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Ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa saajanwaa na jaa

Posted on: August 17, 2012

“Ek Thhi Ladki” (1949) was a Shorey Fims Production movie. It was produced and directed by Roop K Shorey. The story line of the movie, ably helped by the stunning music of this song made it a big hit. The movie had Motilal, Meena Shorey, Bharat Bhushan, I S Johar, Kuldeep Kaur, Agha etc in it.

After that, Roop K Shorey tried to replicate the success of this movie by producing movies with similar theme and similar titles in all his subsequent movies, but he could not succeed.

As many as five songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. These include songs like Laara lappa laara lappa laai rakhdaa and Dilli se aaya bhai Tingu .

Here is the sixth song from this movie. This song is a sad song. It is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Meena Shorey. Aziz Kashmiri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vinod.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mr Sadanand Kamath.



Song-Ghir ghir ke aayi badariya saajanwaa na jaa (Ek Thi Ladki)(1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Vinod

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa
roten hain nain baawre
inhen samjaa jaa
roten hain nain baaware
inhen samjaa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa

pehle to aankh milaayi
ab phir kyon aankh churaayi
pehle to aankh milaayi
ab phir kyon aankh churaayi
haathhon mein haathh diyaa hai
laaj nibhaa jaa
haathhon mein haathh diyaa hai
laaj nibhaa jaa
roten hain nain baawre
tu hi samjaa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwa naa jaa

aankhen fariyaad karengi
ro ro kar yaad karengi
ankhen fariyaad karengi
ro ro kar yaad karengi
aankhon ki dhool baalmaa
aa ke bataa jaa
aankhon ki dhool balamaa
aa ke bataa jaa
roten hain nain baawre
inhen samjaa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa
ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa
saajanwaa naa jaa

9 Responses to "Ghir ghir ke aayi badariyaa saajanwaa na jaa"

trying to imitate the melodious voice of Noor jahan, and if someone might have heard this song in 1949 it would been label as NJ song.
But we know better now, singing this at her young age,but she still has so much maturity in her rendition.
She is great, and definitely an icon and a diva in the true sense of the word.


Not only Lata,but most of the young singers in those times were awed by the singing style of Noorjehan and covertly or overtly each one tried to sing in her style.Lata too was impressed tremendously with NJ’s voice and singing style and this she has accepted in many interviews honestly.In those days,whether the female singer wanted or not,the composers used to prompt them to copy NJ.
Of course NJ was NJ !
And Lata is Lata !!


Yes, just like during Meena Kumari times…every one wanted to be MK…lol…
BTW, I just read Usha Timathy interview…as she said she and Ramchandra had sing “aye mere watan ke logo” at their show in Ahemdabad, way before Lata had sing that song.
I only believe the words if that comes direct from them…and here the link.


Derubala ji,
It has become extremely difficult to decide whom to believe.I have an interview of kavi Pradeep,given to mr.Subhash chandra Jadhav and published in the book “Vo Bhooli Dastaan”.
Pradeep says in this interview(I am giving the rough transalation)-
” Aye mere Watan ke Logon is a very strange child of mine.It has given me equal pleasure and mental agony.
After the Chinese aggression,it was decided to do a programme in Delhi for Public to evoke national feelings.A committee was established amd Mehboob khan was the Chairman.Naushad was to present leader song-Apni azadi ko hum hargiz…,SJ was giving Jis desh me…song’Hoton pe sachhai..’,Madanmohan was giving Haqeeqat song-Kar chale hum…
C.Ramchandra was not having any song.he ordered me to write a suitable song.I wrote ‘Aye mere watan ke logon,jara aankh me bhar lo paani,jo shaheed hue hai unki jara yaad karo qurbani’.
In this Mukhda ‘jara aankh me bharlo paani’ created a doubt in our mind whether people will like it-if they think who is this fellow asking us to cry ?Plus this being a very serious song whether it will be liked by all was also oiur worry.
We wanted to keep secrecy of the song lest somebody steals and starts another song writing.We were also ordered to submit Mukhdas of the songs to be presented.We changed the mukhda for the souvenir like-‘aye mere watan ke logon,tum khub laga lo nara,ye shubh din hai hum sub ka,lahra lo Tiranga pyara’ and sent it to the organisers.So till the actual day no one knew the real song
completely.The full song was rehearsed and sung only on that day in Delhi. ”
two things are possible,1. usha/CR must have sung the unreal song with same opening lines or 2. The timing of Usha/CR song at Ahmedabad may be after Delhi event.
A third thing is also possible that they might have sung the song written by Prabhav sharma (the originator of this song in memory of jawans-about which you had given the link earlier).
This song is also becoming an enigma,with so many counter statements.


