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Teri nazron ka ishaara mil gaya

Posted on: August 29, 2012

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Perhaps there is something about me which makes me always root for the underdog in any situation. In the very first men’s singles Wimbledon tennis final I followed, I rooted for the 40-year old Ken Rosewall as he was brutally brushed aside by the 22-year old all-conquering Jimmy Connors.

A year later, when the unassuming and, by-miles-the-underdog, Arthur Ashe pulled off an unbelievable win against the very same Connors in the final, I was thrilled. Not because I had anything against Connors (he was a fine player, every bit a great champion!) but because I just wanted the underdog to have his moment in the sun. I think that day counts as possibly one of the proudest days for an underdog in sporting history.

Eight years later, India would pull off a similar, never-expected, win in the cricket World Cup against the almighty West Indies and all underdog supporters around the world would rejoice.

What has this got to do with music, or with this blog? I am coming to the point, I just like to annoy people first. 🙂

Well, in my case, this principle of supporting the underdog applies to every field.

Including Hindi movies and music.

We all know the big names in Hindi movies. If we are talking yesteryear directors, we know Mehboob Khan, V. Shantaram, A.R. Kardar, K.Asif, Bimal Roy, Satyajit Ray, Amiya Chakrabarty, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Nitin Bose, BR Chopra, Raj Khosla, Shakti Samanta, Vijay Anand, Chetan Anand…and many other big names which I’ve missed out here but whose movies actors would love to be associated with. There were even some very well-known actor-directors like Sohrab Modi, Guru Dutt and Raj Kapoor.

All these directors were pretty much masters of their art, no doubt. And they provided us with classics for which we need to be thankful to them.

But there were others too – who perhaps did not quite have the name recall amongst the public of these big names but were no less masters at their art. It is just that maybe they addressed a different type of audience or they did not quite enjoy the patronage of the big names that the big directors enjoyed.

The industry, with its segregative tendencies, has defined movies and various artistes into A and B (and even C) categories. I personally do not believe much in this segregation because I’ve found many so-called B and C artistes and movies far superior to some so-called A artistes and movies.

But since there seems to be some consensus on this categorization, I will go with this for now.

All the directors I’ve mentioned above pretty much fall in the A category. I repeat they were outstanding directors – but with my penchant for supporting the underdog, I have always had a soft corner for so-called B movies and B artistes. Whether it be a music director or actor or director, I’ve always tried to appreciate his or her work without labeling the artiste.

In the world of B-movies, if I were to pick one director whose movies I’d love to watch, it has to be N.A. Ansari.

Ansari who, you ask?

You would be justified in asking this. For, to be absolutely honest, this name was new to me too till just a few years ago. I remember hearing of it very vaguely many years ago but such is the power of the promotion of A movies and A artistes in this world that B artistes just get rolled over in terms of coverage of any sort. How many B artistes do you read or hear about in the media?

If B artistes have begun to get any awareness or respect at all in recent times, I think a lot of credit needs to go to people like Greta (memsaab) who, in their blogs, are not swept away by A artiste charm but are equally fair to B artistes too.

In fact I got to know more about N.A. Ansari only through Greta and her blog.

Greta, in her blog, often picks up less-known movies to write about –and I will be eternally thankful to her for this because, to be honest, I’m really not interested in reading about the famous movies of yesteryear. I love Guide and all those famous movies of the past – but I’ve read so much about them, seen so many programmes on them that I’d rather read and see about less-talked about movies and actors. After all, they existed too, didn’t they? They deserve their place too in the sun, don’t they?

What this blog does for songs, Greta’s blog does for movies and actors. It brings long-forgotten movies and actors into the public eye.

So that is how I got to know of N.A.Ansari.

Greta had written this review of one of his films, Wahan Ke Log (1967). It was, as usual, an awesome review – but she had watched it without subtitles. At that time I used to translate songs for Tom’s DVDs (Bela Bose, Laxmi Chhaya…). Greta asked me if I would consider subtitling Wahan Ke Log for her because she felt she missed elements of the movie, not having subtitles available to her.

I’d never taken up subtitling of an entire movie till then. But I was happy to give it a try – and so my first full-movie subtitling project turned out to be Wahan Ke Log. After that I’ve subtitled many movies, I’ve not kept count of the number.

While subtitling Wahan Ke Log, I was amazed at the film. I’d NEVER heard of it before I read the review on Greta’s blog. And now, when I watched it, I found it SO MUCH FUN!!!

The story was a pretty intelligent one, it is fast-paced, the actors did a great job, the songs were outstanding, the dances (Bela Bose, Laxmi Chhaya) were just fantastic. I totally LOVED the movie.

And N.A. Ansari. He not only directed the movie, he also played the key villain role in it. And what a role! Very smart and suave villain, full of disguises, always a step ahead of the good guy…he was just great fun to watch. In fact, I would say his acting itself elevates a movie – it is such a delight to watch.

