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Khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera

Posted on: April 21, 2012

“Amar” (1954) was a Mehboob Productions movie. It was directed by Mehboob Khan. The movie had Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Madhubala, Jayant, Ulhas, Mukri, Amar, Shakeel Nomani, Husn Banu, Murad etc in it.

Yesterday I discussed a song from this movie and went overboard thinking that all the songs of the movie were covered. It was pointed out to me that one song still remained.

Here is the remaining song from “Amar” (1954). This nice melancholic song is sung by Lata. Only the audio of the song is available, but I am informed that this song was picturised on MadhubalaNimmi. Simple sounding, but effective lyrics of this song are penned by Shakeel Badayuni. Naushad is the music director.
PS-Thanks to Raja providing me with the video link, now it is clear that the song is picturised on Nimmi.

With this 10th a nd final song from “Amar” (1954) discussed in the blog, here I go to colour code the name of the movie in the list of movies to indicate that all songs of this blog are now represented in the blog.



Song-Khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera (Amar)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


khaamosh hai khewanhaaar meraa
naiyya meri doobi jaaati hai

khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera
khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera
naiyya meri doobi jaati hai
naiyya meri doobi jaati hai
zinda hoon magar
ab jeene ki ummeed bhi tooti jaati hai
khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera

saahil ki tamanna thhi mujhko
majhdhaar mein beda ja pahunchaa
jeene ki duaayen kya maangoon
paani to galey tak aa pahuncha
dil dhoondh raha hai duniya ko
duniya hai ke chhooti jaati hai
naiyya meri doobi jaati hai
khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera

gham apna zabaan tak laa na sakoon
sansaar ko munh dikhla na sakoon
ghutata hai jo dam
rukte hain qadam
badhte hain qadam
rukte hain qadam
ghutata hai jo dam
rukte hain qadam
manzil ki taraf bhi ja na sakoon
bhatka huaa raahi jaan ke ab
taqdeer bhi roothhi jaati hai
naiyya meri doobi jaati hai
khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera

charnon mein hai tere laaj meri
sun aaj zara fariyaad meri
tu door nahin majboor nahin
nagri hai magar barbaad meri
kyaa yoon hi ghareebon ki duniya
sansaar mein looti jaati hai
zinda hoon magar ab jeene ki
ummeed bhi tooti jaati hai
khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera


5 Responses to "Khaamosh hai khewanhaar mera"

I believe it was picturised on Nimmi.

With just the audio to go by, we cannot tell for sure, seeing that one member mentioned Madhubala’s name. It could well have been Nimmi.

Here is the video. It is indeed Nimmi.

Thanks for the video. That settles it. 🙂

My bad, assuming it was picturised on Madhubala. Goes to show, when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME :D. My apologies to all.

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