There are so many stories regarding “aye mere watan ke…”, Some of the journalists have try to get in touch with family of kavi Padeep, to just find out that did he really wrote all the lyrics?
To me, this song is more like “ankho dekha varnan” (eye witness account)…it’s like some one was there…e.g…”.ek ek ko dash ko mara”…the real statistics india lost 114 soldiers while China side was more than 1000.
Besides, Lata wasn’t going to attend that function because next day Meena was getting married.


The song that comes to my mind which Lata Mangeshkar sang closest to Noorjehan style was ‘ek dil ka lagana baaki tha’ (record version) from ‘Anokha Pyaar’ (1948) especially the antaras of the song. For example:

ek baar bhulaana chaaha tha
sau baar wo hamko yaad aaya

Audio link :


Atul ji,
After partition,Roop K Shorey migrated from Lahore to Bombay with many of his team mates like majnu,Aziz Kashmiri,Meena,Vinod etc.
EK THI LADKI-1949 was his First major success in India.It was a suspense drama,made into a very hilarious musical by the exuberance of Meena,the extraordinary music of Vinod and the unique comedy of Johar-Majnu-or the Indian jodi of Bing crosby and Bob Hope.
The plot was very simple.An orphaned girl Meena sees the murder of a Businessman in an office.She runs away form police who are after her,but is caught by the killers and rescued from the police.These croocks enter a posh hotel as A princess and her staff.Meena escapes from them and lands in tMotilal’s office,where she gets employed as his steno.Motilal promptly falls in her love,against the wishes of his Boss’s daufhter Kuldip kaur.
The rest of the story details the episodes of their love story,interspersed with scenes of the murder culprits attempting to get meena again,her secapades and the comedy of Johar-majnu,etc.The end is ofcourse happy.
The story,s-play and dialogues were by I.S.Johar.Initially he did not have any role in the film.According to his own words,he accidentally became a comedian.One day,during the film shooting,Johar was also present as a writer.He was just asked to do a Walk on Role(a role which is not important) of chasing the Heroine’s boat.At the actual time of the shooting,Johar was so nervous that while chasing the heroine,he went much ahead of her and disappeared on the horizon.All the staff,the Director and the Financer,who was also present,could not stop rolling with laughter.
After johar was located,the script was changed to accommodate a new role for Johar as a comedian along with the existing comedian-majnu.
The songs of ETL were very popular but Lara Lappa became an all time hit and throughout her career,meena was known as the lara lappa girl.
However this film did not do much to Vinod,who continued to get only B/C grade movies,though his songs,even in those film were exceptional.
Roop k Shorey was so enamoured and obsessed with the success of ETL,that later in almost all his films he tried to use the plot,actors or the theme.he also used Johar-majnu jodi as his Mascot.
Despite all this success,meena migrated to Pakistan leaving Roop Shorey finally,never to return.She died in lahore in very pathetic conditions.


Some of left India so they dont’s have to pay their huge debt.


If Yash Chopra’s latest movie with Shahrukh Khan indeed gets named Lara Lappa, that would be a testament to the success of Ek Thi Larki, some 60 plus years ago.


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