And his direction was also amazing. His camerawork, his sense of building up suspense, his sense of background music – it was all a revelation for me, because I’d never really heard of him till then!!!

Recently I saw Zindagi Aur Maut (1965). And what a movie!!!

It has all the N.A.Ansari ingredients that Wahan Ke Log had. Once again, it is fast-paced, a spy thriller, great songs, lovely dances, lots of disguises – with N.A.Ansari in the key villain role, once again a step ahead of the good guys.

I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I enjoy such movies. I really enjoy them much more than many so-called A movies.

Basically I like movies that are true to their script. If you’re making a tear-jerker, make a proper tear-jerker. Don’t throw in comedy for the sake of it. If you’re making a comedy, make a proper comedy. Don’t throw in melodrama into it. If you’re making a suspense thriller, keep the audience on the edge of their seats all the way.

N.A. Ansari’s movies were true to his script. They were wholesome movies – he did not pretend to be very high-brow, he gave you 100% entertainment (yes, total paisa vasool). He made spy movies with all those 1960s ingredients – and he made them really well, in my opinion. And with a great eye for detail too.

His movies could also be a collectors’ delight. In Zindagi aur Maut, he has a very cute hangman piece on his table. He had all these little things in his movies that made you fall in love with the movies.

I remember seeing on Greta’s blog, a reference to a site about N.A.Ansari. I think it is created by his family – and has a lot of lovely pictures of him with various luminaries. He was a very interesting person, for sure.

Coming to today’s song.

It is from Zindagi Aur Maut (1965). It is a fantastic dance number – one that I fell in love with, the first time I heard it (and that was not so long ago). It is very catchy (an ear-worm actually :)) and it features not just a beautiful Faryal (in her debut film) but also a lovely set of dancers with her. One of these dancers happens to be the beautiful Edwina, who was noticed by Greta and has been written about on her blog (and also on dustedoff’s blog) .

The entire song is excellently choreographed by Surya Kumar, the music is by C.Ramchandra and the lyrics are by Shakeel Badayuni.

In fact, this song happens to be Shakeel saab’s 400th song on this blog!!! Congratulations to him – what a great poet and lyricist he was!!! The amazing thing about him is that he could write a fun, club song like this – and also write soul-stirring stuff like Man tadpat Hari darshan ko aaj and O duniyaa ke rakhwaale . Clearly, a great poet is a great poet and is not limited to one genre.

Coming to the song, one can see Pradeep Kumar and Anwar Hussain too in it. The background is that they are from the police force, in a place called Jahanabad, looking for spies who are trying to sell state secrets which are captured on a microfilm. Ah, the fun that is N.A.Ansari films!!! 🙂 Faryal is a dancer in this hotel, owned by N.A.Ansari. So a great opportunity for a jhakkaas song of course.

In fact, the movie itself is a total timepass film and I would highly recommend it to anybody who likes clean, unadulterated fun. And with songs like this (and the far better known Dil lagaakar ham ye samjhe zindagi kyaa cheez hai), this movie deserves to be so much better-known.

Just as N.A.Ansari, the director, the actor (and master of disguises) deserves to be better-known.

It’s never too late – and so today (29 august), on his birthday, I’m happy to write this piece as a tribute to him.
We really need more such directors in India. Who cares whether they are called A or B or C directors? What’s more important is that they give the audience what they want – even if they don’t have the biggest names available to them. I’d be glad to see any movie directed by N.A.Ansari without knowing a thing about the movie in advance. How’s that for brand value for you?

So happy birthday, NA Ansari saab!!! Hopefully up there, you’re making great movies with Pradeep Kumar, Johnny Walker, with great music by the likes of Chitragupta and C.Ramchandra.



Song-Teri nazron ka ishaara mil gaya(Zindagi aur Maut)(1965) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-C Ramchandra


Teri nazron ka ishaara
mil gaya
zindagi ko ek sahaara mil gaya
aa aa aa aa aa
teri nazron ka ishaara
casanova nova
casanova nova
casanova nova

tum(?) thha to
hosh le bejaan thhi
tum(?) thha to
hosh le bejaan thhi
ek naiyya saikdon toofaan thhe
tere milte hi kinaara mil gaya
zindagi ko ek sahaara mil gaya
aa aa aa aa
teri nazron ka ishaara
casanova nova
casanova nova
casanova nova

ziba ziba ziba rika
casanova nova
ziba ziba ziba
casanova nova

dil mein lehraayi kiran ummeed ki
dil mein lehraayi kiran ummeed ki
chhaa gayi yoon halki halki raushni
jaise kismat ka sitaara mil gaya
zindagi ko ek sahaara mil gaya
aa aa aa aa
teri nazron ka ishaara
casanova nova
casanova nova
casanova nova

zib ziba ziba rika
casanova nova
ziba zibaba ziba
casanova nova

tujhko paakar jhoom uthha dil pyaar mein
kho gayin nazren tere deedaar mein
umr bhar ko ek nazaara mil gaya
mil gaya
mil gaya
mil gaya

ho o
teri nazron ka ishaara
mil gaya
zindagi ko ek sahaara mil gaya
aa aa aa aa
teri nazron ka ishaara
casanova nova
casanova nova
casanova nova
casanova nova

