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Mann doley mera tann doley

Posted on: June 15, 2012

I have discussed as many as eight songs from “Naagin” (1954) and all of them are iconic songs. I thought that all the iconic songs from this movie have already been discussed. So it comes as a huge surprise to me to realise that the song “Mann doley mera tann doley” from “Naagin” (1954) has not yet been discussed.

“Naagin”(1954) was a Filmistan movie and it was easily one of the biggest hits of this production house. The movie was directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal. The movie had Pradeep Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Jeevan, Mubarak, Sulochana, I. S. Johar, Krishna Kumari, S. L. Puri, Ramavtar, Kamal etc in it.

This song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Vyjyanti Mala of course. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Hemant Kumar. Many well known music directors of future, viz Ravi, Kalyanji etc were in the music team of Hemant Kumar in this movie. The magical spell of “been” music that this song cast over music lovers has not yet been broken even today, more than half a century later.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Mann doley mera tann doley (Naagin)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Hemant Kumar

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

mann doley mera tann doley
mere dil ka gaya qaraar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya
mann doley mera tan doley
mere dil ka gaya qaraar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya

madhur madhur sapnon mein dekhi
maine raah naweli
madhur madhur sapnon mein dekhi
maine raah naweli
chhod chali main laaj ka pehra
jaane kahaan akeli
chali main jaane kahaan akeli
ras gholey dhun yoon boley
jaise thandi pade phuhaar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya
man doley mera tan doley
mere dil ka gaya qaraar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya

qadam qadam par rang sunehra
yeh kis ne bikhraaya
naagin ka man bas karne
yeh kaun sapera aaya

qadam qadam par rang sunehra
yeh kis ne bikhraaya
naagin ka man bas karne
yeh kaun sapera aaya
na jaane kaun sapera aaya
pag doley dil yoon boley
tera hoke raha shikaar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya
man doley mera tan doley
mere dil ka gaya qaraar re
yeh kaun bajaaye baansuriya

7 Responses to "Mann doley mera tann doley"

The ‘been’ music was /is certainly immortal! Did you know that it was played by Kalyanji Virji Shah?!


Another version says that it was played by Ravi.


This is arguably the most famous/iconic song of this movie. The been dhun isplayed by Kalyanji and Ravi.
But important point is that “Been” was not used for music of this song/tune ,instead it was “ClaVioline” which was used to produce that been sound,by Kalyan ji .Part of the tune was played on Harmonium by “Ravi” .Both of these Music directors were assistant of Hemant Da in this Movie.


Truly a monumental, era-defining song.
One may add this song to “How come this song was not posted earlier” category as well as tag it as a “Been song” ,

I believe it was Hemant Kumar’s debut movie as a music director in Hindi cinema. What a magnificent & historic debut it turned out ot be.

Kalyanji had a special penchant for been music as evident in Madari’s Dil Lootne Wale Jadugar; Sunheri Nagin’s Been Na Bajana Yeh Jadoo; and Ishaara’s Hey Abdullah Nagin Wala Aa Gaya. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise if it was discovered that he had a hand in the ‘been’ played in this particular song.


Hemant Kumar’s Hindi debut movie as a music director was ANAND MATH (1952).


Atif ji,
Hemant Kumar debuted in Hindi films with AnandMath-1952.
In 1954 he composed music for Ferry,Samrat and Shart before
Nagin was released.
In the first week,Nagin was a flop and the music also was not famous.Shashadhar mukherjee ordered 1000 sets of records and distributed them free in big hotels in many cities. In a week’s time the music became a hit as it was heard by people dai in day out from the hotels.After Nagin HK’s 2 more films,Daku ki Larki and Jagriti also came in 1954.Withe these films HK became so famous and rich that he constructed his own Bungalow,”Geetanjali” on the 14th Road,Khar in Bombay.
Nagin was also the first Hindi film in which electronic instruments were used first time in India.
After Nagin,HK always used Flute,Clay-violin and mendolin in his songs.


SK & AD, thank you both for correcting me. I don’t know what was I thinking, making such a blooper. Anand Math, Shart, Jagriti, etc. are all very familiar names. Perhaps I should have had a strong cup of coffee before leaving any comments:-). Still a mega faux pas.


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