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Mere pehlu mein hai zindagaani

Posted on: July 28, 2012

“Elaan”(1947) was produced and directed by Mehboob Khan. The movie had Surendra, Munawwar Sultana, Zebunissa, Agha, Shahnawaz, W. M. Khan, Leela Mishra, Rita, Shaheda, Subhasini, Reehan, Mohammad Afzal etc in it.

Here is a song from this movie. It is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewaali. It is picturised as a mujra song. I am unable to identify the lady playing the mujrawaali. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.

Zia Sarhadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.

Curiously enough, this song does not figure in the list of “Elaan” (1947) songs of HFGK even though this song is very much there in the movie. On the other hand, another song “Boodhhaa boodhhaa..” is mentioned in HFGK which is not there in the movie.

I sent my query to our own researcher extraordinaire Sudhir jee. He burnt lots of midnight oil and contacted lots of people, including HFGK’s Harmandir Singh jee himself to get to the root of the mystery.

After a week long research, Sudhir jee discovered that the audio and video of the song that are available on internet are from the same source and as such they have the same lyrics in them as posted here. Harmandir jee shared the booklet of songs of this movie with Sudhir jee, who then discovered from the booklet that the elusive song “boodhhaa boodhaa…” is nothing but the same song “Mere pehlu mein..”. which begins with the sher

boodhaa boodhaa puraana puraana
dheeli dheeli qamar ki kamaani
haaye re meri utth’ti jawaani
haaye re meri utth’ti jawaani

And then the song follows starting with the lines

mere pehlu mein hai zindgaani
mein bahaaron ki uth’ti jawaani

Sudhir jee then decided to dig into his audio collection. And then he discovered that he had acquired the audio of this song from one of his music collector friends and the audio of this song in fact had a much longer lead in to the song than even what was mentioned in the HFGK ! There are no less than three and a half sher preceding the mujra and not just one sher as contained in the booklet. So the lyrics of this song becomes much longer now, over three minutes long.

Sudhir jee sent me the lyrics of these preceding sher and uploaded the full audio.

So now here it is, the full song on internet for the first time, and it also confirms that the entry of HFGK mentions this very same song, but with a different entry.

Full Audio


Song-Mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani (Elaan)(1947) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Zia Sarhadi, MD-Naushad

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

haseen hona bhi yaaro
is jahaan mein ik museebat hai
jisey dekho ye kehta hai
mujhe tum se mohabbat hai

tawaaif ek hai aur
chaahne waale hazaaron hain
jawaan kya mujh pe boodhon ki bhi kuchh
nazre inaayat hain
mera aashiq raheemaa kabaabi
mua charsi afeemi sharaabi
boodhaa boodhaa puraana puraana
dheeli dheeli qamar ki kamaani
haaye re meri utth’ti jawaani
haaye re meri utth’ti jawaani

mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani
main bahaaron ki uth’ti jawaani
main bahaaron ki uth’ti jawaani
mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani
mere pehloo mein hai

jhilmilaata hua ik sitaara
main mohabbat ka pehla ishaara
phool sunte hain meri kahaani
baagh mein bulbulon ki zubaani
baagh mein bulbulon ki zubaani
mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani
mere pehloo mein hai

meri chunri ka rang hai unaabi
mera jubana sharaabi gulaabi
mere lab phool ki pankhadiyaan hain
main mohabbat ki mehengi nishaani
main mohabbat ki mehengi nishaani
mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani
mere pehloo mein hai

mera ghar mele thhelon ki basti
aashiqon ke jhamelon ki basti
ban sanwar kar nikalti hoon jab main
sab ke munh mein bhar aata hai paani
sab ke munh mein bhar aata hai paani
mere pehloo mein hai zindagaani
mere pehloo mein hai

7 Responses to "Mere pehlu mein hai zindagaani"

This is an educated guess…she could be Shaheda. She made only one film Elaan.


Th missing word is:

mere ghar mele thelon ki basti


I have seen this movie. Intriguing movie – could not place where exactly the story is based. It is a Muslim social – and in typical Mehboob Khan style – has a social message. This time it is about the value of education. It is about a child who is spoilt as a kid and how, when he grows up, he does not respect anybody.

I think the movie did not do well – but I quite liked it. I even did a write-up for one of its songs earlier here.


Atul ji,

Thanks for updating the write up and including the link for the complete song.

Yes, this was a very interesting investigation, and I am glad I am able to pull all the various pieces together to solve this puzzle. As mentioned in my email in response to your query, the Geet Kosh is not 100% complete or accurate. Harmandir ji himself continues to correct and update his personal copy with information he receives from various sources. I have also been exchanging notes with him for such updates, many of which are based on write ups and comments from our blog. Still, I have a strong faith in the research that Harmandir ji has done in the process to pull togehter this monumental compilation.

My search went from the Geet Kosh to online references, then my own audio collection, back to Harmandir ji for the information from the film booklet, and then finally again to my audio collection where I located the complete song recorded from the original 78 rpm.

The digitized version of the film has been put online by MM Video in Karachi (Pakistan), and outside of the original 78 rpm record, this has become the primary reference for this film and its songs. Apparently, the songs posted on Surjit Singh ji’s website are also extracted from this digital version of the film, wherein the leading couplets have either been edited or excluded due to some defect in the original reel print. Since no other digitized version of this film is available so far, when Surjit Singh ji or Narsimhan ji would have extracted the songs from this digitized version of the film, they got this song, minus the lead in sh’er, and the starting line became “Mere Pehlu Mein Hai Zindgaani. . .”.

And of course the best part was rediscovering the complete song, from the original 78 rpm recording.

Well, now the set of songs of this film are complete, and can be so marked on the page List of Songs – Moviewise’.



Yes, it was a fantastic detective work on your part- pure Sherlock Holmes like. 🙂


Sudhir jee,
Thanks for all the troubles and efforts you took to go the root cause of the mystery and solve it.This clearly indicated your tenacity,perseverence and will to do hard work to achieve success.
Thanks once again for all that you did.


Atul ji,

One correction to the additional lyrics I sent for lead in sh’ers.

The line
hua charsi afeemi sharaabi

should read
muaa charsi afeemi sharaabi




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