 🙂

The football video is missing, can you set it right? Very much interested in watching the antics of your pets and daughter.

The space meant for the video was blank for long time, so I assumed there is an issue there. But after sometime it loaded and I could watch the game. Both the players are good. And it was lovely to see Chhote and Nuppy sitting close to each other peacefully. Wish all human beings had the same approach as them ..

When the three were pups and kitten respectively, they would snuggle up together on a small basket. Now that they have grown up, they like to have their own space. For some reason Bhhole no longer is on good terms with Nuppy, but Chhote and Nuppy are still quite close.

What a fantastic write-up and video this is. I first clicked on the video to see the dogs/cat, then to see the football game – and only then I read the write-up. That made it even more fun because of the way Atul has described the course of events.. 🙂 Atul, you should get into commentary. Much more interesting than Mr. going-to-the-wire. 😉

This is one of the best posts here ever – and that’s not because of the song (which is nice in its own right) but because of the video and write-up. Dekh ke / padh ke dil khush ho gaya! 🙂

Bhhole and Chhote have been through several other funny incidences since then. I will describe them too at the appropriate moments. And there are a few more interesting photos/ videos of them too.

Hope to see those pictures soon.

Wah wah wah! Of course I love this post, and love Raja for pestering you to post it and for translating the lyrics! 🙂 My dog Gilda has observed at the dog park that one of our neighbor dogs, Banjo (who is a dachshund), sits up on his hind legs to get a treat from his owner. Now she too goes and sits up on her hind legs for a treat from Banjo’s owner, but she refuses to do it for me! They are so observant, thank GOD they can’t talk!

They can communicate even if they cannot talk. It is just that we cannot understand them. Dogs can communicate with each other quite well. And as I have observed, dogs and cats too can communicate with each other.

Oh yes, I didn’t mean to say they don’t communicate, they quite clearly do even if we are too stupid to always understand. But I actually think that we are better off not always knowing what they are thinking (or maybe that’s just me) 😀 Have you seen that hilarious Dog/Cat Diary?

This cat diary is funny. This cat dreams of escaping but he is not allowed to. My cat on the other hand is thrown out of the house daily, but his dream is to somehow enter the house by hook or crook. It is the dogs who dream of going out of home. But like small kids, even they begin to miss home as it gets dark. 🙂

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