26 Responses to "Teri nazron ka ishaara mil gaya"

Oh Now I know who N.A. Ansari is. I have watched Wahan Ke Log and enjoyed it. I helped Tom with the title Wahan ke Log song and loved that lovely Johnny Walker/Laxmi Chhaya song.

I just adore Faryal and would have liked to see this movie because of her and the gorgeous songs. Now I think I would even like seeing this movie because of NAA. 🙂

Thank you Raja and Atul for this wonderful write up.

Happy Birthday N.A, Ansari.


Thanks for posting this so quickly, Atul. I just want to mention that the choreographer for this lovely song is Surya Kumar. I believe he was the choreographer for that famous “jaan pehchaan ho” song of Gumnaam too. Such a delight to see the choreography here, apart from just the lovely song that it anyway is.


Do you know Heineken beer use the song “Jaan pahchan” in their commercial ad?. when I was watching TV miniseries Stephen King’s Bag of Bones the ad just pop up!.
I was so much in shock with this ad than scary movie “Bag of bones” 🙂


You must have jumped up and down the day Vijay Amritraj beat Connors 😉


Vijay Amritraj, Borg, Connors were described as the future A, B, C of men’s tennis. While B and C lived up to their promise, Vijay Amritraj flattered to dceive and ended up an underachiever.


As far as I know, Vijay never beat Connors at Wimbledon. He came VERY close though – two sets up!!! Same thing happened against Borg – came very close but couldn’t finish it off!!!

Have always enjoyed underdogs winning. Happens very rarely though – which is why they are underdogs in the first place. 🙂


Yeah, he didnt beat him at Wimbledon. But I always remember that iconic scene where he was ahead of Connors and was blowing kisses at him 🙂

Long time ago when I was in school, I was interviewing with Sprint at Kansas City, and as part of the process they had set up this site seeing tour for us, and this old American lady was the tour guide. She told me the story that back in 70s, when Vijay was playing tournament in the city, he was staying at her place. And although he was nice and down to earth, he wasnt focused and was interested in partying more 🙂


did you know Vijay Amritraj plyed @ yale three days ago?


Oh, did he? I have no idea. After Agassi retired, i stopped following tennis actively. Once Sachin retires or once they retire him, same thing would happen with cricket also 🙂 I know though that Vijay is playing celebrity doubles tournament partnering with his brother, from time to time.


Thank you Raja ji and Atulji for introducing this song, I especially like the “Anokhe bol”
(as the Radio ceylone guys categorise the songs in their programmes in olden days) “Casanova nova” and “Zibaaba ziba”.C.Ramachandra`s music is always soothing to ears.

If anyone knows about this dancer who appears in this song at 1:09, I think her name is “Shefali”(Please correct me, someone if I am wrong)
She acted in such bit dancer`s role and also as a saheli to heroines in movies like
Manoranjan(74),Mere Huzoor, Ganwar(1971),Baharon Ki manzil(68), Sharafat(70),Heer Ranjha(70),Gaddar(73),Aag aur daag(70),Shor(72),
Lal Patthar(71),BlackMail(73)


Wow. Thank you so much for such kind words about my grandfather. We have always revered his contribution to Indian cinema and all of us finely remember our fantastic chats with him about the industry. It’s wonderful to see that others can “discover” his works and makes it so much more special when it’s on his birthday! Best, Hina P. Ansari


Thanks for your visit. We are privileged to have your comment in this blog. We indeed like to discover and discuss the details about the lesser known contributors of Hindi movies.


First stanza , correct first line :

‘ tu na thha to
hausle bejaan thhe ‘


Lovely writeup Raja on a deserving subject (and I don’t mean me) 😀

I think the lyric is “bossa nova nova” though—it’s the style of music. And I am so looking forward to seeing the movie again with subtitles! 🙂


Lovely write-up, Raja!

Makes me want to watch the film!


Thank you Raja for giving indepth review, introducing lesser known films and some crew members behind it.
Come to think of this movie should be In my “Must see” category!
congrats for posting and having 400th song of Shakeel saab in this blog.


Ansaari Saab was stylish:) I remember movies like Black Cat, Tower House and Vinod Khanna’s Maha Badmash (1977). Havent had a chance to watch Vinod Mehra’s Jurm Aur Sazaa (1974) yet.


