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Sun li pukaar jo Baapu ki

Posted on: October 8, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Lesser known singers- Singer 3 (Vinodini Desai)

There were three Major Centres for Hindi Film Production in India in the early days, viz. Calcutta, Lahore and Bombay.

From the period of Talkie films, all the 3 centres became very active and many films with lot of songs were produced there. Initially even the Dialogues were of the poetry type in the talki movies, so there was only a thin line of demarcation between Dialogues and songs in the movies which often blurred. Those were the days of Films like Indrasabha (1932) with 71(or 69) songs. Movies of that era had anything between 10-50 songs each in them.

In the Calcutta centre, film music had a distinct influence of Rabindra Sangeet. In the Lahore films, it was Punjabi and folk tunes whereas in the western Bombay centre music was influenced by Marathi stage, Gujarathi Dramas and Parsi Theatre. Out of this , the Marathi stage music had a pronounced effect on films as many classical Marathi Drama artists joined Film industry. This music was well developed and found ready acceptability in the industry.

When more films and songs were made in Bombay,there was a need for more singers. The composers were constantly on the lookout for fresh singers.

Prabhat Film Company shifted from Kolhapur to Poona, but there were many connections still left in Kolhapur area. When Prabhat started making the film ” SANT SAKHU ” in 1941, the Music Director Keshav Rao Bhole needed new singers. His assistant at that time was a young man from Kolhapur area, named VASANT DESAI. He was entrusted with the task of getting new singers.

There is a book “The Desai Trio and the movie industry in India” by shri Nilu Gavankar. He describes this episode thus-

Vasant Desai had lots of connections in Kolhapur and Konkan. He had learnt about 2 Desai Sisters of Kolhapur who were very good singers, but he did not know them. He went to Kolhapur and met Mrs.Susheelabai Gavankar, the author’s wife and his family friend. He enquired if she knew these girls. She said, “Yes. Their mother Sharadini Desaiis my friend”. They both went to Desai house. Vasant Desai was introduced. There were 2 sisters VINODINI AND PROMODINI. Vinodini was about 15 years old. Vasant Desai proposed that Vinodini sings for a Hindi film. There was a flat refusal as “girls from good homes do not sing in films”. After a great deal of convincing and a promise of personal supervision over her by Vasant Desai, it was agreed.

Accordingly, VINODINI sang for her first Hindi film Sant Sakhu in 1941. Later she was given many opportunities to sing in Marathi films, Bhavgeets etc. In 2 years’ time Vinodini got married to Music Director PANDURANG DIKSHIT and became Vinodini Dikshit. She was actually more into classical singing and devoted time in that so she sang in just a few Hindi films like Sant Sakhu, Gwalan, Lakhon mein ek, Anjali and kinare kinare. She gave stage shows for classical singing and was actively involved in Kalyan Gayan Vidyalaya near Bombay.

Her younger sister followed suit and started singing in Hindi films, starting with Khush Raho-49. She sang in more films than her sister. Her films include Shokhiyan, Char chaand, Fariyadi, Raaz, One two Three, Kashmir,Nand Kishore, Sazaa, Gunah, Pehli Tarikh, Naulakha Haar, Dilruba etc. Later she got married to Ashok Patkar and settled in Bombay as a Housewife.

So, this is the story of Desai sisters.

Here is a song from a film called Poojya Gandhi ji (1948). The song is “Sun li pukar jo Bapoo ki” by Vinodini Dikshit and Rafi. Harindranath is the lyricist as well as the music director.

This is the first song of Vinodini in this blog.

As for songs by Pramodini, three of her songs have been discussed in the blog. They are Hato hato ji aati hain ham jaadoogarni chhoriyaan (Dilruba) , Dil me kisi kaa pyaar basaa le (Dilruba ) and O roop nagar ke saudagar (Sazaa)

Song-Sun li pukaar jo Bapu ki (Poojya Gandhi Ji)(1948) Singers-Vinodini Dixit, Rafi, Lyrics-Harindranath Chattopadhyay, MD-Harindranath Chattopadhyay
Vinodini Dixit + Rafi
Vinodini Dixit + Chorus


sun li pukaar jo bapu ki
chaalees karod janta jaagi

janta jaagi
sun li pukaar jo bapu ki

goonje naare aazaadi ke
gaye beet din barbaadi ke
duniya dekhan laagi

o duniya dekhan laagi
sun li pukaar jo bapu ki
chaalees karod janta jaagi

janta jaagi
sun li pukaar jo bapu ki

aa aa aaa aa aa
aa aa aaa aa aa

sun patiton ki karun kahaani
ee ee
sun patiton ki karun kahaani
ee ee
daarun vipda thhi jag jaani
aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa
Ram Ram kahe dil bhar aayaa
harijan prabhujan bandhu bataaya

ho ram ram kahe dil bhar aayaa
harijan prabhujan bandhu bataaya

bikhre tinke been ke jode
poori kar li man ki laagi

ho man ki laagi
sun li pukaar gandhi ki
chaalees karod janta jaagi

janta jaagi
sun li pukaar jo babu ki

jo aazaadi Bapu ne dilyaai
ee ee ee

vishwa shanti ki amar sadaayi
gagan mein ooncha
gagan mein ooncha chamke tiranga
Babu ki hai Raam duhaayi
ee ee ee ee ee

Bapu ki hai Raam duhaayi
Raam duhaayi
Raam duhaayi

aan rakhen aur maan badhaayen
gale milaayen bhai bhai

gale milaayen bhai bhai

9 Responses to "Sun li pukaar jo Baapu ki"

Instead of babu it should be bapu
40 crore in 1948 & 140 crore now
Babu ki hai Raam duhaayi!!!!


I think its Vinod Desai who sang in Chetan Anand’s Anjali (Arpan) and Kinare Kinare, and not Vindodini Desai/Dixit. Seems to be an error in the above mentioned reference book.


bluefire ji,
i have checked the Kinare kinare song.It is indeed by a male singer Vinod Desai.It is also available on UT.
However the film Anjali is not the 1957 film in which ,by a coincidence there is a song also by Vinod Desai,but from an Unreleased film Anjali,in late 40s,and produced by Desai productions.No further details are available.


Arunji, there is a movie Anjali, from 40s (exact year NA), with information available about 4 songs. None of them is by Vinodini Desai, but there is one duet featuring Mangla Narvekar and Vinod Kumar. Not sure if this is the same movie that u r referring to.


You may be right,as per HFGK,but it is possible that the song was not put on a record,and so it is not mentioned.


Harindranath Chattopadhyay was brother of Sarojini Naidu


Never heard this Baapu song before. Thanks Arunji for the gem with light on new singer.


sun li pukar jo bapu ki…song from- albume poojya bapuji…not poojya ghandhiji…..record no. is hmv- n- 36222…lyrics- j s kashyap…music- ram vadoukar


Thanks for the details.


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