As my sister commented earlier, this was so nice of you to post. My grandfather would be very honoured by this. My father is humbled as well that you would write such a nice article on his birthday. Thank you again. The website with my grandfather’s film career photos is something I did years ago to share with family and fans, found here:

I’ve also been updating his IMDB – so that we can continue to share for years to come.

Kashif Z. Ansari


Raja ji,
I saw your post today morning and was very happy to read it.
It is a coincidence that yesterday only I wrote a small note on mr. Ansari in reply to Khyati ji.For your info this is what I wrote-
TODAY is the Birth Anniversary of N.A.Ansari.
NAAnsari,was an actor,writer,producer and director.He was born on 29-8-1917 at Jhansi in UP.He graduated from lucknow and then came to Bombay to try acting.His First film was Mehboob’s Aurat-1940.Then there was no looking back.
he liked all that was murky,mysterious and secret.he was always doing Khalnayak’s roles.In his films he used to don overcoat,dark goggles,felt hat and a cane.
he was an expert in murder and mystery films. He acted in about 35 films,produced 2 films and directed 11 films.During his period he was fondly called as ‘Hitchcock of India’(according to his granddaughter,Heena from Canada-in an interview.)
Some of his films direced were mangu,Wahan ke log,Black cat,mr.lamboo,tower House,mulzim.Mr.murder,Zindagi aur maut etc.
the last film he acted in was Jai Vikraant-1995 (released after his death).
Suspecting Cancer,he shifted his family to Canada,where he died on 11-11-1993.
Another coincidence is that Ms.Heena also made a comment here on her
Grandfather and now I saw that even his Grandson mr.Kashif also commented here.


In fact, it was from your note that I came to know about N A Ansari’s birthday. I contacted Raja and requested him for a writeup, even though it was already quite late by that time. Raja readily agreed and in a matter of an hour or so, the writeup was written and also posted. It is the miracle of internet added by generous music lovers that we can now communicate and collaborate so fast and so effectively and are able to post such a wonderful article at such short notice.


Atul ji,
I am totally impressed.With Raja ji’s swift action and your dedication to post appropriate songs on the right days,for music lovers to enjoy !
I am glad I chose to answer Khyati ji’s request to Sudhir ji.


Thanks for letting us know that you have been doing subtitling of Hindi Films. I am sure you must be making a meal of it, considering the subtites in many old film were they used to literally translate which was subject of much ridicule committing many gaffes and faux pas. Do you have your films uploaded on UTube?


No, I haven’t uploaded my films on youtube. I do subtitling just as as enthusiast. There are a lot of non-Hindi speakers out there who just love old Hindi movies, but are limited in their enjoyment of the movies due to lack of subtitles. So I try to do my bit on this front. 🙂

Recently, Tom (an American and a big old-Hindi-movie enthusiast) – who also happens to be a master at restoring/improving poor quality video/audio) – has started an initiative called Edu Productions through which he releases old Hindi movies, reworked and subtitled, from time to time. More info can be found on . I am an active part of this team too, though I have subtitled and do subtitle movies that, for various reasons, have not been released under the Edu Productions banner. 🙂


Thanks to everybody for your kind comments on this post.

And a special thanks to Hina and Kashif, family of N.A. Ansari saab, for visiting here, leaving their comments and giving us a link to their site. The pictures are fabulous – and give us a glimpse into the varied roles N.A.Ansari saab played. He most certainly deserves to be known much better.

I now need to watch his other movies too. Never a boring moment in his films. 🙂


Oh Black Cat was also by N.A. Ansari? I have seen it, it is a very cute movie with some lovely songs “Me tumhi se poochti hoon” and an unusual pairing – Minoo Mumtaz and Balraj Sahni.


Believe me, to this day, ever since childhood, when I saw N.A.Ansari’s Zindagi aur Maut at Swastik cinema, Lamington road, Mumbai, I instantly fell in love with the Faryal’s song Teri nazron ka ishaara mil gaya zindagi ko ek sahara mil gaya. No other song can replace this favourite number of mine which I see again and again on YouTube and some years back , in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation program Aaj ki shaam aap ke naam, Jyoti Parmar even mentioned my words in the letter written to her that this song is my most beloved number. What music it has of C.Ramchandraji. What a stylish villain N.A.Ansari was. I would never ever miss a movie of his, especially to see him in that white coat, white pant and bow alongwith his trade mark smoking pipe. Zindagi aur maut did pretty well compared to his other movies I distinctly remember. Even the song picturised on Bela Bose “Zara dekh mohobat karke” remains a great favourite of mine and again both these songs are watched repeatedly on internet. I will always remember N.A.Ansariji for his lovely enjoyable suspense thrillers.-Darayus Kavarana


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